Yu-Gi-Oh! Madolches Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Madolches Guide by MrEpicwill

Hello Men, Women, and Kuriboh. Today I bring you my complete guide to Madolche’s in 2015, the culmination of 6 months of playtime with the deck and my thoughts on it’s most effective playstyle. Want to play Madolches? This is the thread for you. Let’s start by answering a simple question:

What are Madolches?

You’ve heard the legends of that one archetype built of cake monsters and moeshit card art and you’re interested, what exactly are these legendary creatures? Well, Madolches are an archetype that typically falls into the OTK category, having access to one of the best Rank 4’s in the game: Queen Tiaramisu, which gives you non targeting card spinning on activation.You read that correctly. The deck revolves around making that card, clearing field, and chunking health. They’re also all adorable cake people / animals. Every card has the effect whereby when they are destroyed by battle or opponents card effect, they are shuffled back into the deck, so chances of you getting decked out are slim. The Madolche’s all combo with eachother, meaning it’s hard to open poorly with this deck and meaning that it is quick to build advantage over your opponent. It’s not difficult to fill your board up in seconds which lets you proceed into mad combos with Tiaramisu. The combo game is ridiculous, and the difference between a good ‘Dolche player and a bad one if knowing your combos inside and out and when to roll them. Much like Masked Heroes, except a little less cheesey and a lot more fun.

They are far more viable than most people give them credit for, the archetype has some pretty useless cards, however the ones that work work incredibly well. Do you like having your deck held up by one or three completely busted cards? This deck might be for you. The ability to undo all your opponents hard work is unmatched in any deck type, this post is an effort to make them workable in the current meta and then some as they have faded somewhat since the January Banlist.

The problem I see is that they are high risk high reward in a meta where every deck has immediate answers to your plays. Madolche decklists typically work to Turbo out Tiaramisu, but this results in a deck which is hurt by a majority of staple cards ran in this meta. A single Veiler / Maxx .C / Book of Moon puts you out of business and leaves you with an empty hand. So, what makes this decklist different? I try to stop my opponents doing things before they stop me, and only then do I proceed to OTK them.

I do this by abusing the frequently forgotten Synchro pool. With the two tuners in this deck you have access to Level 5,6 and 7 Synchros such as Naturia Beast, which stops your opponent using spell cards, to Clear Wing which fucks up boss monsters. This pool adds a lot of much needed utility to the deck. Below is my decklist, so you can get an idea of what I’m going for here. I hope you enjoy the read.

Main Deck: http://i.imgur.com/Um1hrKW.jpg Extra Deck: http://i.imgur.com/m1XUQiZ.jpg


3x Madolche Anjelly

Anjelly is what makes Madolche’s what they are. She is a free +2 at minimum, using her tribute effect to Special Summon Hootcake means you immediately have a monster in grave to banish, banish her and get Messengelato for his effect and search a Madolche spell. This gives you a starting point for getting into Tiaramisu, your boss monster, but I’ll cover that later. Run 3

3x Madolche Mageleine 

Mageleine is commonly referred to as “The Stratos” of Madolches, and while I think that might be exaggerating a bit there’s no denying her place in this deck. Whenever she is Normal Summoned, you may search a Madolche monster and add it to your hand. She’s weak, but at no point in the game will she ever be a dead draw. Run 3

3x Madolche Hootcake

I feel like people undervalue Hootcake and see him only for a combo piece, whereas he is a huge player in the lategame, allowing you to take all those dead monsters in your grave and turn them into something useful. Do you need him at three? No. Three Hootcake will increase your chances of getting him in your opening hand, which is something that most of the time isn’t a good thing. However, as this deck leans on the control side of things I would rather have to draw him early than run out of him in the late game. Run 2-3

3x Madolche Messengelato

When Messengelato is special summoned onto a field where you control a face up Madolche best type monster you can search a Madolche spell or trap card and add it to your hand. Seems a little specific right? But it’s easier than you think. Normal summoning Messengelato is reserved for the times where you desperately need a 1600 beater and at no other times. Special him off of Hootcake or Mewfeuille’s effect. Some people would swear blasphemy at me for running 3 Messengelato. Pure Madolche’s suffer from running out of steam quite often, but running 3 of almost every card means maximizing your chances of survival late game. You run three targets for Messengelato’s effect in the main deck, so running three of him here makes sense. Run 2-3

2x Madolche Mewfeuille

I used to run three of Mewfeuille, however once I looked at all the other ways I have of getting a level 3 on board for making Tiaramisu I decided to remove one for space, and it’s working well. Mewfeuille lets you special summon a Madolche monster from your hand after he is Normal Summoned, meaning if you Mewfeuille into Anjelly you have the means to make Tiaramisu on board right there. He’s powerful for his effects, but get rid of him quickly as he is small. Run 2-3

2x Spell Striker

In a deck where we need level 3’s on board and where we run 16 spells, our friend Striker is incredibly useful. He can be special summoned from hand by banishing a spell from your graveyard. Special summon him after normal summoning Anjelly and you have Tiaramisu plays. Run 2

2x Effect Veiler

I used to run Breakthrough Skill’s as well in this deck before making the transition to truly trapless, and Effect Veiler is always a good card to splash. Effects can hurt Madolche’s a lot, and stopping your opponents plays before they start is a good way to ensure your victory. He’s also easy Hootcake food, much like all hand traps. He is also a tuner, but considering I took Armades out that’s now meaningless. Run 2, Side the last

1x Esper Girl

This is where the deck deviates from your usual OTK variant. Esper Girl is a level 2 Tuner, more importantly she’s Psychic which means she can be special summoned by Emergency Teleport. Even more importantly she is an Earth type, meaning he synergizes with the rest of our deck. Why is all of this important? Because it allows us to make Naturia Beast, and nothing wins duels faster than being able to completely lock down what your opponent does.

1x Psychic Commander

Much like Esper Girl, only a little less flexible with his level being 3 instead of 2. I considered replacing him for Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, another level 3 Psychic tuner however she isn’t and earth type and after a lot of playtesting I figured the loss of access to Naturia Barkion isn’t worth the effect if accidentally dead-drawn.


3x Mystical Space Typhoon

Don’t listen to the fanatics, backrow isn’t dead this format. In fact, I’d argue it’s still incredibly relevant. Sure, Nekroz doesn’t run it, but other decks like B.A, Qliphorts and to an extent Shaddolls still do. Nothing ruins your day as a Madolche player quite like getting stuck under a floodgate with no way to get rid of it. Maindeck your MST’s!

3x Emergency Teleport

I only have two targets, but I run three anyway. I want to see this card in my opening hand every single game and running three maximizes that, It’s worked out for me far more often than it has screwed me over so I insist on this. Emergency Teleport allows you to special summon a Psychic type monster from deck, but it is banished at the end of the turn. This is irrelevant, because you’re going to Sync with it. Power card, unfortunately expensive as ass.

2x Reinforcement of the Army

Completely contradicting myself from before, run two because you run two targets. No, Messengelato does not count as a target because there is very little reason to ever add him to hand unless you have Mewfeuille and zero other plays. Spell striker is not as crucial as your tuners, and we run even more ways to get into level 3 monsters anyway. However, back to it’s usefulness for a second: Search spell striker with this card and then banish it from grave to special summon him. Allows for nutty plays when used to set-up correctly.

2x Dark Hole

Dark Hole needs little introduction. It’s a Djinn out, also clears the field so you may inflict damage with little worries. Smirk as you hold it in hand while your opponent fills up his field. Be that guy.

2x Instant Fusion

Instant Fusion allows you to get a level 3 on board for 1000 life points, even a level 4 if you need to make that crucial Castel or something. I can’t tell you how long I ran this at 3 for, I was convinced it was the shit. However, after getting to mid-game and topdecking it one too many times I got pissed off and followed my ROTA rule, I run two targets and at this point I’m even debating that, but run it at 2. With this we round off our level 3-in cards for a total of 8 ways in the maindeck to complete the Tiaramisu combo.

1x Book of Moon

You’re not running Book of Moon in every deck you play? What’s wrong with you? The best quick play spell in the game, period. Has unlimited versatility, can choke and entire turn for your opponent just by playing it at the right time. I love Book.

1x Raigeki

Dark Hole with extra “Fuck you” Another staple that you should be running, it was on the banlist so long for a reason, abuse Konami’s innocence much like everyone did when Snatch Steal came back shudders

1x Madolche Ticket

Madolche Ticket means whenever a Madolche monster shuffles back into the deck you can search a Madolche monster and add it to your hand. Never go minus off of a death again, to an extent. It has a secondary effect whereby if you have a Fairy type Madolche on field (Tiaramisu, Anjelly) when it procs you can special summon the searched monster instead of adding it to hand. You run one, as it is searchable off of Messengelato and Recyclable with Tiaramisu.

1x Madolche Chateau 

Beefs up your normal Madolche’s with 500 more atk leaving you wondering why you’re about to XYZ with them anyway. Also, when activated, sends all Madolche monsters in our grave back to the deck, so be careful of when you activate this card as you need targets in grave for Tiaramisu’s effect. Synergises with Ticket meaning anytime something dies on board or you activate Tiaramisu’s effect to send two back, you get those cards back to hand first before you even get your search. Consistency for days! Searchable, Recyclable.


1x Madolchepalooza

So, while this build is technically trapless, not running this card would be a crime against nature. Palooza lets you special summon as many Madolche monsters from your hand as you want upon activation, at the end of the turn they get shuffled into the deck. Absolutely broken in the sense that it removes the limits on how much you can do in a turn. If you’re spinning a bunch of cards back to your hand anyway, this trap lets you puke all of them out for stupid plays and tearful opponents. Searchable, Recyclable. Run it!

3x Royal Decree

The luxury of not running any traps means you can make it so your opponent doesn’t either. The result is a fast deck with free control over what your opponent does and when. Decree negates all Trap effects, period. Set this turn one after making Beast and watch your opponent scoop. Traps really hurt Madolche’s, here’s your way around them.

Extra Deck

2x Madolche Tiaramisu

The meat of this deck, Tiramisu spins your opponents cards back and doesn’t let them respond. This card is the embodiment of crushing someone’s sandcastle. She needs a Madolche target in grave in order to activate, and no the XYZ material you detatch doesn’t count as you need a target in order to detach it. You can get Madolches in the grave without them spinning back by detaching them as materials from other XYZ’s on your field or by using Anjelly’s effect to tribute herself. Opponents cannot respond to Tiaramisu’s effect, as it does not target the cards you spin back. They can respond to the summon of Tiaramisu only, if they miss that opportunity then it’s open season, spin away friends.

Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer

Shitty Tiaramisu, sometimes you absolutely need it though. Targets a single card, and it has to be face up.

Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

Before you make Castel, ask yourself if the thing you want to spin is a face up Special Summoned monster, if it is, make Shark instead and plus off your opponents hard work by stealing their shit.

Downerd Magician

Her textbox is big so let me give you the rundown: You can use any single Rank3 XYZ as the material to summon her, but only during main phase 2. She does piercing damage, every time she attacks or is attacked, remove an XYZ material from her. She gains 200 atk for each material she currently has under her. So what’s her purpose in this deck? Overlay her onto your Leviar or Invoker after they’ve served their purpose this turn and switch your shitty weak rank 3 out for a beefy 2500 atk Rank 4 with piercing for free.

Gagaga Cowboy

Rarely made, but you’ll be kicking yourself when you lose that game because he wasn’t in your extra deck. Better to be safe than sorry, as this deck already suffers from tight extra deck syndrome, you’ll find yourself wishing you had this or that at every turn but nothing hurts worse than not being able to close out with Cowboy.

MX Saber Invoker

This guy is a sleeper, if you’re not paying attention you may forget about his existence. Invoker lets you bring out Messengelato and Messengelato only, and having 3 means Invoker’s always a good option for your rank 3. Puts a Madolche in grave, brings out messengelato. Absolutely essential to this deck, even if he may not seem like it.

Leviair the sea dragon

As important to this deck as Anjelly. Lets you bring back cards you banished with Hootcake and XYZ with them, can bring back Esper Girl to use her awful effect if you really want to. Part of your bread and butter combo and you should always have at least 1. I don’t run 2 because I’m an idiot but take my word for it.

Mechquipped Angineer

His effect gives one of your cards invincibility for a turn, pretty useful. For those matchups where you just know they will kill your Tiaramisu the moment it’s their turn, protect her with Angineer.


Arguably the most useless card to ever exist gets limelight in this deck. Fusionist is a level 3 that you can summon with Instant Fusion to complete your rank 3 play.

Karbonala Warrior

See above, except level 4. Replace with Norden when he shows up in the TCG and get free plus while turning your opponent into a Tomato. Name sounds like Carbonara, which is delicious.

Naturia Beast

Level 5 Synchro. Incredibly easy to get into, with a mad effect. Stops your opponent activating spell cards as long as you’re willing to mill 2. If you’re going first, make this card and you’re 75% more likely to win. I made that stat up, but the point still stands. I can’t emphasize how powerful this card is, it’s the entire reason I even considered putting tuners in Madolches. Power. Card. You WILL win games just by making this and beating them for 2200 each turn. Flip Decree with him up and enjoy the bitter taste of your opponents tears.

Naturia Barkion

Beast’s level 6 older brother. Banish 2 in grave to negate the activation of a trap card and destroy i, with a 2500 body. You won’t always have a lot in grave, so be careful when and how you make this. On its own, it isn’t enough to stop traps which is why we run triple Decree as well. However, he is invaluable.

Goyo Guardian

He’s banned in the OCG because he fucking kicks ass, 2800 body of pure slaughter which steals your shit for only 6 stars worth of tuning. I run it because of course I fucking do.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Mad useful in a meta where people are dropping boss monsters left and right, negates stuff and protects your stuff too. There are so many times where I thought I was fucked only to remember I had access to Clear Wing. He can steal you games if you’re smart with him.

Honorable Mentions

Madolche Puddingcess

Remember when she was the “Boss” of this deck? She’s absolutely useless and so is every other Madolche spell or trap that involves her existence, do not run her. Want to play Choc-a-la-mode because it’s new and exciting? Don’t. The OTK addition you get from these two cards isn’t worth the space, provided you can even get the play off. Neither card is goodenough to fit in this build or any build really. Building pure and stretching for space? Why not.

Madolche Cruffsant

He can alter his own level right, surely he’s perfect in this variant of the deck? Probably, to be honest with you he can probably have a lot of utility in the deck if played right but I’ve never tried him. My favourite thing about this card is that with Chateau up, you can activate his secondary effect and beat over Winda, and that pleases me greatly.

Madolche Chouxvalier

When you shuffle cards into your deck with Misu and Ticket activates, what card do you want to special summon? This one is a great choice because then the opponent can’t just make “Generic Big Guy for you” and beat over her as they have to target him instead, but his deck slot is questionable. Not to mention the chances of them just dropping Raigeki on you are just as likely. Who knows, might be useful.

Pot of Duality

Lets you find the cards you need and get to your plays, however I feel the inability to special summon is not a price you can afford in this archetype. You’re essentially passing a turn, which is a big no-no.

Upstart Goblin

OTK deck? Fast? 37 card deck? Yes, however Madolche’s struggle to do 6000 damage in a turn as it is, piling Life Points on top of that will just extend the game another turn, in which time your opponent could draw into that card they needed all game. Still a great choice however.

Trap Stun

Want more traps in your main deck but also want to be able to make your plays uninterrupted? This card allows that, and I loved it to bits before I transitioned into fully trapless.

Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk

I hate Volcanics with a burning passion, no pun intended. This card wipes the smirk off their face by banishing the only play they have. Also good for screwing people over in general.

Number 49: Fortune Tune, Wind-Up Zenmaines

Both these cards serve one purpose: Stall. I used to run them but quickly realized if I was losing hard enough to make one of these then making it wouldn’t help me win. Much like Koga in Masked Heroes, just not worth the space.

Number 82: Heartlandraco

Great card, never really use it though.

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries

Shits on a lot of top tier decks and is powerful for the little cost, no reason to not run it unless you need the space.

How do I play this shit?

Let’s teach you how to pilot this deck then, first I’m going to go over the absolute bread and butter combo for Madolche’s: How to make Tiaramisu.

You will need:

1 Madolche Anjelly

1 of the following:

Reinforcement of the Army

Spell Striker (With a spell in grave)

Madolche Mewfeuille

Instant Fusion

First, Normal summon Anjelly, or if you have Mewfeuille normal summon him and use his effect to special summon Anjelly. Activate Anjelly’s effect to tribute herself to special summon 1 Madolche monster from your deck, pick Hootcake. Actiavte Hootcake’s effect to banish Anjelly in order to special summon Messengelato from your deck. Messengelato’s effect activates, allowing you to search a Madolche spell / trap. If you are making Misu (Which we are) Search Ticket, as it will give you a search off of Misu’s effect. Activate Ticket.

Now, that’s a pretty good combo in itself, you just went so plus off of nothing but 1 card. But now we go deeper. Get a level 3 on board using one of the methods above, such as spell striker, Instant Fusing for Fusionist or just using your Mewfeuille. Overlay your level 3 and Hootcake into Leviair the sea dragon. Remember the Anjelly you banished for Hootcake’s effect? Activate Leviair to special summon Anjelly from your banish pile. It’s very important that you detach Hootcake when you do this so you have a Madolche monster in grave to target for Misu’s effect. Overlay Anjelly and Messengelato into Tiaramisu and go nuts.

Now this is all assuming you have nothing on field currently, but that’s a two card Misu onto an empty board. The rest of this deck is learning which combo to use at any given time, should you dip into your extra deck or not? But generally, making Tiaramisu solves all of your problems, everything else is just there to make sure that happens and she doesn’t die in the process.


Well, that’s the basics of Madolche as of June 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading this long wall of text, and if you’re thinking of playing Dolche feel free to ask questions below or send me a message and I’ll give you my 100% Pro advice.

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