Destiny How to Get Upgrade Materials Guide

Destiny How to Get Upgrade Materials Guide by BrandonBHL

Alright Everybody, who likes Destiny? You do? Great!

Do you like to kill stuff in Destiny? Perfect!

Do you like to die in Destiny? Of course not!

And that’s why I am here, to help you send those vex screaming and crying back to black garden faster than a tubby kid chasing an ice cream truck, which incidentally may not be very fast but that’s besides the point! Enemies hurt us more than we hurt them. Is it right or fair? Not at all but we are gamers and we never back down from a challenge, so lets make sure we can hurt those bastards as much as possible without dying! To do this we need to have the best gear possible and have it UPGRADED.


This is the standard upgrade material for lower level gear as well as an end game material for certain legendaries, its always nice to have a small stockpile of this stuff laying around to make sure your level 20 gear is up to snuff. Here is a video of the farming route I use to meet all my Spinmetal needs. Here is how you get to that location.

Here is also an alternative route posted by u/SacredRevenant


This material is used in upgrading your LEGENDARY armour and weapons, as well as some lower level gear. It is a must have for any guardian looking to graduate from the sitting in the Tower to making Vex wish they had never been built. This material is gathered on the moon and is the easiest material to farm, so you have no reason to not have it, unless level 9 Fallen make you their B*tch. In which case you are probably playing a hunter and should rethink your life. #warlock_master_race

Here is the route I use to farm this material, no video explaining how to get here this time. If you get lost, than there is truly no hope for the Traveler.


No this isn’t no hippy, new age movement. This my friends is a material found on Venus, home of the deadly Ahamkara. This material is not used much by warlocks, with a few exceptions, but the lesser classes need this stuff to get on our level. So I will throw them a bone and show you how you can make yourself be almost as awesome as a warlock.

This is a video I recently tested out for you guys and it works great. Just follow the path he takes at the beginning and be on your way to kicking ass.


This material is one of the most important ones in the game, guarded by heavily armoured Turtles who will smack you around and send you into Mars’ orbit if given the chance. (Seriously, try jumping onto a phalanx). Just shoot them in the head to get past them, fight these guys long enough and you will have beheading skills that even the Headless Horseman would be jealous of. It is ESSENTIAL to have a supply of relic iron at all times to keep your legendary and exotics weapons / armour in top tier condition.

I have supplied a video for you guys which nets roughly 25 relic per run, do a few of these and you should be a happy Guardian for a while. I do not have a video showing how to get here sadly, but I will do my best to explain. As you start your Mars patrol mission head straight / left and you will see a blown up hole in some debris jutting out of a sand dune, enter it and follow the tunnel. Once on the other side continue to follow the road until you hit another tunnel, go through it.Once through head to the opposite end of the zone and you should be at the section where this video starts.

Here is an alternate farming route provided by u/VSParagon


Sweet sweet coins, I am hoarding these, so no coins for any of you, find your own! hiss

But in reality if you truly need these, which you all do, there is only 2 reliable ways to earn these each week. The WEEKLY HEROIC STRIKE rewards 3 of these per week on each difficulty you’ve completed it on. I suggest beating it on the hardest, level 28, to earn a total of 9 coins. The other way which has a CHANCE of rewarding them is the NIGHTFALL mission. However if you attempt this be prepared to be abused in ways you never thought possible and have a trauma councillor on speed dial. If your lucky, doing both of these missions can net you 18 strange coins a week.


These bad boys are more rare than a turd on Sunday. I know that makes no sense, leave me alone! They are used for end level upgrades to legendary / exotic weapons and armour. If you want to get your hands on these Bungie has made it their personal mission to make you beg and plead. The easiest solution (easy, ha) is to run the Vault of Glass. But what if you can’t? Well than friends the only reliable option left to you is the Daily Heroic Story mission. On the hardest difficulty, level 28, it will reward you a measly 2 ascendant materials. Or, if you play a weak hunter or titan instead of a warlock, there is a level 24 difficulty for you which offers one material as a reward.


Lastly, we get these shiny coin light things. Mostly used for buying cosmetic stuff from the speaker. But if you manage to scrounge up 23 of them you can nab yourself an exotic engram from Xur. What is the best way to get these you ask? Well if you find out you should tell me! As far as I can tell you can get given one as a level up reward for levels 20+ (hover over your level to see the progress bar on your character sheet), get one as a strike reward, or be given one as a crucible reward. Pray to RNGesus, because you will need all the luck you can get.


These were made by RNGesus himself, they can reward ascendant materials, strange coins, or motes of light. On your first completion each day you will receive a reward package in the mail as well.


These also have a chance on being decoded to reward strange coins, ascendant materials, or motes of light. Better do some favours for the cryptarch!

Well there it is folks, armed with this knowledge you should be able to meet all your upgrade needs and become a force to be reckoned with.

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