MH4U Mega Dash Juice Farming Guide

MH4U Mega Dash Juice Farming Guide by Adeshark

This guide mostly for people who can’t or don’t want to dupe. Be it with other player or melding.

Let’s get started, shall we?


4* Caravan Quest – Poison Patrol Here we’ll be hunting 2 Gypceros’ in Primal Forest. Or for alternative you can do the 4* Guild quest – Gypceros Overload, which is a high rank quest, However I prefer the Poison Patrol quest myself. I’ll explain later on.

Dash extract drop chances: (Taken from Kiranico)

LR Gypceros:

  • Shiny (1) 20%
  • Carve (1) 20% x3 chance max
  • Capture (2) 34% x? chance max
  • Carve while faking death (1) 60% x3 chance max (before waking up)

HR Gypceros:

  • Shiny (1) 25%
  • Carve (1) 23% x3 chance max
  • Capture (2) 30% x? chance max
  • Carve while faking death (1) 20% x3 chance max (before waking up)

If the drop chances are correct, LR’s fake death carve alone is good enough reason to go hunt the LR version.


The armor set here are what I think are the easiest to make, so they have really low def and mostly are LR-HR parts. You can make better sets, but these are among the easiest to craft.

  • Plesioth Cap (The gunner one)
  • Plesioth Mail
  • Plesioth Vambraces
  • Iron Belt
  • Plesioth Greaves
  • OOO (weapon or talisman)
  • 1x Capture Jewel 3
  • 5x Capture Jewel 1

Capture God (Capt reward increase)

Trap Master (also gives 100% chance when combining trap)

Speed Gather (Increases carve speed)

Marathon Runner

Heat Cancel

The armor set itself is very easy to make, especially if you’ve fished out plenty of Plessies before hand. The hardest part would be the Capture Jewel 3, which needs a Zinogre Plate. The first 3 skills are the bread and butter of this set, the other 2 are just icing on top.


  • Net x2 – Spider web + Ivy
  • Trap tools x2
  • Pitfall Trap – Net + Trap tool
  • Tranq bomb – Bomb material (sap plant + stone) + Tranquilizer

The usual capturing items. You can buy spider web, Ivy (not sure), sap plant and Stone from the wycoon. You can also ask him to multiply Sap plant and Ivy. Another reason I prefer the Poison Patrol quest is because you can only bring limited amount of traps.

Now comes the fun part!

The hunting process:

Sure you can just beat the crap out of those gyps, but why not make the best out of it? Here are the steps I found to be the most rewarding:

  • Go to the Combo List in the menu and press X once so your sorting order is turn from Default order to Combinable. This will make combining the traps much easier.
  • The Gypceros’ starts at 2 and 5 and sleep at 9. So after leaving camp go straight to the left and find the first Gycperos
  • Beat the crap out of it, but stop for a bit when you see it rage. At that point poke it once at a time until he fakes his death then STOP.
  • Go near his body and proceed to carve. With the Speed Gather skill you can carve 3 times compared to the usual 2. DON’T crouch. For some reason it takes even slower compared to standing with the skill on. That’s 3 x 60% chance of Dash Extract. The amount of health it has left seems to determine how long it fakes the death, so less health means shorter window. I even had one waking up almost immediately because I hit it too hard. So mind the beating.
  • It wakes up and most likely drop a shiny and you’re sent flying. Grab the shiny and see what it does next.
  • If it retreats, let it limp and go straight to 5 and beat the crap of the other Gyp. If it’s still attacking, go poke it again, hopefully it plays dead again for another 3 carves. Yay!
  • Do the exact same thing with the other Gyp. If it’s not in 5, it’s most like on its way to 2. Beat it, let it fake death at least once, carve 3 times, grab the shiny and let it go.
  • Run straight to 9 and you’ll find the 1st Gyp sleeping. Place a Pitfall underneath it and throw some Tranq bombs. (You might have to hit em a few times after that). When the 2nd Gyp arrives, combine a Pitfall trap and repeat the process.
  • You usually get 1 stack of Dash extract from each one, each stack gives you 2 extracts. Sometimes they give you 4 stacks, which totals into 8 extracts. So in total you have 6 chances from fake death carves, 2 chances from shiny and up to 8 from capt reward. That’s quite a lot for a very quick run.
  • You can also use this to train your low level palicos while you’re at it, or get the “Use X class Palico X times” awards. You can try using Thief class Palicoes, but I never got any extracts from them.

Raw meat farming:

  • Anything with Torso Inc (Skull Visage)
  • Anything with 3 slots (Chakra Necklace)
  • Anything with 3 slots (Garuga Vambraces)
  • Iron Belt
  • Anything with 3 slots (Diablos Greaves)
  • OOO (weapon or talisman)
  • 4x Carver Jewel 3


  • Maiden’s Cap (The gunner one)
  • Anything with 3 slots (Chakra Necklace)
  • Anything with 3 slots (Garuga Vambraces)
  • Iron Belt
  • Anything with 3 slots (Diablos Greaves)
  • O (weapon or talisman)
  • 3x Carver Jewel 3
  • 3x Carver Jewel 1

Carving God (Extra carves)

Speed Gather

The armor set is a bit harder to make, since you need to be at least high rank to craft the parts. The Carver Jewel 3 is quite a hassle as well, it needs an Earth Dragongem for each one and you need at least 3 of them. With this set it makes harvesting raw meats less of a chore until the dlc is released. Just go to Harvest missions or expeditions and kill things. You can farm kelbi horns as well with the extra carves.

And that’s all there is to it. Now go hunt them down until you have all the juices you need and get blamed for making a species go extinct.

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  1. 13jIIxYz says:

    you can clone mega dash juice with 2 players online. you do this by entering a quest have the person A give items to person B. next Person A abandons the quest and dont save the game. next Person B just receive the 5 mega dash juice should end the quest by completing it. then both players got 5 mega dash juice.

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