WoW Un-soloable Guide

WoW Un-soloable Guide by AlwaysGeeky

Like a lot of players I got back into WoW with the new expansion, and since I hadn’t properly played for a while (not raided since WoTLK and only experienced the solo content of Cata), when I hit 100 I decided it would be fun to run a lot of the old raid and dungeon content solo, for achievements, transmog gear and also for just some fun nostalgia. Unfortunately I have run into a few snags along the way and I hope to share some of this knowledge with anyone else who might be hoping to chase the achievements from running old dungeon and raid content.

Here is a compilation of some achievements and encounters that are currently un-soloable and where you might require additional help from friends to complete:


This achievement is currently bugged as you need to exit and enter separate instance sections of the dungeon and each time the tracker resets so you can never complete all 3 requirements to get this achievement. It seems this might be a general case bug and might affect other dungeons that have separate wings and require an exit/enter of different instances to complete, beware!

The Burning Crusade

  • All dungeons and raids are soloable. I had no problems completing any of the achievements required for the meta achievements.

Wrath of the Lich King

You are not going to be able to complete this achievement unless you are a healing class. Valithria is actually skippable if you want to solo ICC as a non-healer, but this achievement is required for the ICC meta achievements.

Unfortunately you also can’t complete the ICC meta raid achievements (to get your Frostbrood Vanquisher mounts) unless you have some friends, since to get this achievement the Necrotic Plague debuff requires to jump between players to gain stacks. (A lot of people are mentioning that this is very easy to get if you have access to a pet, please see replies below for more information)

Can’t be soloed unless you are a priest who can use mind control (or engineer).

Requires 5 unique party members to get impaled during the fight.

Can’t solo unless you are a pet class.

Hearing reports that this part of the quest for the Legendary weapon is not solo-able.

Thorim from Ulduar gets an extra shout-out here, not because he is unsoloable, but because he is a pain in the ass! Unless you are very quick when you first start the encounter and start activating the lever straight away, it can be annoying and difficult to get the timing right to activate the lever once the fight has started.


This achievement is not soloable, since it requires that 2 objects be pressed at the same time, requires at least 6 people (3 for each object).

Not soloable unless you are a pet class.

Won’t summon enough adds when you try to solo.

Mists of Pandaria

Requires speed and movement timing, so cannot be soloed without certain class/item combinations (demonic gate, engineer, etc).

Requires a full party else you won’t get teleported.

If you want to reply with any additional achievements you have found that are not soloable, focusing on dungeons and raids, I will add them to the list and try to keep this up to date with new information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been Waiting a Long Time For This is solo-able. Easiest with a paladin, but it is completely doable: I’ve done it on both my DK and my Paladin.

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