WoW Outposts Guide

WoW Outposts Guide by Xploosion


Im Belberith from Entropia-Buring Legion(EU) and today i’ll show you what are the best choices to build in your outposts!


This will be your first outpost, because Frostfire ridge is next to Gorgrond and it’ll be your 2nd leveling zone. The one of your first quests is to choose between two outposts (Sparring arena and Lumber Yard) that’ll help you to progress through the zone and help you with gaining resources for your garrison a bit.

-Sparring Arena
Sparring Arena gives a buff called Champion’s Honor that summons a random brawler to fight for one minute, who then gives you a 5minute buff. This buff extremely helps with leveling.

-Lumber Yard
This building allows you to summon Shredder, which has special abilities that helps you with killing mobs and cut trees for bonus garrison resources

-What building should i choose in Gorgrond?
If you want to rush through Gorgrond Sparring arena is your choice, its more powerfull than shredder itself. Lumber Yard isnt really a bad choice too, you’re killing mobs slower, but it allows you to collect additional garrison resources and with them you can speed up your garrison leveling process or you can also build just basic buildings and every garrison resouces left exchange them for draenor mats and sell each stack of them for 700-1k gold (1k gold, are you fucking crazy?? No, im not! just look at this screenshot taken at the early stage of mists of pandaria).

Very important! Sparring arena/Lumber yard perks only works in Gorgrond.


I dont know on which stage you’ll get outposts quest, cause i didnt really experienced talador yet, but i’ll help you as much i can with wowhead info.
Talador also comes with 2buildings and like in gorgrond you must choose one.

-Arcane Sanctum
Sanctum comes with buff called Guardian orb that allows you to summon an orb that fight for you and electrocutes enemies within 15yards for every 2sec for 30second.
This building also rewards you with a follower.

Arsenal comes with buff called Artillery Strike that allows you to command your arsenal to send devastating bombs(that deals damage and stuns everything in their range) at the targetted location, it will fire 3volleys over 3sec.
Arsenal also rewards you with a follower.

-What building should i choose in Talador?
Now this is really a hard question, cause the decision is up to you at all. You want to have nuke that blows shit out of your rare/boss or a pack of monsters? then Arsenal is your choice, but if your want constant damage to aoe mobs faster then you should pick Arcane Sanctum.

Very important! Arcane Sanctuary/Arsenal perks only works in Talador.


I dont know on which stage you’ll get outposts quest, cause i didnt really experienced Nagrand yet, but i’ll help you as much i can with wowhead info.
I guess it ‘ll not suprise you that Nagrand also comes with different sets of choices.

This building allows you to pilot your own tank, nothing special, cause they re the same old machines that was in added in ulduar patch. Also there are different sets of tank for each faction (Demolisher for Horde and Siege engine for Alliance).

Corral allows you to ride a normal 100% movement speed mount that is not dismissed after entering combat and mobs cant daze you when you are ridding, so basically you can pwn mobs while sitting on your mount. Also there are different sets of mount for each faction (Wolf for horde and Talbuk for ally).
Note for druids: Corral perk also increases movement speed in Bear and Cat form to 100%, proof can be found here

-What building should i choose in Nagrand?
For leveling i’d recommend Corral, cause it’s just too good, you dont even need to dismount your mount to kill a mob, i would say that this is way more better for leveling than for example Sparring arena, but dont forget about Tankworks! It can be a powerfull cd to farm nagrand/deal with elites on max lvl content.

Very important! Tankworks/Corral perks only works in Nagrand.

Spires of Arak

I dont know on which stage you’ll get outposts quest, cause i didnt really experienced Nagrand yet, but i’ll help you as much i can with wowhead info.
This will be your last choice to make, so stay calm!

-Smuggling Run
This outpost is one of the coolest building ever made, once every 10minutes you can summon a vendor who can sell you a variety of interesting items.

Horde version
Alliance version

It seems that they have a simillar items to sell, so if you cant find what alliance scum vendor sells you can check comments for the hordish one. They also sells conusmables that boosts your characters!

This outpost comes with perk that gives you 20% bonus experience and cd that works like hearthstone.

-What building should i choose in Spires of Arak?
The choice is simillar to Gorgrond, you re hacking through monsters like a Conan and dont have decent movement speed you should choose Brewery, but if you re lacking with damage/sustain you should take Smuggling run, 20% xp isnt really a big thing.

Very important! Brewery perk only works in Spires of Arak, im not sure about Smuggling Run.

*Tldr version, personal notes and my building choices*

Personal notes:

-You can change between your outposts, but this is an expensive option and now in beta it costs roughly 10,000 gold.

-If you’re a beta tester and architect table ui in your garrison is bugged use this macro to fix it:

/run local _,bi = GetBuildInfo(); if bi == “18764” then GARRISON_BUILDING_FOLLOWER_WORKING=”%s”; GARRISON_BUILDING_FOLLOWER_EMPTY=”No follower”; print(“Garrison follower tooltip hack applied”) end

You need to use this macro every time you relog.

-Most of the information was taken from , take a look at this great site that will help you with progression through World Of Warcraft.

My building choices:

Im taking Lumber Yard, cause the only point to rush the game as fast you can is to do heroics, cause there will be no realm first 100achievements or realm first <profession> and it ‘ll help me to progress faster through garrison levels and ill learn some gold by the way.

My main is a hunter, so i dont really need addinational aoe, cause with thrill of the hunt im already firing a tons of ammo, my vote goes for Arsenal.

Im taking Corral for leveling, cause as i said above its just too good, if there will be any uber rare that i couldnt solo at 100lvl ill reroll to Tankworks.

-Spires of Arak
Hunter is one of the best class when it comes to mobility, so i dont really need to have addinational thing for it, also im a vanity items collector so my choice is Smuggling run.


You dont give a shit about gold/garrison and wanna smash your way to level 100, then build a sparring arena, otherwise Lumber Yard.

You re lacking with aoe? pick Arcane Sanctum, if you re lacking with single target nuke pick Arsenal.

The only choice for leveling is Corral, Tankworks for max lvl rare/mobs farming.

-Spires of Arakk
Your character skipped gym for six months? build Smuggling run, if you have decent damage/sustain go for Brewery.


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