Destiny “Wanted” Bounties Locations

Destiny “Wanted” Bounties Locations by UltimateCallahan

Hey guys, so I had a bit of trouble finding out where exactly the “Halls of Wisdom”, “Hall of Whispers”, etc, are, as they aren’t readily available on any map. So I’m making this to help out a little bit. I’m hoping to be able to update this with more locations as new bounties are released, but no promises.

Wanted: Howling Raiders

Patrol Venus. You’re basically going to go where you would go for “The Archive” story mission (the one where Dinklebot says “They must have a Servitor feeding off the power!”). Head over to the Ishtar Academy, staying on your sparrow if you can while going underground through the tunnel. Head through the left building when you get to the fallen ship (geddit?). The Hall of Whispers is down the hallway.

Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals

Patrol Venus. Here, you’re basically going to go where you would go for the “Scourge of Winter” story mission (where you hunt and kill Draksis, the House of Winter’s Kell), or also where you go for the Archon Priest Strike (kinda).

Wanted: Wolf Scavengers

Patrol The Moon. The Hall of Wisdom is most easily accessible by descending into the bowels of the Moon by way of Archer’s Line.

Wanted: Mecher Orbiks-11

Patrol Venus. This one works the same way as the queen bounties we are familiar with from this past week. Head over to the Ishtar Cliffs, and wait for the random event to spawn. It will say “A pack of Wolves is prowling” in the lower left of your screen. Fight the waves, have fun, blow stuff up, then kill the named guy at the end. Don’t die at the end of the battle, and make sure you damage the named guy. You will then have 1 minute and 30 seconds to find a chest around the Ishtar Cliffs zone, with a chance at a Treasure Key!

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