LoL Twisted Fate Jungle Guide by Kikis

LoL Twisted Fate Jungle Guide by UOL Kikis

Hey! Not sure if people are still interested here, but there’s been a lot of questions directed at me on how to jungle with tf, what runes, masteries etc. And I said I will give more info when I get back.

So runes are:

AS marks and quints, armor per lvl seals, cdr per lvl glyphs (

Masteries are 21/9/0 (

Skill order first lvls: E>W>E (you can start with W if you invade, it’s no problem)

Overall skill order: Max E, then W and last Q, R whenever you can. Don’t any points in Q untill you are forced to. It’s not worth going for Q because with my build you are On hit/AS TF and you don’t want to waste time on Q animation which will deal small dmg.

Build: Devourer, berserkers or mercuries, wit’s end and then I usually tend to go full tank just so I can engage, get as much gold cards and auto attacks as possible without dying in 1 sec. So Banshee’s, Randuin, GA, Zhonya’s (and then you can go nashors tooth if you want more DMG) etc.

How to actually jungle and how it works? Well, I made a vid which shows you how to juggle minions. You can’t really juggle gromp so it’s the hardest camp for TF to do. There’s more places than shown in the video that you can stay, but it was to just give you an idea how it goes. The way it works is that there’s around 10 soft resets for a camp before it resets fully (hard reset). So you abuse the soft resets for about 10 seconds and then change your position so it doesn’t hard reset. If it does then you are slowed in the jungle.

Opinion: I think TF works really great in cases when you can afford to have no tank jungler untill mid/late game. His stun allows for really good early ganks, and his ultimate is always scary since you can see if there’s counter gank and you can’t shut down TF ult from jungle (on mid you can pressure hard and get the turret if he tps).

Random: There’s probably a lot more builds you can go with TF. AP build is better for late game, and magus actually gives you nice CDR for your ultimate. And I’ve seen a lot of people going for bork after devourer and then just ADCish build. It works too. I think the build I use is the best one for competetive tho.

I hope this answers most of the questions, if not, I’ll gladly answer more in the comments or on my social medias!

P.S. Try to do it in custom game first to not ruin anyone’s game expierence!

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