WoW Raiding at Level 100 Guide

WoW Raiding at Level 100 Guide by Trofie

If you just dinged level 100, you will notice that there is a ton to do and a lot of it consists of brand new systems that aren’t really explained very well. So here’s a brief guide of things to do once you hit 100 to get ready for raiding:

Dungeons: Normal dungeons require 600 ilvl and drop 615 loot. Heroics require 610 and drop 630. You cannot queue for heroic dungeons until you complete a role specific proving ground on silver difficulty. Talk to the guy behind your follower table in your garrison to do the proving ground. Challenge modes have a chance to drop epic 640 loot from a daily quest but they are really tough unless you have a full group at 630 already.

Legendary Questline: In WoD, we get legendary rings instead of cloaks. You actually begin this questline at level 98 from your garrison. You will get a quest to go see Khadgar. From there, you will need to finish Skyreach on normal (97-100 dungeon) and you will get a 640 ring. Then, you have to finish three heroic dungeons (Slag mines, Grimrail Depot, Everbloom). After that, you will get a quest to complete Auchindoun (heroic) and collect a ton of Apexis Crystals for a 680 ring. For a few days, the Apexis Crystals quest was bugged, letting you get the next stage of the ring before turning it in. Blizzard has hot-fixed it sometime in the last few days, so now you have to complete both quests in order to get the 680 ring. For now, this is as far as the quest goes since the next step requires loot from the Highmaul raid.

Apexis Crystals: Apexis Crystals are the new valor point system. You can use them to buy loot, craft epic loot, buy pets, and buy mounts. Loot purchased with Apexis Crystals can be upgraded with more Apexis Crystals in increasingly expensive amounts. The primary means of collecting Apexis Crystals is from a daily quest in your garrison. You will always have a choice between a quest worth 800 crystals, which can be solo’d, or 1000 crystals, which you will want a group for. EDIT: Yesterday, I had two quests that awarded only 800 crystals each. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it is random. Always take the 1000 crystal quest and ask in guild for a group. If nobody is online or if you feel like PUGing it, there are plenty of groups in the “Premade groups” section of the dungeon finder tab. With a decent group, this quest takes less than 10 minutes. Apexis Crystals also can be obtained from work orders at level 2 buildings in your garrison and from other quests available in your garrison. Lastly, they can be farmed off any mob in a zone where the 1000 crystal quests occur. Grab a raid and go to town.

Garrison Resources: When you hit 100, you gain the option to upgrade your Garrison to level 3. This costs 2000 garrison resources. Plus, once you upgrade, you get more large, medium, and small plots, all of which will need buildings to be built and upgraded. In other words, garrison resources will be scarce if you are looking to upgrade the garrison (and you should). Your garrison passively generates a small amount of garrison resources each day and you also can get them through work orders at the lumber mill and trading post if you have either of those buildings. The BEST way to get a lot of resources quickly, though, is to farm rare treasures and rare mobs, particularly in Gorgrond. Download the “HandyNotes” and “HandyNotes-Draenor Treasures” addons and the location of the treasures will be added to your map, along with descriptions telling you which treasures have garrison resources and how to obtain the more difficult to reach ones. You can easily pull 1500-2000 resources just by farming these treasures and rare mobs. This only works once – can’t re-loot the treasure and you only get resources the first time you kill the rare mobs.

Professions: Every crafting profession is currently heavily gated by daily cooldowns. Some even have several daily cooldowns. Make sure you are using your daily cooldowns as often as possible. Most crafting professions can make epic gear and upgrade them as high as 665. Flasks, pots, gems, and enchants may be a little rare in the first few weeks because professions are so heavily gated but you should still be fully gemed, enchanted, and geared when you start raiding in December. If you don’t have them, you will likely be one of the first people asked to sit if you have other people who are geared in your guild. Ask your guildmates for help, pay the ungodly costed auctions, and be as ready as possible when you’re going to start raiding. NOTE: Raiding essentials (flasks, pots, gems, etc) will go up in cost close to December 2nd. Watch the market closely if you’re planning on buying everything from the AH. Wait until prices are starting to go up (will probably be this week, but will vary for each server) to buy – you don’t want to be searching for what you need right before your raid.

Molten Core: Blizzard’s 10 year anniversary event will include a 40-man LFR version of Molten Core. In addition to a host of other goodies, participating will reward you with a 640 ilvl helm.

Raids: Highmaul opens on December 2 and we will begin raiding at that point with everyone that is ready to go. Be as prepared as you can for your raid. Plan now on how you are going to spend Apexis Crystals, manage your profession CDs, and how you will be getting all of your needed materials. Plan to be logged on for a little while before your raid, in case anyone is giving out flasks/pots/enchants/gems. Additionally, know what you need from each boss in Highmaul. is going to be essential for your gearing path. Note the stat priority for your spec, and gear accordingly.

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