Brave Frontier Brave Burst Leveling Guide

Brave Frontier Brave Burst Leveling Guide by alexisevan

Locations for Attack feeders :

  • Mistral — Adventurer’s Prairie — Start of Adventure (Burny and Friends)
  • Mistral — Cave of Flames — Wielder of Fire (All units except for the Fire Nymph)
  • Morgan — Kagan Desert — Burning Desert / Bandit of the Desert (All units except for Fire Spirit)

Locations for Healing feeders :

  • Morgan — Nocturnal Forest — Thief of the Forest (Fairies and Claris)
  • Morgan — Nocturnal Forest — Earth Shattering Spear (If you need Guardian Eyes) (Fairies and Claris)

Locations for Support feeders :

  • Mistral — Forest of the Beast — Puppeteers of the Forest (Mandragoras)
  • Mistral — Magutagal Wetlands — Commander of Thunder (Harpy)
  • Morgan — Nocturnal Forest — Thief of the Forst (Mandragoras)
  • St. Lamia — Mt. Wistorea — Tarnished Peaks / The Raged Beast of Destruction (Aero/Harpy and Sylphs)

Frequently Asked Questions about Brave Burst leveling :

Q : When should I try to level my unit’s Brave Burst?

A : This is best attempted when your unit is in their last evolutionary form. Level 1 or at max level are the optimal opportunities to try. Level 1 is the cheapest while max level it cost about 2k zel per unit. The general idea is to keep trying until the unit reaches about level 20, then raise the unit’s level to the max level, this is NOT referring to Brave burst leveling.

Q : What type of feeder should I use when leveling my BB that is a hybrid type?

A : For hybrid Brave Bursts, units follow a priority list for leveling which follows this :

Attack > Heal > Support

What this means is that for a unit like Tiara, whose Super Brave Burst has both attack and heal types, ONLY using attack fodder will work for leveling the Super Brave Burst. It is worth noting that sometimes the Brave Frontier wikia will say that some units will level using multiple types, but it’d be best to disregard it.

Q : Does matching the same element matter?

A : No.

Q : Should I fuse one at a time or as many as possible?

A : This is dependent on your amount of patience. If you fuse your units 1 by 1, you have more chances to obtain a Great or Super Success which a lot of people agree does increase the chance of leveling your Brave Burst, but it still is not guaranteed. If you don’t have the patience to sit through that, then fusing 5 at a time is completely fine as well. When fusing multiple units, it is possible to go up the amount of levels equal to how many units you used in that fusion.

Q : I fused over 100 units and my brave burst still hasn’t gone up. What’s wrong?

A : Keep trying. This game is heavily based on RNG so of course it is expected to take a long time.

Q : Do levels of the feeders affect the rates?

A : A lot of people have said that higher rarities and levels will make it somewhat easier.

Q : This is taking too long! Is there any way to make it level faster?

A : If you have Burst Frogs, they are a guaranteed level up. If you also have the same unit in any of its rarities, it will also have a near guarantee chance of leveling your Brave Burst if you fuse it in to the unit you use.

Q : When should I use my Burst Frogs?

A : For the most part, leveling from 1 to about 5 or 6 is pretty easy. 7 to 10 is pretty much hell, so it’s recommended to use at around 8 or 9.

Q : Where can I get these Burst Frogs?

A : Mainly through events that are held in the game or doing the daily login.

Q : Does a “Great Success!” or a “Super Success!” boost the chances of my Brave Burst leveling?

A : A lot of people have reported as this working.

Q : When I evolved my unit, my Brave Burst level went down! Is this normal?

A : Yes. When evolving, you lose half of your Brave Burst levels. It will be half of your level, rounded down. Example, Vargas is going evolve with a level 7 Brave Burst. After the evolution, it will be level 3.

Q : How do I get a Super Brave Burst for my unit?

A : Only 6* units are capable of having a Super Brave Burst and it can only be unlocked once the normal Brave Burst is at level 10. Once level 10 is reached, you will automatically obtain the Super Brave Burst. The Super Brave Burst is also capable of reaching level 10.

Q : When I tried to use my Super Brave Burst, it didn’t activate, and only the regular Brave Burst happened. Is this bugged?

A : Chances are, you followed the graphic the game gives you and you swiped diagonally at a 35-55 degree angle more or less, but it’s not a sure fire thing that it’ll actually happen. It’s pretty guaranteed that your Super Brave Burst will activate if you instead swipe completely horizontally at a 160-180 angle. Be careful not to go any further than that or else you might end up guarding with your units instead.

Q : What are the benefits of leveling my Brave Burst?

A : Attack Brave Bursts are stronger, Healing Brave Bursts heal more, and Support Brave Bursts are more effective. Status inflicting Brave Bursts are more likely to hit as well. Some units like Lodin/Melchio/Oulu actually require less BCs when leveling their Brave Bursts.

Q : Is there a way so I don’t use up so much of my Zel when I level my brave burst?

A : If you want to farm the units you need while maintaining the Zel so you don’t go broke, it’d be best to farm the stages in St. Lamia or onwards. While these stages aren’t the most energy efficient to capture as many units for the lowest amount of energy, it does provide MUCH more Zel than it would farming the maps in Mistral.

Q : I want to farm multiple type of feeders at the same time, is there an easier way to do it than the individual maps one by one?

A : For the most part, each element in the St.Lamia region provides certain types of feeders.

  • Fire maps — Provides attack and support feeders
  • Water/Light maps — Provides attack and heal feeders
  • Earth/Thunder/Dark maps — Provides all 3 feeders

After you get reach a certain region, pretty much all types of feeders appear in each of the elements. Fire/Water levels for the most part remain the same, except for in Cordelica.

  • Morgan — Nocturnal Forest — Thief of the Forest — Provides heal and support feeders.

The final places in each of the maps are also made to have units from all the previous areas in that same region, so they are an option as well.

Q : What is an Ultimate Brave Burst?

A : It is a new mechanic implemented with the addition of 7* units. 7* Units can now obtain UBBs upon achieving SBB10. Once gained, it is automatically unlocked. UBBs cannot be leveled.

Q : What is an Overdrive?

A : Alongside UBBs, Overdrives are exclusive to 7* units. It is only visible to the player if the player has a 7* unit in their squad with UBB unlocked. Depending on the unit, if certain criteria are met, once an Overdrive is used, their Extra Skill will then also be activated. Only 1 unit can be in Overdrive at a time, so you cannot have multiple units activating their Overdrive.

Q : How do I activate my unit’s UBB?

A : The unit in question must first be in their Overdrive mode. You do this by building up the Overdrive meter first, then once it is full, you swipe left on the unit. After that, you have 3 turns to fill up your UBB gauge before it disappears. Once your UBB gauge is filled up, you swipe upwards like a normal BB, then your UBB will activate.

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  1. Shawn says:

    If you get a super brave burst for a 6 star character will it disappear once you evolve the character into a 7 star?

  2. Anon says:

    The extra skill does not require over drive. through simple tests you can see that it’s true. The starters don’t get more health, and if you happen to be at the threshold of obtaining UBB, you can check (better on starters) by entering a dungeon, checking the health, and then getting the UBB, then checking the health again.

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