TF2 Medic Uber Charge Guide

TF2 Medic Uber Charge Guide by Hatbeemo

I. Introduction:

One of the Medic’s best abilities is to deploy various Charges that have different beneficial effects on the patient and the Medic. The following guide will help the aspiring Medic on the correct Charge to deploy, depending on what occasion.

II. Body:

1 Invulnerability Charge- UberCharge of the stock Medigun, renders both patient and Medic immune to damage. Good against Sentry Nests, skilled Snipers, competetive-level Spies, groups of enemies. Remember to avoid pyros or explosion knockback. The goal of this charge is to destroy anything that deals lots of damage.

1.5 Extra Tip for the Invulnerability Charge- Try Charging a Spy when taking on a Sentry Nest. An unorthodox technique, but gives the Spy the ability to waltz into a nest and destroy it with impunity, while nothing except a Pyro can disrupt him.

2 Regenerative Charge- UberCharge of the Quick-Fix, overclocking the healing rate of the patient. Use this in the absence of Snipers, Spies, and Loch n Load Demomen. If popped, remember to heal as many teammates as possible. This charge *does not make them invincible, but it heals them fast, so *start locking on to every single teammate nearby** to get them all up to full health. The goal of this charge is to ensure that every teammate nearby stays alive.

3 Kritzboostening Charge- UberCharge of the Kritzkrieg, giving the patient the ability to deal crit damage. Use on high-damage/damage-per-second classes for maximum effect. Use against large groups of enemies and indoors. Beware of skilled Snipers, Spies, and every single enemy in sight, as this Charge does not make the patient invincible or heal them quickly. The goal of this charge is to eliminate nearby enemies as fast as possible (a Blitzkrieg).

3.5 Extra Tips for the Kritsboostening Charge- This charge works well with a shotgun, a bullet weapon that needs no chargeup and has a large clip size. Also effective withminiguns, pistols, and even sniper rifles. Charging a Sniper can allow him to bodyshot at 0% charge and still deal 150 dmg per shot, effectively making any part of the enemy like the head, reducing requirement for precision and charge-buildup. Try this technique sometimes.

4 Vaccination Charge– UberCharge of the Vaccinator, giving the patient a large resistance against the chosen damage type (Bullet, Boom or Blaargh). Use if enemy uses primarily a singular damage type, when an enemy Medic deploys a Kritzboost (This charge can actually stop kritz!) during a slow push, and defence. Use on Snipers to ensure their safety against other snipers.

III. Summary/ Too Lazy to Read:

Sentries or groups of enemies? Invuln Charge. Group of teammates under attack? Regen Charge. Lots of enemies, bullet weapons, stickybomb launcher? Kritz Charge. Skilled snipers, flexibility, fast charge, slow push, enemy kritz medic, on defence? Vacc Charge.

IV. Conclusion:

The Medic has the ability to turn the tables on the enemy if he uses the correct charges on the correct time and occasion. Thank you for reading.

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