Titanfall Gen 10 Tips and Tricks

Titanfall Gen 10 Tips and Tricks by EatMoreCupcakesNow

Gen 2: Stim with the Shotgun for easy kills. Bounce around like a crazy person until you get Leadwall or Ext. Mags. Either one is good, but I personally prefer Leadwall. 40mm is the best Titan weapon by far, but if you still have trouble with it, go into Hardpoint and farm Auto-Titans. Definetely use Ext. Mags for this.

Gen 3: Railgun: Horrible Titan weapon until you learn how to use it properly. I suggest using Instant Shot in Attrition, and Ext. Mags otherwise. Just grind out 50 kills, and you might have fun with it near the end. R97: Scatterfire + HCOG = Win. One of my top three weapons, this gun is really good. You should have no problem with it at all. Just go in Hardpoint for Satchel Charges if you have trouble with them. Put them all down around a Hardpoint, and as soon as you start losing that Hardpoint, blow them up. Otherwise, Explosives pack + Dead Man’s Trigger. Throw it any pilots who come near you, and watch Frothy Omen’s video about how to use Satchels properly.

Gen 4: Longbow DMR: Use this with AOG + Stabilizer. Use the Autopistol as your primary (Remember to ADS with it) and pull out the Longbow whenever you see someone at long range. Another one of my top 3 guns. As I said earlier, Autopistol as primary and ADS whenever you get in a fight. For Charge Rifle Crit hits, one of my friends taught me a trick. Whenever there’s a spot almost directly above a Titan who’s shields are down, go up there. Ends up as a Crit most of the time when you hit from the top. Rodeo Method also works, but make sure it’s shields are down by shooting outside the exposed area. Quad Rocket: Great weapon, especially once you get Rapid Fire. Makes is like a 40mm with a higher fire rate and slightly less DMG. My personal 2nd favorite Titan weapon. Just farm Auto-Titans if you really have trouble with it.

Gen 5: The Carbine is arguably the best gun in the game, because it can kill at almost any range. Attachements don’t matter, whatever works is fine. I personally like the Suppresor because it allows me to stack up kills quickly without showing up on the minimap. The Sidewinder is the best Anti-Titan weapon in my opinion, and it should be easy to get 10 kills with it. Arc Cannon is my favorite Titan Weapon by far, as it is incredibly strong when used right. Capacitor makes it a great Titan killer, while stock is awesome against infantry. Epic weapon, but this is the last time I’m going to mention this. Farm Auto-Titans in Hardpoint if you really can’t use a Titan weapon. Goosers are simple, as you only need 5. Just use the Chaingun Ext. Mags, or even better, the stock Arc Cannon. Doom them, and then just get a half charged shot into them and voila, they’re dead. Arc Cannon has no bullet travel time, so no need to lead your targets. The Rodeo method also works, which involves rodeoing and dooming a Titan with your Autopistol, and then switching to either your Leadwall Shotgun or Enhanced Targeting Smart Pistol. Lock on/Find them, and fire away. Has about a 50% success rate in my experience.

Gen 6: Spitfire LMG: Just hipfire until you get the HCOG, and then ADS all the time. Relatively good weapon if you can just hit your target. Mag Launcher is pretty bad in my opinion, but that could just be me. Just jump around while firing, and run the Quick Reload Kit. Makes it much easier. Triple threat can be treated like a shotgun, just get in close, empty your mag, and retreat. Stryder is the way to go with this, plus it’ll help get you ready for next gen. Ext. Mags for this. Quick tip: If you ADS with it, it fires the grenades vertically for a much farther shot. Brain Surgeon: You have to stay on the Titan once you doom it until the pilot ejects or dies. Don’t jump off once you doom it, as it usually won’t count.

Gen 7: Fresh Squeezed should be pretty easy, just go into LTS and stick with a teammate. Do this for all terminations if you have trouble. Almost no one runs auto-eject in LTS (For obvious reasons) So just use all three dashes and get up close at the end. The Chaingun is very good with the Accelerator, and should be easy to get kills with. The G2A4 is my last top three weapon. It’s an interesting weapon. I actually like the iron sights and match trigger, but use whatever works for you. The Charge Rifle is good, but you should already know this. Rodeoing actually works with this weapon, as it has no splash and therefore won’t hurt you.

Gen 8: The Car SMG with Counterweight + HCOG is great, so just use that. Your kills should fly by easily. The Archer is a great anti-titan weapon, as one shot can almost completely destroy a Titan’s shield. Pretty powerful if you ask me. Executioner is easy, same strategy as Fresh Squeezed. All I Do Is Win is probably the biggest grind in the game (Besides Flyswatter of course) so just sit back and play with friends or stay in good lobbies. Don’t worry about 40mm crits, these will come naturally. Look Out Below is annoying, but gets easier over time. I ran Minion Detector just so I could find guys to drop my Titan on, but Warpfall works too. Just find some minions out in the open, walk right up to them, and call in your Titan. Jump and run around right in front of them, so that they stay crouched and get squished. I suggest doing this in a remote location of the map, or you risk your teammates stealing your kills.

Gen 9: Smart Pistol: It’s actually good against pilots when you have Enhanced Targeting. Just jump around while waiting for three locks, and shoot. However, if a Pilot is Stimmed when you fire, it will take one extra lock-on afterwards to fully kill them. Guess they regen just enough in between shots to survive. The Hemlock is good with Starburst, just aim for the legs/lower body and the last shot will kick up, killing them. Kraber is ok in my opinion, just run AOG + Stabilizer and sneak up on people. Should be easy, as you only need 25 pilot kills. Railgun/Chaingun crits are easy, just use Instant Shot and Accelerator for these. It will happen before MVP, don’t worry. For Death Reincarnate, just use Nuclear Ejection and Minion Detector in your pilot kit. Find a group of minions, eject, get kills, repeat. Spamming grenades in the air also works. For Deadly Apparation, just save up Ghost Squad and Active Camo burn cards. I like Boneyard for this, just go in the Marvin building, cloak, kick all the Marvins and repeat. MVP just requires good playing, but if you must grind through it, Smart Pistol + Suppressor in Attrition works just fine. One final tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, you’ll run across a new class that works great.

Good Luck!

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