Destiny How to be Successful in Iron Banner

Destiny How to be Successful in Iron Banner by Kenneth_F_Powers

I posted this the last few IB’s, got some great feedback and many people said it really helped them, so I figured it should be seen again. I figure I’ll just post it every Iron Banner, and constantly refine it with tips that you guys add in as well.

After countless games, and seeing so many matches where half the team is under a .5 k/d, I felt obligated to write this. Hopefully this will help some of the newer crucible players.

If you find yourself having a low k/d and never really doing good, PLEASE pay attention to these tips for the sake of the crucible.


STAY ALIVE – This is obviously the biggest priority, you can’t kill anyone, cap a flag or do anything useful if you are always dead. The best way to stay alive is to play smart and safe, there are many tools to help you do this which brings me onto my next tip.

USE YOUR RADAR – This is the biggest tool in helping you stay alive. This game has a very accurate and strong radar system, once you get good at using the radar and predicting encounters, you will see your game greatly improve. I CANT STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH!

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – This links in with the radar. This, in my opinion is the biggest factor to being a good player. Once you have good awareness and realize what is happening around you at all times, you will see your score start rising significantly. This is HUGE.

DEFEND – You start on A? Cool, hang around there for a little bit. Do not rush into B, that’s where the good players will be and you will most likely die. Just drift between A and B, maybe find a nice area overlooking both and patrol that. Pay attention to radar and team deaths. *If you see your team trying to get C frequently, leave A alone. Of course, the other way around is applicable as well.

Find your style – What are you good with? I myself run TLW/Sniper combo 95% of the time, but if its a close map i’ll use my shotgun. Find what you like and what you are good with, and use them. With this new patch coming it will be interesting to see what weapons take top spots, just find whatever works for you.

HEAVY AMMO – Heavy Ammo Inbound! Run, run as fast as you safely can on your way to the heavy ammo, be careful there might be a rambo from their team ready to steal yours, so watch for that. There is no reason to not try your hardest to get this EVERY TIME it spawns. A whole team with heavy changes games, its that simple. Use what you prefer, RL or MG. Personally, I like the MG because I can usually keep a nice kill spree going with it (usually get more then with the RL), the kill potential is just higher imo. Thank you u/a5ianinva5ion for adding this!

Stick with your team – Do not get in the way and block the players that are making plays and carrying, but stay in the area. Pay attention to your radar, help these guys out as much as you can.

Do not cap all 3 flags – DON’T. NO. BAD. This is a good way to get people to hate you, all you do is reverse spawns so they have a nice push from your home flag into B into your anus for the loss. Just please do not do this. Whatever flag your team is trying to get, and B, defend those.

ONCE YOU GET B, DEFEND B – This is for everyone, I see this happen all the time and it really gets annoying. Holding x (A or C depending on map) flag and B at the same time, is obviously the most dominant you can be without reversing spawns. Once you get B, hold onto it. Have one/two guys watching your home flag, but most of the team should be stationed around B. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAP THE THIRD FLAG, best just stay somewhat far away to avoid swapping spawns. **Like PeskyPomeranian said, sometimes you just cant hold B depending on the flag you currently hold (A or C) as some maps have better flags (see * in defend). Here are the optimal flags provided by Pesky –

Firebase delphi: A is the most important

Shores of time: C is the most important

Blind Watch: C is the most important

Rusted Lands: C is as important as B

Twilight Gap is the only IB map where B control is absolutely necessary. It’s easier to hold A + B than B + C but the latter still is possible.

I guess that’s all I have for now, if anyone else has anything I would love to add it to the list.

Lets get those scores up guys!

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