Brave Frontier F2P Gem Guide

Brave Frontier F2P Gem Guide by nick123qwe

Hey guys just here give my thoughts on how to spend your gems as an F2P. Any carefully crafted criticisms are welcome! On to the guide.

What do I spend my Gems on?

As an F2P or even P2Ps, most gems will be spent on summoning units from the Rare Summon Gate, and one of the goals of this guide is to maximize your use of this Gate. More Details Later.

Where do I get Gems?

There are a couple ways to get gems without spending money, although there aren’t to many to be had sadly in global. I’ll list the places you can get gems:

  1. Frontier hunter and Trials
  2. Vortex Dungeons(first clear, many more gems in the Grand Gaia Chronicles)
  3. Clearing Quest Areas and Upgrading Raid Classes
  4. Random Gumi giveaways and compensations
  5. Arena and Daily Task Milestones
  6. Weekly Gem+ Rng for login bonus

And that is it! These are your sources of power! The only way to keep up with the game. As a beginner you will start out gaining alot more gems because you have all of these untapped sources of revenue which you will start to deplete over time. As you complete these quests, trails and getting all of these achievements, gaining gems later on will be mainly through the monthly frontier hunter and game update the will hopefully bring more new content to conquer for you. That is when life starts to get harder! But you have this guide right?

Rare Summon Gate

Now I’ll explain how to use the gate in the best way i believe is possible. To maximize your time/gems as a F2P is to go for the most meta units possible at the time of summoning (use this link). So this means usually the newest batch that has been released. The newest batch are not only usually the strongest, but also have the most usefulness for the longest period of time before they become outclassed, and even then the units are still usable for older content(and some newer).

To go about this, Once a month Gumi will release a Player’s Choice rare summon rate up. Try to only summon during this time! This means that the best units will get rates up and this is the time to try to summon for them. This is where you start to splurge and use your gems until you get the units you want!

The main two units you want to get at the start is(if you are a complete noob :P):

  1. A Mitigator who can cut damage in half for 1 turn at the 6* BB level(Ex. elimo and edea 7). This is so because 7cost is 40 and any beginner cannot afford that in their team, heck even I cant fit in 7* units!
  2. A Dedicated Healer/Status cleanser- They will help you survive in the tougher content and cure you from paralysis, poison, curse etc. Without one of these you cannot clear tough content, period. Although an alternate solution is a leader skill the nulls statuses is viable, just be careful for content that wipes your leader skill!

Note: Don’t force yourself to summon every player choice rate up! You don’t need every overpowered unit. As long as you can clear current content, you don’t need the new units.

Other options for Gem Usage

The other options for gem usage are:

  1. Refilling energy, raid orbs, arena orbs: I don’t generally approve of using gems for this because they will recharge in time and they don’t really help in the long term. Exception is Imp parades(even then do so sparingly and hopefully during the half energy vortex event).
  2. Frontier Hunter orbs, Reviving in Grand Gaia Chronicles: You can spend gems but limit yourself and assure that within 1-2 gems you can get the result you want, other than that, just wait out the refill and try again later.
  3. Item/unit space increase and Friend Cap increase: You can purchase these under the store tab. These in general are good investment for your gems, but only to a limited capacity. I’d recommend increasing your unit space to125-200 unit spaces(to hold burst frogs, shpere frogs, bb fodder, evo mats and the like) and increase your item space to maybe 110 item spaces (to not rip your hair out all the time+spheres). Lastly I want you to max your friend list (High Priority!!) and get some friends (please use the friend link that the subreddit provides you). This is because with more friends you can get more gifts, more people to potentially use your character as a friend(to gain honor points), and more friends to use(more diversity and useful when bb leveling). Overall Worth.

TL;DR : Pull during players choice, dont spend gems on stupid stuff, spend gems sparingly for item/unit cap increase, and max your friends list.

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