FFXIV Binding Coil of Bahamut Guide

FFXIV Binding Coil of Bahamut Guide by Tobian

The Binding Coil of Bahamut (You are Here)
The Second Coil of Bahamut
The Final Coil of Bahamut

I realized that I never got around to helping people get through BCOB. Fear no longer. It’s time to get out of the depths of casualness and step into the realm of semi-endgame with BCOB being completed. People have asked me in the past to make videos of the guides instead of text. Here’s the thing though. I don’t have enough hard drive space for any video editing/filming software because it’s just overflowing with Roegadyn on Lala “art” and also videos are a passing fad and books will be around forever so you’re going to have to READ FOR ONCE. KATIE. I’M TALKING TO YOU. So without further ado:

Preparation: You’ll have to do the original three hard mode primals to unlock coil. Then you’ll have to get the relic quest and do them again. This must be done separately. After you get carried through Titan HM, you may be wondering if you’re done with the game. Where else can I be such a heavy burden if I’m done with Titan? COIL, THAT’S WHERE. There is literally no other preparation that you need or want to do besides the relic quest and get 50; as long as you’re wearing i46 gear or above, you’re golden, and the only reason you want even that is to spiritbond. Make sure you glamour it to like. Idk. a swimsuit or some shit. You’ll figure it out. Jump right in and watch every cutscene. People say that the inn room has your cutscenes, but if you go to the inn room beforehand, you will clearly see that your cutscenes for coil are not available. Using this incredibly small sample size, we can safely conclude that everyone is trying to screw you and that you should listen to me and me alone.

Turn 1: This turn has actually gotten harder ever since it was put in the duty finder. You used to just get people who have saved up to beyond the first ADS and then start coil after that, but now that there’s no saving, this boss is nearly impossible. You’ll want to run and blow all silences on it immediately. A move called High Voltage will come out and the paralyze from it can be removed, so bark at your healers to do that. If they’re removing paralyze on themselves first, replace them; they’re not ready. Raise the dragoons that got hit by the floor laser and get used to doing that; it will be a theme. Halfway through, another ADS will show up, looking to Eiffel Tower your group. Before double trouble sets in, have your entire group focus it down. Do not ignore it; it didn’t come to this party to be ignored. Around this time, a tank will die because your SCH is using cross-classed Cure instead of Physick. This is normal. Your conjurer should be able to raise the tank. About this time, the ADS will die and no one will have learned anything, which is good because fuck that guy, move on. There will be some trash mobs but you can cheat (clever you!) and NOT KILL THEM! Have your tank attract all of them with their big strong muscles and everyone else go hide. Eos will lead all the mobs to you, though, because she’s not on Obey so this time around, just kill them. Kill the poop monsters that guard the gates and move on until you see Laidronnette. It’s important that you have a right party composition. You’ll want 3 paladins (warriors are worthless. Even if Yoshi were to like. put a damage mitigation on Inner Beast and Vengeance, it will never be enough!), 1 SCH, 1 conjurer, 1 DRG and 2 bards. The bards can be replaced with either paladins or either healer. The more paladins, the better. If you coordinate your Hallowed Grounds, that’s like 10% invincibility at all times. Which rounds up to like 100%. So this is pretty necessary. Bards are better than monks, summoners, or black mages, and that will always be true and nothing will change that. The dragoon is there for his LB and nothing more; he can pretty much AFK until that point and he will. Pull the snake immediately without talking about it. Some light will show up on the ground and when you stand in it, oozes will pop up and think you’re their dad. They’ll rebel and if you kill them, they’ll kill you JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE HELP ME. The easiest way to deal with them is to feed them immediately to the snake (also true in real life). A little bit through, the dragoon will get tail swiped and die. He’ll try to bribe you for a raise, but you know he’s not good for it. Try to set up some sort of financing or layaway with ridiculous interest or tell him to make an alt and mail the money to you BEFORE you raise. Get that shit up front. The snake will hit your tank, and then it’ll go all Arc Warden and make a perfect copy of itself. Have one of your tanks struggle to pick it up, only to provoke the original snake, while the double goes around cleaving healers. Good thing you brought a third tank (YOU’RE WELCOME) to try to pick up the snake and use his Hallowed Ground immediately out of fear. Focus one down and rotate Hallowed Grounds and raises until the other one dies. Save LB3 until the healer or bard needs to use it, and then complain that they did (they need to not get into the habit of thinking they can just LB without your permission). Having Bluebird or Nutkin out makes this fight a lot easier. You can try using other minions, but someone will just one-up you instead so don’t even bother unless you have one of those two. At the end, you’ll get 2 chests with i90 gear that is already worse than anything anyone has on. Voraciously hit need on it anyway. There will be Allagan Leather and Allagan Silk as well, but you should probably let those fall to the floor, because you really don’t want Allagan artifacts; I mean, you know how THAT whole thing ended. Also, who are you kidding? You’re running BCOB 2 years later; you don’t craft.

Turn 2: You’ll get into turn 2 and those asshole ball things are back. Pull immediately because the whole thing is timed and that’s stressful. It will use High Voltage again so remove the paralyzes on everyone except for the people who got locked out because they were watching cutscenes. Use Hallowed Ground when you get to over 4 stacks of the debuff. There is no other way to handle this. You’ll wipe, so start over, wait for 7 minutes for Hallowed Ground to come back up, and then this time start with the full party. Work your way down to the boss (this should take a few weeks) and then arrive at a huge ball. There are two ways to kill this boss: normally like the way God intended or the enrage way. The enrage method is what everyone in your party is going to want to go for because they played WoW and are used to taking the easy way out, but we played FFXI. We hate ourselves, and our actions need to reflect that. Be a good American, and pull immediately (even/especially if you’re the dragoon). The normal High Voltage crap is going to go out and need to be Esuna’d. After a while something called Allagan Rot is going to come out on a random person. What you’re going to want to is kill that person and raise them. Make sure they die. Allagan Rot is basically the same thing as the black plague and everyone that gets it needs to be quarantined. If you touch someone with rot, you will get the plague and then you need to die, so make sure you stop it at the source. Raise people up that you sacrificed so that you have more people to sacrifice. Ballad is required for this fight. Attempt to dodge the floor aoe, but fail at it. Keep going until the fight is over a couple weeks later.

Turn 3: Widely renowned as the most complex and mysterious turn. Sure, you may have “finished” it, or “got past it”, or “moved on beyond this turn”, but have you “CLEARED” turn 3? HAVE YOU? NO ONE HAS. This turn is enigmatic, because everyone knows what needs to be done, but no one really can do it; it’s too mechanically complex. To see the boss of this turn, you need at least 1 of every class (except Warrior since it sucks. There are no other made up classes yet like Samurai or Ninjas named “Inuyasha Deathdealrxx”) To clear turn 3, you’ll need to mark every single trash mob you see in the order that it needs to be attacked. Painstakingly sit and wait while your tank numbers all the mobs that it feels comfortable should be the kill order. If a single trash mob dies that is unmarked, it’s a wipe. You’ll be tempted to jump on pads through rings like Sonic and run around willy nilly, but DON’T. Absolute Virtue will spawn after 40 minutes and you need to kill the Jailer of Love’s pet every hour or so and use your big abilities after it uses its big abilities. Right as you’re about to kill it after 3 days of fumbling with the auto-translate dictionary trying to communicate to Japanese people, someone will hit a button that will end the turn. Take a shower and cry.

Turn 4: Pox will straight fuck you up.

Turn 5: Here it is. Twintania. Ideally, you want to skip the trash, but there’s someone who is going to watch the cutscenes anyway. Even if your group doesn’t clear trash, pull immediately with Provoke. There is only 120 minutes in the instance, and you’re going to need 121. The people who are still stuck on the trash will die once the lockout happens; refuse to pay for their repair bill. Twintania comes with triplets who all have reflux. The will spew fireballs that sit on the ground for a while. As a main tank, you’ll want to pull Twintania away from the group while your dragoon steals hate and dies. Twintania will use Death Sentence on you which you’ll need to alternate paladins for to use Hallowed Ground. For whatever reason, Conjurer doesn’t get Benediction (underpowered class), so you’re going to need to do this on your own. The rest of your group should try to bait the fireballs on top of healers, so that they lose health, so that the healers can heal the health. Remember, healers can’t do their job if you’re full HP.

Attack the dragon for a bit until 75% or so. The fight gets a lot trickier here. Twintania now has a tank swap mechanic called Conflagration. Anytime you get a blue marker over you, run it to the main tank. A red marker will be a fireball that needs to be hit everyone in the group aside from the main tank to ensure that none of the fresh 50s die (this should be 7/8 of the group). Conflagration needs to be ran to the main tank so that the tank doesn’t take damage. They will immediately explode, triggering the tank swap. Raise them so they can keep the swap going. Do this until you figure out it’s wrong. The phase will change again at 55% or something.

Spread out as much as you can. If you get a green marker above your head, run into a nearby wall because YOU choose your way out; NOT THEM. Some people have suggested this one tiny hole that people like, but if you’re playing this game correctly, you should have about 4-5 seconds of lag and you’ll just endanger your entire group. Maybe you should just take the hit and like WTFast on FaceBook. Anyway, some snakes will pop up, kill them the exact same way that you would kill anything else with no changes to anything. You can try to not kill the small snakes, but someone is just going to do it anyway so who are you kidding. More divebombs will happen so get close to those walls. After those happen, 2 more snakes will pop up. Have your dragoon switch to a BLM or SMN and limit a common agreed upon place for the snakes to meet up at. Finish off the two snakes that the tank will pull out of the LB. Right about now, your dog will want to go outside, but you’re busy so you decide it’s better to just clean up poop in the house after the fight is done than to prevent it from happening in the first place. Twintania will come down and kill anyone not sitting in a black hole, and then aggressively chestbump anyone who is next to the main tank.

Next up is the Twister phase. Twintania will start to cast Twister. Whether you want to or not, someone will crowd your healers and kill at least one. What you’re looking for here is to be completely erratic. The more that your party looks like an electron cloud, the better. Make sure that you get really loud on Mumble so that you make a tense situation unbearable. A chicken will materialize in the middle, and it’s one of those Zelda chickens that fights back. It will identify the most out of position person in your group and meander on over to murder them. You can kill the chicken, but another one is going to come in a little bit, so what’s REALLY the point? Keep attacking Twin until 35% or so and then she’ll have homing poops. This mechanic is exactly like divebombs; just run into the wall if it targets you. She’ll also reflux like 8 times in a row on someone, so either Hallowed Ground or blame your healer that you were targeted because if you run away from Twin, you can’t do damage, and if you can’t do damage, you can’t win.

Here’s a map for visual learners

That’s about it. Once you fail enough times, just buy your clear and you’ll be ready for Second and Final Coil.

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