MH4U A Colorful Feast and Star Knight Armor Guide

MH4U A Colorful Feast and Star Knight Armor Guide by OldSchoolRPGs

USJ: A Colorful Feast has a G3 requirement.

Star Knight Armor on Kiranico

I want to write a quick guide for this quest because I’ve been running and hosting it for awhile now and I notice a lot of people don’t come prepared enough and it can easily end in a failure. Feel free to link to this if you’re hosting a room.

Explanation of Quest:

The object of the quest is to kill/capture a normal Seregios and normal Zinogre in the Arena. They are both spawned at the beginning and are usually in the middle or near the right entrance. The gate in the middle to separate the monsters does not work in this quest.

Items to bring:

  • 10 Smoke Bombs
  • 3 Lifepowders
  • 2 Dust of Life
  • 5 Mosswine Jerky
  • 10 Dungbombs
  • 5 Flash Bombs
  • Pitfall/Shock Trap
  • 10 Mega Potions
  • 2 Max Potions
  • Portable Steam Bombs

Basic Strategy:

When you enter, use the left entrance. In my experience you will rarely have them both aggro you when you enter. (I haven’t tested to see if entering while croutching has any effect on being detected, if anyone knows please let me know). Immediately Smoke Bomb and lay down the EZ Pitfall Trap on the ramp closest to you. Have someone with range pull the Zinogre (i.e. IG, LBG, HBG) if neither are aggroed, towards the trap while the rest of the group stays near the left entrance.

Stay near the left entrance when you fight Zinogre. Everyone should have Smoke Bombs and should be dropping them about once every minute so Seregios doesn’t detect you. Usually 1 player can keep the area well Smoke Bombed, but your best bet is to take it into your own hands and lay them down every minute just in case.

Having at least 1 Paralyze Weapon and 1 IG makes this fight a cake walk. Once the Zinogre is trapped, attack him until Paralyze triggers. Once he breaks out the IG should immediately try to mount him. Once he’s down lay a Pitfall trap near his feet where he would stand up to trap him again. He breaks out a bit quicker the second time around. If your team has enough damage he should be about dead at this time. Just safely fight him away from Seregios and keep the area Smoke Bombed until he is dead.

With Zinogre down you should have no problem cleaning up Seregios. Simplest strat for him his to Pararalyze > Mount > Lay trap right on top of him > then just stagger and trip him until he’s dead.

Things to consider:

The fight becomes a lot more difficult and a lot harder with both monsters aggroed. The most important recipe for success is to constantly Smoke Bomb and stay far back from whichever monster isn’t aggroed. Even though it means a drop in damage, your best bet is to drop a Smoke Bomb right before each round of attacks.

The item box contains 3 EZ Lifepowders. That combined with the 3 that you bring and 2 Dust of Lifes is more than enough to save anyone from dying. Be a team player and heal your teammates. Zinogre can easily combo you once you’re stunned so prioritize healing stunned teammates whenever possible.

As for Flash Bombs, save them for when Seregios is in the air. If you thrown them when he is down or staggered then you will knock him out of it. Don’t do that.

About Drops and the Armor Materials

For each successful completion of this quest you get 1 guaranteed Special Pass, with the (rare) possibility to get more than 1. Each piece of Star Knight Armor requires 1 Special Pass so you only need to run this quest, at most, 5 times.

You also have the (very rare) possibility to get Immenseness S Tickets. You need 5 Immenseness S Tickets to make the Star Knight Armor as well. In my experience, the drop rate is about 5-10%. There are other quests that give guaranteed Immenseness S Tickets such as the JP Oroshi Kirin quest. USJ:ACF is not a good quest to farm Immenseness S Tickets.

Final thoughts:

This quest should easily take less than 10 minutes if everyone plays correctly. Even with 3 people this shouldn’t be a problem. Your number one priority is to fight them one at a time. So hunt smart, and enjoy your new armor!

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