Puzzle & Dragons Radar Dragons Guide

Puzzle & Dragons Radar Dragons Guide by StayHH

Radar Dragons were first introduced as exclusive units you can get through the Japanese exclusive app “PAD Radar”, an app based on the premise of walking around outside in neighborhoods and cities to get free prizes related to the game. Prizes such as +99 fodder, wallpapers and super exclusive units. To obtain these Radar Dragons people in Japan initially had to go to very specific malls at certain dates to be able to access the dungeons/get the in-game mail dungeon to be able attempt to receive them.

Looking at the specific dungeon for each radar dragon, I consider these dungeons to be “Annihilation Class” and people without a proper fully Hyper Maxed team will have significant trouble because high HP and recovery play a major role in clearing the dungeon. If it is coop you MIGHT be able to get away with it but it will be dangerous as it might not be within 0-stone range.

Updates were made that changed how players could receive them but currently in the NA version of PAD, players can only receive them through:

  • Arena 3
  • One Shot challenges

Both of which are also “Annihilation Tier” as well, requiring leads with high survivability, sustainability, and damage as well as subs that help out.

This guide is aimed at the NA version of PAD in Arena 3 SOLO 0-stone (obviously) with any lead that isn’t the Minerva-Puppeteer Damage Negation set. A3 Radar Dragons are weaker in terms of HP, and Damage they can deal to you compared to their specific PADRadar dungeon counterparts, but the same tactic applies. Same tactics also apply in coop and any other situation with them. It won’t change.

Here are some dangers/warnings to address:

  • The drop rate of radar dragons in A3 is low so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t drop.
  • The Radar Dragon floor has the possibility of consuming all your actives so if you do not have a way to deal with Kali afterwards by either surviving her hit above 65% or getting her below 65% then the run is over.
  • Since it is A3 please look at the dungeon info on that. This isn’t a guide on dealing with A3. (I might make it but A3 is just A2 with Radar Dragons)
  • Depending on your team you might have to pop a shield active before the radar dragon floor (floor 22) due to Hera Dragon preempt of 34,480 which can end your run if you HP is lower than that.

Some serious advice/tips to consider before even entering A3 or dealing with the Radar Dragons:

  • A Hyper Maxed team is advised, for if the team isn’t you’re missing out on 5940 HP and 1782 RCV total stats in team. Also lower CD allows for faster and possibly even efficient stalling which can save your run.
  • A 50-75% shield or a void shield is HIGHLY recommended as either a sub or inherit. You having one, the other, or both is highly encouraged and will increase the chance of success significantly.
  • Dragon Killer and God Killer awakenings SHOULD NOT be brought into the dungeon. Both awakenings will easily get your subs pass the Radar Dragon’s damage absorb/nullification threshold making clearing the floor either very difficult or impossible.
    • Even though those would be extremely useful against Hephaestus Dragon, there is only a 20% chance of him to show up. That and the fact the other Radar Dragons are sensitive to the killers they should not be brought in the dungeon in the first place.
  • Badges can save your run in the dungeon if running solo. I highly recommend RCV+ badge if your HP is around 30k as you have the ability to tank non-special hits. If your recovery is already high then go with HP+ badge.
  • It can be useful to bring damage spike as a sub or inherit if your team has a hard time getting to 6M damage on a favorable board when you attempt to kill. If the spike is an inherit, Hephaestus Dragon might make it pointless due to his 15 turn skill delay.

I’m going to refer to the general damage you can deal to safely one shot a Radar Dragon at its highest HP area within its Damage Absorb and Nullification as the “Sweet Zone”. “Sweet Zone” requires you to commit actives to attempt to reach a specific damage. If you fulfill the requirements within the “Sweet Zone”, it will die. Be wary though, if you are unaware of your team’s damage output you might undershoot/overshoot it, which can put you in a very awkward or run ending position.

Here is a useful image that will help you estimate
the total HP of the Radar Dragon you’re dealing with.
I’m going to refer to special attacks and attacks at certain HP percentiles so please use this to be more aware and cautious when situations occur.

Zeus Dragon: The Easiest One to Deal With

HP: 78M
Damage Nullification: When Damage exceeds or equals 20M
Sweet Zone: At Full HP
Each Sub must do minimum 13.1M and maximum 19M Damage
(Teams that have attribute advantage need to do minimum 6.6M- and maximum 9M)

Specific Hindrance Ability: Attribute Change every turn
Anything I might need to be successful?: Nothing Serious, maybe a spike?

Zeus Dragon is, in my personal opinion, the easiest one to deal with due to his high threshold of Damage Nullification as well as not hitting scary or serious damage above 50%. His “Sweet Zone” is at full HP so that is a very quick way to deal with him. If you do manage to just straight off one shot him you have Kali to worry about afterwards so only sweet spot him if you’re confident enough! You are able to stall on him below 90% and above 50% HP because he doesn’t really do anything significant if you can heal to full without much difficulty. Stalling can even help you one shot him at 80% HP.

If you’re not confident about your damage to “Sweet Zone” him, let’s get started with other takedown tactics. The thing that is special with him is every time he does a hit he changes attribute for better or for worse. This might lead to you not needing to use your spike if you’re on a type advantage when you’re going for the kill shot. On the flip though, if you have a type advantage and you’re trying to stall, it might grind him through his attack intervals which can lead to problems. Also, he uses different skills and only one skill at certain HP percentiles so abuse that as you can and be wary of certain ones.

To begin, if his HP is equal to or higher than 90%, he will do a 500% gravity. Try to deal enough damage to get him under 90% but over 80% on the first turn to get out of that situation as soon as possible or you die super hard. Five times harder then normal. DO NOT attempt to tank with a void shield or double up on an active shield with a leader skill that does damage reduction, Zeus Dragon removes all player buffs this turn as well. This will leave you defenseless and dead. Under 90% Zeus Dragon will deal 16k damage and bind a unit for 2 turns. This range is the easiest to stall for all your actives if you used some important ones on previous floors. As you go down the HP percentiles in 10% increments, he will use different skills. Under 70% can get dangerous due to him spawning poisons if your recovery cannot deal with the poison damage. 60% is a dead zone for heart dependent leads due to him converting all hearts to jammers. This can also lead you to die easily because of lack of heal orbs. This is where I usually try to one shot him. Under 60% all it takes is 8M damage a sub to one shot him (4-5M at attribute advantage).

Under 50% is where the run gets questionable. First off, he will hit for 48k and put up a 7 turn combo absorb for 3 turns. After that, His minimum hit will be 27k which he will do every turn. Pass 40% is when a shield is required or you die to anything at that point. The poison/heart bi-color boards he spawns might kill you if he spawns few hearts. In lower HP Percentiles he makes locked orbs which might prevent you from activating your leader skill. It also hits you for a lot of damage. Under 20% are continuous 500% gravities.

A list Zeus Dragon’s percentile attack patterns that matter are as follows:

  • Above 90%: Removes player buff and 500% Gravity
  • Below 90%: 16,206 Damage, bind a unit for 2 turns
  • Below 80%: 19,447 Damage, all orbs turn to black
  • Below 70%: 21,068 Damage, spawn 3 poison orbs
  • Below 60%: 22,668 Damage, all heal orbs to jammers

I am not going to include anything under 50% because that percentile area is basically death without a constant shield or a lead with superior recovery and HP boost. This Area is what I consider the Death Zone. You can still get the clear if you got the actives and luck but more than likely you will die.

Here are some strategies for Zeus Dragon from hardest to easiest:

  • Sweet Zone
  • Stall 99 Turns of damage nullification and one shot
    This tactic isnt serious but still on the table. It seems possible in only his 90%-80% move set percentile as it is his softest hit. I wouldn’t recommend it because it is a huge waste of time and if you get passed the 80%, which seems more likely than not, you might as well go for tactic 3.
  • Get clear of Zeus Dragon’s 500% gravity.
    Stall for actives or whittle him down to his 60% attack pattern
    Kill with spike, 8M Damage a sub
    (If attribute advantage: 4-5M damage a sub minimum. 9M Maximum.

Noah Dragon: The Most Annoying One

HP: 31,150,000
Damage Nullification: When Damage exceeds or equals 5M
Sweet Zone: ~90% HP, no damage reduction
Each Sub must do minimum 4.5M and maximum of 4.9M
(Teams that have attribute advantage needs to do minimum 2.25M and maximum 2.4M)

Specific Hindrance Ability: Double Attribute absorb every turn
Anything I might need to be successful?: Shield is mandatory (If 50% shield, 34k HP is required)

Noah Dragon is easy if you do her right. If you do her wrong she can be your worst nightmare. Noah Dragon is the most annoying Radar Dragon to encounter since she has a double absorb. Her double absorbs is also helpful at the same time when stalling because you won’t damage her. When going for the kill though, finding an open window can get mind bending. Rainbow teams will have a very funky time dealing with her but it isn’t impossible. When going for the one shot, if one of her absorbs is your last sub attribute, you will die if you deal damage with that sub attribute. Be very cautious of her absorbs and attack when it’s appropriate to avoid wasting actives.

Another thing is that she is noticeably frail. With the lowest HP stat of all the radar dragon bosses, it is easy to get her to proct her special checkpoint move “Retreat Ark” if you accidentally do damage on a turn she isn’t absorbing your attribute or if skyfall hates you. What is scary is if you go past more than one of these percentile checkpoints, she will do her “Retreat Ark” consecutively. They hit super hard and few teams can survive multiples of these without an Indra shield (75% damage reduction) and healing afterwards.

Above 50% she will do the same move every turn until you proct a “Retreat Ark” checkpoint. She will continue to do the same move after “Retreat Ark” though if you only procted one. Her reoccurring move is one that does 17,013. It binds a random unit for 1 turn and puts up a new double absorb for one turn. It also converts one random orb to either Fire, Water, Green, Light or Dark. There is a possibility of Noah Dragon converting your hearts so be careful. If she does, pop an active that creates hearts and stall longer.

Each one of her Retreat Arks are the same in that she will always put up a 75% Damage Reduction Shield for one turn and it will spawn all normal orbs besides hearts. Other than that they all hit harder the lower the HP you go, and they all do a different negative status effect. The only “decently survivable” Ark Retreats are the first three if you have Indra Shield and 34k HP. The last one is a stretch for most teams to survive even with a shield.

I highly recommend not going past 50% of her HP as that is the Death Zone.  Her normal move goes from doing 17,013 Damage to 22,684 Damage and now changes a random orb to jammers. She will still bind a random sub. According to sources, she also cuts your HP by 99% but I have not personally gotten her to the point where she does that so I am not sure.

Noah Dragon’s Ark Retreats broken down with its typical A3 damage and after Indra Shield damage reduction included in brackets:

  • When HP gets under 90%
    • 51,039 (~12,560) Damage
    • 75% Damage Reduction Shield
    • Skill Bind for 10 turns
    • Change all orbs to Fire, Water, Grass, Light, and Dark
  • When HP gets under 70%
    • 68,052 (17,013) Damage
    • 75% Damage Reduction Shield
    • Change All orbs to Fire, Water, Grass, Light, and Dark
    • Blinds Board
  • When HP gets under 50%
    • 136,104 (34,026) Damage
    • 75% Damage Reduction Shield
    • Delay all units’ skills by 5 turns.

Here are the basic strategies for Noah Dragon, from hardest to easiest. Also here is a heads up, one of your subs might be bound. When going for the killing shot makes she she try to bind an unbindable or clear bind.

  • Sweet Zone
  • Get her past her first Ark Retreat and Survive. REQUIRES 75% Damage Reduction
    At 90% deal a minimum of 18.7M damage a sub and maximum of 19M
    (If attribute advantage: 9.4M damage minimum a sub, 9.9M Maximum)
  • Stall 99 Turns of damage nullification and one shot
    It’s possible to do this with Noah Dragon as she doesn’t hit that hard; only if your recovery is that good and you have time. Wouldn’t recommend because it is a huge waste of time.
  • Do enough damage where it is under yet near her threshold limit of 5M. Survive her Retreat ark and on her 75% shield do under yet near 20M Damage. If you’re confident in this style do this.
  • Get her past her first Ark Retreat and Survive. Stall for actives if needed
    Get her past her second Ark retreat and Survive. Stall for actives if needed
    At around 60% HP a minimum Damage of 3.2M a sub will one shot her
    (If attribute advantage: 1.6M minimum a sub, 2.4M maximum.)

Gaia Dragon: Trying to Break Through a Wall with a Pencil

HP: 39M
Damage Nullification: When Damage exceeds or equals 6M (24M)
Sweet Zone: HP is at ~80%
With Shields Up: Each sub must do a minimum of 20.8M Damage, Maximum of 23.9M
(With attribute advantage minimum sub damage is 10.4M damage, maximum of 11.9M)
With Shields Down: Each sub must do a minimum of 5.3M Damage, Maximum of 5.9M
(With attribute advantage minimum sub damage is 2.6M Damage, Maximum of 2.9M)

Specific Hindrance Ability: 7 Turns of 75% Damage Reduction (I will call those turns Shields up)
Anything I might need to be successful?: Either or both of these
Void Shield if you plan to survive through shields up.
Highly recommend super reliable spike that lasts longer than 1 turn.
A Damage Reduction Shield is mandatory unless you can tank 68k worth of green damage.

When I first encountered Gaia Dragon I died. Then my second encounter with her I died again. If your team is not mono fire or cannot deal high damage easily then she will be trouble. In the beginning of the dungeon she puts up a shield preempt that reduces all damage by 75%. She will do 7 specific moves in certain order during the turns the she has her “Shields Up”. Turn 3 and turn 6 of these 7 turns she will hit for 68,255. Damage Reduction Shield is mandatory if you cannot one shot Gaia Dragon within 2 turns or survive a hit. You will die if you cannot one shot Gaia Dragon within 6 turns, unless you have a second shield for some reason, due to her second big hit. Void Shield is mandatory if you survived her 7 turns and still did not one shot because of a 500% gravity passed 50%. Leads that have damage reduction in their leader skill, with a minimum of around 50% damage reduction, will get away with using Indra shield along side procting their leader skill damage reduction. An example of this would be Ronove or Gremory with a damage reduction shield of 57.75%. If you pair their cross heart shield with Indra’s 75% damage reduction shield the total gravity reduction would be 52.81% of your total HP. You cannot pair Ronove’s or Gremory’s shield with a 50% shield because that would leave a 105% gravity. That is death by a 5% margin. The most reliable teams to deal with Gaia Dragon are mono fire to burst her down while shields are up or leads with leader skills that include damage reduction (Minimum of 50% but you need 34k to survive).

If you somehow survived the “Shields Up” phase, her “Shields Down” Phase doesn’t get any easier. In fact it is a lot harder and super difficult to solo due to the big hits being dealt every turn. If your Leader Skill does not contain any form of damage reduction then solo in this phase is out of the question unless your HP and recovery is amazing.  Above 50% after Shields up, she immediately does 44,514 damage, converts the 3rd and 4th column to green, and puts up a double convert that last 3 turns. She does this only once after surviving two 68k hits. If you did use two shield actives, having a 3rd big hit is super cruel. To add insult to injury she puts 3 turns of double absorb. If one of them happened to be your main sub type you basically died. Above 50%, after the 44k hit, she will only do 25,719 damage to you and skill delay every sub’s actives for 3-5 turns. The thought of killing her with actives is out the window unless your whole team has 5 SDR latents on each sub. It is just “get delayed until you die” at that point. Under 50% she does a 500% gravity once. This is why a void shield is highly recommended. Her other hits hit for a minimum of 33,633 damage. Surviving at this range is asking for a lot.

Gaia Dragons Shields up Layout

  • Spawns 3 Jammers
  • Does Nothing
  • Hits for 68,255
  • Spawns 3 Jammers
  • Does nothing
  • Hits for 68,255
  • Blinds board

Here are the basic strategies for Gaia Dragon in order form Hardest to easiest

  • Sweet Zone
  • Get Gaia Dragon to 50% ASAP and survive the 7 turns of Shields up
    Use your Void shield inherit to survive the 500% Gravity
    At 50% HP deal a minimum of 3.3M and a maximum of 5.9M a sub to kill
    (If Attribute Advantage minimum damage is 1.7M and Maximum is 2.9M a sub)
  • Within two turns (5 if you have shield inherit) deal enough damage to kill. This sounds super unhelpful but as you read above A LOT of teams cannot deal with Gaia Dragon if they don’t have a leader skill with damage reduction.

Hera Dragon: The Incarnation of Feeling Anxious

HP: 39M
Damage Absorb: When Damage exceeds or equals 2M
Sweet Zone: Fujin Active and deal 6.5 M minimum damage per sub or you can’t one shot.

Specific Hindrance Ability: 2M Damage absorb and hits ridiculously hard.
Anything I might need to be successful?: NON AWOKEN Indra Shield is Mandatory

Hera Dragon is so tedious that it makes Sopdet, Vishnu, and Parvati look like a breeze… okay not a breeze but they are a lot easier. Like stupid easier. To start off, if your HP is below 34,480 HP you die because that is her preempt Damage. Activating a Shield before entering the Radar Dragon floor is recommended if you cant survive the hit, though a waste if another Radar Dragon appears. You can also dark latent your whole team, that is you’re choice.
What Hera Dragon does afterwards is very simple. She will first heal you to full, then the next turn she will hit you stupid hard. Rinse and repeat. Her hits get progressively stronger. She will eventually get to a point where she will just do 258,600 damage every other turn. Her first hit is 86,200. If you can survive that damage without a shield active somehow then you increased the number of turns you get to grind down her HP by 2.

This is the only strategy for Hera Dragon (considering it being solo and no Fujin):

Within 6 turns you will die due to Indra shield only being able to save you from 2 hits

  • Each sub must deal a minimum of 1.3M damage to kill within 5 turns
    (If Attribute Advantage minimum damage is 650k, and maximum is 900k)
  • Each sub must deal a minimum of 1.08M damage to kill within 6 turns.
    (If Attribute Advantage minimum damage is 542k, and maximum is 900k)
  • Each sub must deal a minimum of 813k damage to kill within 8 turns.
    (If Attribute Advantage minimum damage is 407K, and maximum is 900k)

The play within the 6 turns go like this (READ CAREFULLY BEFORE DOING IT):

Deal 1.3M minimum every sub
>Pop Indra if you cannot tank the hit, Deal 1.3M minimum every sub

She does 86,200 Damage (21,550 Damage)
>Deal 1.3M minimum every sub
>Pop Indra if you tanked the first hit, Deal 1.3M minimum every sub

She does 107,750 Damage (26,937 Damage)
>Deal 1.3M minimum every sub
>If you did the 6 turn play replace all minimum damage with 1.08M

She does 129,300 Damage (32,325 Damage)
>If you did the 8 turn play replace all minimum damage with 813k
(Placing this here because floor 7-8 floors is not viable for a majority of teams)
>151,712 Damage. Deal the killing shot or die

Hephaestus Dragon: The All Out Fist Fight

HP: 78M
Damage Nullification/Nullifcation: None
Sweet Zone: 49% HP
Each sub must do a minimum of 6.4M Damage at this range

Specific Hindrance Ability: 15 turn skill delay, Resolve at 50% HP (39M), and 50% water damage reduction so no type advantage.
Anything I might need to be successful?: Shield? Spike? Maybe SDR because you have no actives.

Hephaestus Dragon starts off with delaying your actives by 15 turns. Basically making them at 0 turns if you have no Skill Delay Resist Latents. This preempt is already detrimental for any lead that requires their actives to deal damage above 1-2M. This cuts off easy access to burst damage and spikes right off the bat.78 million HP is A LOT to go through without any help.

His first hit is for 11,861 and it goes up by around 10k every turn. On just the 3rd turn he hits for 36,228. A lot of teams are going to die on that turn alone. On the 7th turn it is different as he just hits for 425,012 damage. Nothing is living that without actives. You cannot do anything cute like a Tengu active swap for the LS before the radar dragon floor because his hits are a multi-hit rendering that strategy invalid.

The final nail in the coffin is his Resolve. If you manage to one shot him or take his HP to 780k (1% of his total) he will restore back to 39M (50%) which is a slap to the face.

You can bring a spike sub with a inherit that goes past 15 turns so it can be ready to use on the turn against Heph dragon. My problem with this method is that it is a 100% encounter chance. Putting Raph on that spike sub might be a good option.

You must do this much damage on these amount of turns while healing or you die.

  • Every Sub must do 4.4M damage minimum within 3 turns or you die
  • Every Sub must do 3.3M damage minimum within 4 turns or you die
  • Every Sub must do 2.6M damage minimum within 5 turns or you die
  • I don’t believe you will survive 6+ turns. That is too far of a stretch due to the raw amount of damage being dealt and the amount of recovery for you to go back to full is outrageous.

Addressing Coop: Cooping Hephaestus Dragon is a saving grace. IF your partner has viable actives then they will be doing most of the damage. Just keep in mind his resolve and pass to your partner when is it appropriate or have to.

If you got this far that means you’ve read everything, or skimmed to the end. All of this information, data wise, was brought to you by PADGuide. I recommend using the app on IOS or Android because it has helped me out a lot in this game. Percents, Damage needed, and other math was done by my trusty calculator.

The analysis of the data for this guide for Radar Dragons was made possible due to watching youtube videos of Radar Dragon Encounters as well as personal experience. The sheer amount of time I’ve died to Gaia Dragon and Heph Dragon is super annoying and I hope this displays why they’re horrible to deal with. I’ve cooped Arena 3 and dealing with all of them is SIGNIFICANTLY easier that way.

Even though I say I coop while making this a SOLO guide, I made it this way to address the limits of leads and subs against these Dragons. Teams can only do so much. Some Teams will not be able to sustain for long without shield actives. Some Teams will not be able to sustain due to low recovery which is a serious problem that needs to be sorted out. You can’t or might not be able to just one-shot Radar Dragons, but on some you have to, because it’s a full dungeon. You might not have all your actives ready and up to be abused. Stalling is of utmost importance. Some leads also might not be able to deal the damage required to survive due to which encounter they get. A prime example of attribute making you lose is being green attribute while facing Heph Dragon. Might as well quit the dungeon and uninstall the game.

Another reason I’m addressing this as a solo guide is because you cannot coop One-Shot Challenges. Making it this format is easier because it isn’t that hard to convert the steps to taking place in coop. If you have many options to deal with a situation with a partner, it is harder to adjust when you are by yourself with limited options. Hephaestus Dragons is prime example of differences between coop and solo. If you coop that encounter one partner becomes dead weight while the other can do most of the burst damage. If you’re soloing you have no actives. You are the dead weight. If this was a coop based guide, I would not have written it so carefully and stressed certain actions that they do. I made sure to give as many ways to deal with the dragons as well as suggestions to mitigate actions because of the limited amount of choices you have with 6 actives plus inherits.

I’m going to also address Myr and R/G/B Revo Greeks now. They make dealing with the Radar Dragons stupid easy. The constant 75% damage reduction is ungodly. It makes all the hard hits actually survivable. The Revo Greeks make their attribute advantage a cake walk especially Revo Minerva. If your team variants is the puppeteer one then damage isn’t an issue and Heph Dragon doesn’t exist (I really hate him). Myr also deals a ridiculous amount of damage with so much sustainability due to her cross shield mechanic. Their Leader skills plus Indra Shield is 93.75% Damage Reduction! It’s crazy. I made the guide super general to all leads because it wouldn’t be fair to just use those leads. It’s possible to use a huge amount of leads to defeat the Radar Dragons but Myr and R/G/B Revo Greeks (Especially Revo Minvera) are superior at getting the job done.

Someone point out to me that you can pop a spike before the Radar Dragon floor and enter with it up if it last for two turns. This can help you deal more damage then usual. Considering all the Radar Dragons, that idea does seem a bit helpful no matter which one you encounter but here are a few things about that. If I encounter Zeus Dragon then I guess it works out. If I encounter Noah Dragon I might easily get her to proct her “Retreat Arks” first turn if I stall wrong or skyfall hates me. If I encounter Gaia Dragon i’m going to feel like I wasted one turn of my spike because I wanted to encounter a radar dragon with a 20% appearance rate. Oh boy if Hera Dragon appears I’m going to hate myself a little so I have to gauge damage wisely. If i’m at a type advantage then it is going to be super tedious for that turn. It might even be a waste of turn damage. The person pointed out doing this technique mainly against Hephaestus Dragon because of the skill delay preempt. It’s a pretty good idea to have a spike, or two turn spike if you are using Light or Dark Vajra, but the appearance rate makes me feel like I wouldnt do it. Good concept for coop since you can bring multiple spikes, in solo feels gimmicky. If Heph Dragon is guaranteed to show up DO THIS. IT SOUNDS SO WORTH IT.

Finally I am also going to address Fujin and her role versus the radar dragons. She can only nullify Hera Dragon’s damage absorb, which is super awesome. The rest of the Radar Dragons are unaffected because their damage thresholds is damage nullification not absorb. Nullification is the baseline your team’s damage must avoid or all the damage you did will be converted to 0-1 damage. Fujin’s active does not nullify this, attribute absorb, or combo absorb.

Noah and Heph dragon havnt dropped yet… Well that is all for my guide. This is my first one and Im happy that you read all of this. Hope you enjoyed and learned something! :3

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