World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Solo Guide

World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Solo Guide by Estoni
Recruit a Friend, the legal power-leveling service. Triple experience. For every two level 60s (I prefer to only go as far as 58) your “friend” achieves, your main account gets a free brand new level 60. There are several different ways you can approach soloing this, from the classic method of buying dungeon runs, to running dungeons yourself, to plain-old questing. I’ve tried them all, had success with them all, and with both factions at that.GETTING STARTED
First things first, to get started, I’d recommend creating a separate account unless you’re planning on keeping your RaF leveling partners. Create a new account with a different e-mail address. From your main account, send a RaF request to this e-mail address. Follow the link.

Now this part just depends on whether or not you want the mount. If you want the mount, you’ll either need a game time card or three months’ worth of patience. If you’re not interested in the mount (or already have one) the most cost-effective way to use this service is to skip the part about setting up a subscription. By just buying the classic game for your second account, both your main account and the second account will get a free month of gametime. So in the end, this leveling service costed you an extra $5. A month is more than enough time to give you plenty of new high-level characters to play with.

If you wait until around Thanksgiving, you can buy the classic game for $5. That’s right. Not only do you get all the benefits of this service, you get a $10 discount on your own subscription.

No matter what way you choose to level, I cannot stress the importance of a bank alt enough. Time is money, friend. Park a character in a capital city near both a mailbox and an auction house. Invest in the addons MailOpener, Postal, and AuctionProfitMaster. On your leveling toons, send off almost everything of white-quality or higher to this bank alt. This might sound like common sense, but I know a lot of people who don’t do this, and it really is a waste. “Almost everything of white-quality or higher” is a lot of stuff, even for these characters. It’s also worth a fair amount of gold because level-cap players often prefer to level cooking from 1-525 right next to the mailbox. By parking a bank alt in a city, you don’t have to travel back and forth between the quest hub and the capital city. You can just quickly empty your bags and away you go. By doing this, even these characters I’ve rolled on new servers who make it to level 58 in a day or two can afford all of their class and riding training.

If you’re buying dungeon runs, it doesn’t matter what you pick.
If you’re questing or running dungeons yourself, there’s tons of leveling combos out there. However, there is one restriction. NO MELEE DPS. If you want to level a melee dps, (1) buy dungeon runs (2) respec at level 58-60 afterward if your class allows (3) save this class for your level-grants. The reason for this is /follow breaks on melee combat. What is smooth sailing for ranged dps becomes a headache of positioning and– just don’t try this with melee dps. Save yourself some grief.

If you’re questing, you can double-up, choosing the same class for your leveling partner for simplicity’s sake. This is definitely effective, especially if you’re rolling something like a hunter or a warlock or a frost mage. You’re your own party! Alternatively, you can choose a ranged class with a pet for your leveling partner. If you’re not rolling a hunter, lock, or frost mage, I’d actually recommend this. I’d honestly recommend the hunter above all others. The felguard is really nice, but hunters can track quest mobs and they can autoshot. Just ctrl+1, get autoshot rolling, and you’ve got some nice extra passive dps going for you even as you alt-tab back and forth. Warlocks and mages are fine too though. With the longer cast times, you don’t have to alt-tab back and forth as often.

Queuing for dungeons. Yes, it can be done. I’ve leveled to 58 tanking myself, and nobody suspected a thing. However, as you can expect, this method is tricky and the most class-dependent method of all, for the tank that is. I’d recommend prot paladin because (1) they don’t need to charge and (2) once they’ve established aggro, they don’t really need to do much. I get some AoE tanking rolling on a pack of trash mobs, then switch to my ranged partner on follow, and well.. I don’t have to try to maintain aggro. I alt-tab back and forth– cast frostbolt on the mage, cast whatever the hell just came off cooldown on the paladin, I don’t even know what it was, doesn’t really matter. Druids aren’t bad either, but since your ranged partner is going to be on follow, that’s a lot of time spent up a bear’s butt. Warrior tanking can be done, but it requires effort. I enjoy putting forth effort normally, I love challenges, but let’s face it– I’m here to try and level as many characters as possible as effortlessly as possible. Warriors also can’t just Flash of Light a couple times to be back at full health when things get hairy. Prot paladin is really the ideal way to go. As for the ranged dps, doesn’t really matter. Almost everything works. Only shadow priests fail at this because channeling (Mind Flay) breaks /follow. You might be able to get away with dotspamming aside from boss fights though; I’ve yet to try this with a spriest.

If your characters are of different races, one character will get a little ahead of the other in experience. This probably would have happened eventually; don’t worry about it.

Aside from buying dungeon runs.. don’t make your characters look identical or even have similar names. Advertising what you’re doing is only going to incite camping or dungeon kicks.

These guys can’t be summoned out of their starting zone. First, level your RaF partner with a non-goblin or non-worgen character on your main account to level 12. This will take maybe forty-five minutes. Feel free to delete this non-goblin or non-worgen character. Now you can level your goblin or worgen normally, and once they make it out of the starting zone, they can meet up with their RaF partner.
It’ll probably take you all of five minutes’ to get used to this. Yeah, it’s different, but it really isn’t too involved at all.

(1) Have both characters set focus on each other, unless you’re running yourself through dungeons. In that case, just have the ranged partner focus the tank.

(2) The following keybinds are required: target focus, assist target, and follow. I personally use F2 to target focus, F1 to assist, and ` to follow. Whatever keybinds you choose, this way you can quickly set up both characters to be killing the same mob as well as to quickly follow one another.

(3) Don’t forget to set loot to free-for-all if you’re questing or buying dungeon runs!

I do actually have some tips for this. Level-cap players are sometimes hard to coerce out of the capital city, but this way you can not only instantly find somebody for hire, you’ll get multiple whispers and have your pick of the bunch. 

(1) Send one character out to sit at the summoning stone. Since level-restrictions were removed from summoning stones, this means you or your RaF partner can Summon Friend the other out there once somebody’s hired. Now both characters can summon the dungeon-runner with the stone. Many players don’t like to travel, so make sure you advertise you can summon.

(2) Overpay. Nobody is going to run you through RFC for 5g. Considering how much experience you’re going to get per run, especially with the dungeon quests conveniently being inside the dungeon itself, you should offer a very pretty price. 

(3) Loot everything! Sell almost everything of white-quality or higher. The funny thing is, by doing this, your runs will often enough pay for themselves.. By the time all of this crap sells on the AH, you’ll have made nearly all if not all of your gold spent on dungeon runs back, just in time for your next character.

(4) What dungeons you choose comes down to preference. For Horde, I chose 10-15 RFC, 16-20 SFK, 21-40 SM Cath, 40-50 ZFK, 50-58 Strat. For Alliance, the only difference is I started at level 15-20 with DM. The reason I chose these is travel time. You can quickly get to ZFK by buying a mageport to Dalaran and taking the portal to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. The only exception is SM Cath for Alliance, but how quickly that dungeon can be cleared more than makes up for the travel time.

You will out-level zones like crazy. Just move on. You have to, otherwise quests will not only become green, they’ll eventually become gray. I often kept WoWhead’s zone database handy, just to see where I should (and could) go next. Once you get out of the starting zones, nowadays you’re going to be spending five levels in each zone. While what zone you choose ultimately comes down to preference, whatever you do, don’t bother with Thousand Needles. I also wouldn’t recommend Azshara. Now don’t get me wrong– leveling the traditional way, I found both of those zones to be really enjoyable. But it just comes down to this– you can’t put vehicles on follow.
If you’re questing on a PvP realm, especially if you’re questing with the losing faction of an imbalanced PvP realm (hello Cho’gall!), you are going to be camped. Just logout. Play on your main, fire up another two characters as your back-up, go outside, take a shower, whatever. Or come back on your main and kill the dude. 

This is my favorite way. It’s cheap, it’s faster than questing, and once you hit level 15 you don’t need to leave the capital city, which is really nice considering how often you’ll want to be visiting your class trainer. I’m still saying prot paladin is the way to go for the tank though.

Most dungeons are pretty easy nowadays. There are less trash mobs, and they’re in smaller packs at that. Hit them until they’re dead. For boss fights, take the opportunity to take your ranged dps off follow. Go crazy.

Shadowfang, Deadmines, Gnomeregan, Stratholme, and Scholomance (and Zul’Farrak if only because of that damn hex) are a little trickier than the other dungeons. Luckily, considering how much experience you’re getting, if you get one of these randomly, you’ll probably only have to do it once. Put on your try pants. If you know what you’re doing, these are all still completely doable. That said, you may just want to specifically exclude these dungeons from your queue if you’re just looking to faceroll, especially if you’re leveling a caster shaman since you already know there isn’t anything in the loot bag for you.

Your characters are going to be complete crap. Their gear is going to be crap. They’re not going to have any professions leveled. They might still be in their level 1 starter gear. You probably won’t know how to really play some if not most if not all of them.

All of that can be fixed. Enjoy your level 58s or 60s.

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