WoW Warlords of Draenor Questing Guide

WoW Warlords of Draenor Questing Guide (Horde) by ga1indo

With Warlords of Draenor just around the corner (November 13th), I wanted to share my experience leveling on the beta, hoping to help those like me who want to get to 100 on the first day. I have leveled multiple characters to level 95+ on the beta, each time refining how I quest and handle the garrison, maximizing both experience and keeping an efficient garrison.


  • I built both my profession buildings (Tailor and Enchanting) and started as much of a work order queue as possible, 3-4 word orders will last you until 100.
  • I replaced my Barracks for a War Mill for the quest upgrade.
  • You will get a quest to go to Ashran early in the starting zone, don’t go. You will also get items from quests that are used to learn Level 2 buildings, the vendor for the Blueprints are also in Ashran. I went each time I got one, but I do not think it is required, and I will not being doing it come live. Because of this, I do not level up my buildings until 100, as there is not immediate benefit for level 2+ buildings.
  • I am building 2 Professions for my smalls, the War Mill for my large, and a Lumber Mill for my medium.
    • I may switch the Lumber Mill for a Trading Post as they both give the same amount of garrison resources per workorder until the Lumber Mill is level 3 with the Follower Trait.
  • After all these buildings are complete, I will pour all my garrison resources into Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning, a 20% experience for 1hr flask that your garrison innkeeper sells for 100 garrison resources.
  • Kill rare mobs, not only do they give decent experience, they give garrison resources.


  • Do side objectives, they give 4-5 quests’ worth of experience and at times are completed during normal questing.
  • ADDED: Each zone has an outpost quest chain that ends with you getting a book that can be turned into a garrison building upgrade blueprint (like previously stated in the garrison section). For most zones, especially Talador, it is best if you move on to the next zone as soon as you complete this quest barring side objectives and plump questing area; the side objectives and quests in Gorgornd and Spires of Arak,


  • You do most of the quests in Frostfire Ridge, there is a quest that requires you to go into the far northwest corner, That is the only quest I did not do. There are 3 side objectives do them all.


  • Grogond starts right where Frost Fire ends, make your way through the quests to the outpost, I chose the Lumber Yard as it gives you access to some vines around Grogrond that give Garrison Resources (GR) and a 10 minute CD that makes you a boss Shredder for 30 seconds, granting limited flight and huge AoE damage.
  • Grogrond questing takes place in a circular jungle valley, with your Outpost at 12 o’clock (North), the outpost quest line takes you going around this valley at a counterclockwise fashion. The quest chain will in at 6 (South), but it is worth completing the loop that includes 2-3 more mini chains and a couple of Side objectives. In addition to this, there are 2-3 side objectives right above your outpost that do not have respective quests with them, I did them, I believe they are worth it.
  • Grogrond ends with you having to fly to the Iron Docks in “Strike while the Iron is Hot” save this until you are done with all the Grogrond quests and sidequests as after you complete it you will hearth to your garrison and take the quest to start Talador.


  • Go through the entry quest until you build your outpost, which you chose is not important.
  • Do the quests chain from your Outpost, The Iron Horde quest chain that is north of your outpost (Outpost will send you there), and the Shattrath scenario. These quests will stay on the eastern side of the map, I never even discovered Auchidoun. Your route takes you North, then a little West, then South, Never going west past Shattrath or Auchidoun. You want to spend as little time here. Off the top of my head I cannot remember what level the quest to go to Spires appears in your garrison, but I never was done with Talador before able to get it.

Spires of Arak

  • Do it all
  • I picked the Inn and zone experience buff, the vendor is useless until 100, even then it is marginally good. For quick leveling get the Inn.
  • Make sure when you are sent down to Pinchwhistle Gearworks, remember to do all the quests to the east, south, and west before returning north to finish out the zone. I would just start the quests in Pinchwhistle and work my way around that peninsula until I am back at the Outpost at Axefall.

Final Thoughts

  • I am ending the post here as Nagrand is pretty straight forward, I went into Nagrand at 98 and 99.
  • If you want to level fast, make sure every time you return to your garrison queue workorders then grab and refresh your experience flask (Keep it up 100%). I would also ignore the Mine, Herbing, and Fishing garrison quests
  • Set your hearth to your current zone’s outpost. You have a hearth dedicated to your garrison on a 20 minute CD.
  • If you truly want to nerd, get 2 addons: Autoturnin and CinematicCanceler. The first accepts all quests when you take to an NPC and turns them in. You can how it picks rewards from most expensive to only certain types. I did not see any upgrades until 95, Heirloom weapons will not be replaced.
  • If you have played the beta and have advise please leave a comment.

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