Destiny Extremely Fast Strikes Guide

Destiny Extremely Fast Strikes Guide by mekahi123

Note: This Guide Focus on Pushing Absurd amount of DPS in a short time by Chaining Super Abilities. To maximize this strategy effectiveness, it Require your fireteam to have specific Exotic Amor Pieces + Class Build. This Strategy will work if you don’t have the listed exotic piece, but won’t be as effective if don’t.

Fireteam Member #1:

Defender Titan + Ruin Wings – AKA Mr. Making it Rain Orbs (Most Important Member for this strategy). – Equip “Weapons of Light” , “Iron Haverst”, and “Gift of Light” To your subclass Tree. “Weapons of Light” To Boost DPS between supers, “Iron Harvest” for the high chance to make an orb after a heavy weapon kill. “Gift of Light” to generate even more orbs; work wonders on Thrall, Dregs, Vex, any low health mob in general.

  • Equip a Heavy Machine Gun. Thunder lord is Hands Down you best option. But if you don’t have Thunder lord I recommend “The Swarm ” if you have one with Field scout. You’re looking for High Impact/Low Rate of Rifle LMG for this strategy. “Corrective Measures” is the only exception since it has 300 Rounds + Surplus.
  • Titan’s job is to use his Heavy Machine Gun as much as possible to make orbs for his team mates for their super. With Ruin Wings, you will rarely run out of ammo (Unless your spamming the trigger) since most mobs can be killed with 1-4 bullets with a High Impact Machine gun (with the exception of yellow bars). But if you do happen to run out of ammo, keep a few Heavy Ammo synthesis on you. All this together essentially makes the titan an endless Orb Making Machine. Save your LMG ammo to kill red bar enemies, use your primary and special weapon for yellow bar enemies.

Fire Team Member #2

Blade Dancer + Mask of the 3rd Man / Gun Slinger + Achlyophage symbiote

  • With Titans Raining Orbs for you, you will be able to use your super within seconds in some encounters. For Strikes that have a lot of weak mobs ( i.e Devils Lair, Summoning Pit, Nexus) Go Blade Dancer with “Mask of the 3rd Man”. Ensure you equip “Encore” to further chain your Super on helpless thralls and dreg as you ravage them out of existence.
  • For Strikes that have Bulkier Mobs (i.e Undying Mind, Dust Palace, Cerberus Vae III) Go Gunslinger as it is unsafe to charge multiple high health enemies with Blade Dancer. You will more likely die if you charge a group of Cabal or Minotaur, and dying is counter productive. Ensure you equip “Combustion” and “Keyhole” to maximize killing potential. Gunslinger is also better for bosses.

FireTeam Member #3

Voidwalker + Obsidian mind

  • Can you say 3+ back to back Nova Bombs ? Void Walkers with this helmet benefits most from Titans Orb making abilities, Your Super has a Super. It’s so fun. Recommend equipping “Vortex” , “Annihilate” and “Vortex Mastery” for added DPS.

Other Tips:

  1. Load out Recommendation: Fatebringer/A.1F1.9X-RYL/Saterienne Rapier/Icebreaker/Blackhammer/Gjallahorn/Thunderlord (Titan)/Hezen Vegeance/ Hunger of Crota all are great for burning mobs fast.
  2. Ensure you communicate your supers and use Weapons of Light in between supers. Nothing worst than wasting your super after your team mate already cleared the room. -_-.

Our team clears strikes on average 8-10mins with 15mins consider a long run for us ( theres no getting around the really big strikes that require a sparrow).

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