Dota 2 Bloodseeker Offlane Pub Guide

Dota 2 Bloodseeker Offlane Pub Guide by irrelevant_query

First, I’m only 4800 MMR so I’m sure a lot of this can be improved upon. This guide is really just to show how BS can be a viable albeit somewhat greedy solo offlaner and to maybe hear some opinions on how to improve it.

So why would you pick bloodseeker offlane?

  1. His ult can really wreck high mobility heros (lycan, timber, earth etc) he has a very powerful AOE silence
  2. He has a huge damage buff where you can buff the damage of your one position (careful it can get them killed!)
  3. He has a half decent way to control lane equilibrium with Bloodrage (Q)
  4. He can jungle if the offlane gets too dangerous or you get killed
  5. Not particularly farm dependent and is very versatile in item and skill builds
  6. Has a bkb piercing ult
  7. Counters elusive and/or invis heros somewhat such as slark or weaver

Item Build

  • Starting Items Stout shield and tangos
    situational starting quelling blade, wards/crow, stick additional regen such as tangos/salve/clarity
  • Early Game Poor Mans shield, Brownboots, TP
  • Situational Early Game Phaseboots, Wand, Orb of venom
  • Core Item Blademail
  • Situtional BKB, Euls, Vlads, Blink, SNY, Manta, Halbred, Basher, Assault, Butterfly, Skadi, Radiance
  • Item Build Discussion
    Early Under ideal circumstances in a 1v1 offlane situation you will most likely want to go QB/tangos/Stout. If you get a good block off and Bloodrage (Q) the enemy ranged creep you can push the lane very close to your tower. Between QB and Bloodrage you are a very strong last hitter and can get many denies and last hits in many 1v1 circumstances as well as trade pretty favorable with the sustain from your Q. In less than ideal circumstances consider going stout and lots of regen and just soak up exp as best you can without feeding and try and keep the lane pushed by bloodraging the enemy ranged creep. At the start if you don’t get pooled a ward make sure you man up and get that set of wards to block the pull camp. If you get killed pick up a TP scroll and go jungle. TP to lane if it isn’t too dangerous when the enemy has it pushed to your tower to keep it alive.
    Mid game In the offlane role your only real core items are brown boots and blademail. Blademail is excellent on bloodseeker as it forces enemy aggro off you or punishes them for focusing you. If you are able to find a solo target for your ult it also gives them no choice but sit their and do nothing or hurt themselves. After blademail, Phase, BKB, Euls, or SnY would be my favorite choices. Euls gives you tons of MS, completely solves any mana issues and most importantly gives you a way to cancel TPs or give you a way another way to drop enemy focus/aggro. BKB should also be a top priority and a lot of games should be your first item after phase/blademail. Bloodrage (Q) in a lot of ways is like a mask of madness so a BKB allows you to abuse it while not getting killed.
    Late Game/ Luxury After BKB you can really build anything like a traditional Agi carry or build for utility with items such as Sheep, Orchid, Vlads, AC.
  • Skill build I generally like to start of with one point in bloodrage to make the lane push by using it on the enemy ranged creep. If the lane is slightly more dangerous put your second point in Blood Rite (W) to give you a bit of defense in case they go on you. Put your third point in you Thirst (E). After level 3 and a 1-1-1-0 I like maxing Thirst and getting your ult at 6. Once you hit or get close to level 6 make sure you keep a TP scroll handy as if any enemy is under tower or diving your ult can almost guarantee a kill. If you get forced out of lane I like to get 2 points early in Bloodrage (Q)

TL;DR Get Q at level one and cast it on the enemy range creep to push the lane under your tower. Build blademail.

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