Yu-Gi-Oh! Mecha Phantom Beast Deck Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mecha Phantom Beast Deck Guide by Smugfish27

Hello! Since y’all have been hype over MPB topping a big event, and I’ve been planning to do this for a while, I thought I’d just drop this right now just in case anybody wants to pilot (heh) this deck. This guide will explore some of the techs, strategies, and plays of the deck. This’ll be some basic stuff that just applies to the deck itself, I will give my decklist that I like to use as well here: Note I don’t have a side deck because I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of stuff and don’t have a really solid one that I’d like to share with the world yet. I will, however, go over some side choices in this guide.

So first I’ll go over the general monster line-up of MPBs. The main important ones are Tetherwolf, Megaraptor, Harrliard, O-Lion, and the minor ones are Coltwing, Blackfalcon, and Jacluslan. The rest kind of suck.

  • MPB Megaraptor: Your MAIN MAN right here. He’s the plus engine of the deck in a single card. Tribute a token, get a free monster towards your next combo. He’s also a sizable beatstick at 1900 attack. Run 3 or you have worms in your brain
  • MPB Harrliard: This guy is pretty cool. Tribute a token, get a ss from your hand. I run this guy for coltwing plays and general xyzs. He’s generally a minus unless you have something good planned for the monster you summon so I don’t run him at three. I would say always run at LEAST 2.
  • MPB O-Lion: This is the card that makes the deck even vaguely viable. It not only gets you a token when it’s sent to the grave, it even gives you another normal summon after that. It lets the deck work and should be your go to drop with mathematician and go to play opener in general. Make sure to manage this card well against the ‘Kroz. Don’t send it to the grave randomly when Trish is open for the opponent and make sure to quickly use it once it’s there. Nekroz is a VERY tough matchup without heavy side decking, or in the case of the dude who topped, maindecking hate for them.
  • MPB Tetherwolf: This guy is pretty rad, he’s a 2500 beater that get’s you a token on summon. His main use is to summon him when you have megaraptor on the field, get two tokens then tribute one for Mega’s search. Run 2-3, I run 3.
  • MPB Blackfalcon: I hate this card, a lot of people love it. It’s a free token on attack so a lot of people flock to it, It’s nice in certain situations but can cost you some health and is a dead draw a lot. I would never run it more than at 1.
  • MPB Coltwing: I had this card at two for the longest time, it’s wonderful to get this helicopter spinning, but it hardly ever actually goes off. Unfortunately for its banish effect, it not only targets but it actually destroys the thing THEN banishes it at a cost of two tokens. This is a really disappointing card but it keeps your token control very high and I still like it.
  • MPB Jaculuslan: I would sodomize this card. It’s glorious how good it is. It keeps advantage high with its first effect to destroy your opponent’s hand, protects your advantage by helping your tokenbros, and even gets you MORE advantage when it dies. I run at 1 because I’ve never gotten it out more than once in a game, I have considered running 2. RUN 1-2.

SO that’s it for the MPB lineup, let’s talk about some techs!

First of all, Tengu. This card is very confusing to the naked eye as it has no real application other than just being wind and a level four. In order to know why Tengu is good in this deck, you need to look deeper and explore what MPB does. What this card does is it keeps your field advantage high and makes your potential plays much more advantageous ones. Not only that, but there are some quick combos with him that are actually really great. LIKE

Tengu on the field, Olion and any other MPB in hand. (Raptor preferred)

Normal Olion, Synchro level 6 and get tengu and your token.

Banish Olion for normal of Raptor/other beast, tribute token for that MPB’s effect

XYZ with Tengu and that beast. With this play, you’ve effectively gained advantage and made your field very formidable.

Next monster is Zephyros. I love Zephyros as a card and in this deck he shines. With a lot of continuous traps and some nice on summon effects, he practically abuses this deck. I’ll talk about him more with Mathematician.

Next, Mathematician. He is very important part of this deck and I run him at high numbers, in most formats 3. Usually I’ll simply drop an olion for easy advantage, but with some setup he can open up great plays. For example,

Mathematician and MPB in Hand, Olion in Grave.

Drop Zephyros, use Zephyros effect to return him to the hand.

Banish Olion for a free synchro/XYZ off of your summon, not to mention another drop next turn.

If people care enough, I’ll talk a bit about some of the many S/T techs in the comments.

This deck can be played in many ways, as a control, stun, or beatdown deck. Note that STUN is what won. For control, people run a lot of searchers and focus more on level and rank fours, since these are the guys that get you the most advantage. Stun focuses mainly on shutting your opponent’s shit down with stuff like spiritual wind art – miyabi and Mistake. Beatdown can take a couple of routes but usually focuses on getting rank sevens which this deck can do very efficiently.

Some Side-deck choices. You have a lot of choices in this department, I would recommend Mind Crush to keep advantage over your opponent, Mistake or shared ride against ‘Kroz (You can maindeck this) Mirror force for stalling, When this deck loses advantage, it has a hard time coming back (Getting destroyed in between plays sucks, during BA and later ruler format I actually maindecked swift scarecrow.) I have also been trying Thunder King Rai-oh which takes Qli’s anus and takes this card’s role

In Summation, MPB is a very potential-filled deck that, in the right hands, can win against the meta. I really hope y’all like this and I’m totally willing to do more and maybe do some more in depth analysis of plays and potential if that’s what anyone wants.

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