Titanfall Life of a Grunt

Titanfall Life of a Grunt by TopFighter

IMC Infantry 11456 :: Log :: April 29th 2134
Well it’s my first day out of IMC Infantry training. 3 months of endless obstacle courses, weapon training, and drop rehearsals. It used to be 6 months of training ,before the war, before you had any chance of seeing action in the Infantry. Pilots by comparison get a solid 2 years of preparation before they are dropped into the battlefield. I signed up to be a pilot but apparently I didn’t have the base skills needed but once you’re signed up with the IMC there’s no quitting until your tour is up.
We’re on a transport heading to one of the planets the Militia recently started hitting. While the Infantry is mainly there to support the Pilots and their Titans, it will be my first real combat and I’m ready to kick some Militia ass. The Pilots and their Titans may be the heavy hitters on the battlefield, but we are about to get a little more respect from them and show them that being in the IMC Infantry is nothing to turn their noses up at either. You can see they look down on us. Why else would they call us Grunts.
End of Log

IMC Infantry 11456 :: Log :: May 1st 2134
Had my first drop yesterday. Carl and Fernando were in my drop capsule with me and we landed just as the battle was wrapping up. Our Titans already had a pretty good control of the area. There were just two enemy Titans left and they were both badly damaged. Unfortunately that didn’t stop one of them from putting it’s fist through Carl. First time I’ve seen a person explode from sheer force alone. Luckily 2 of our Titans showed up and distracted it before it turned on me. I even managed to have time to pull out my standard issue Anti-Titan, Archer heavy rocket launcher and get a shot of on it before the Titans got out of range. Even though we watched films of Titans in training, I was still completely taken off guard on how fast those huge things are. One minute they are a few hundred feet away and the next minute they are right on top of you. Hopefully I get dropped in earlier in the battle next time so I can actually have something to shoot at that can’t punch me to pieces
End of Log

IMC Infantry 11456 :: Log :: May 5th 2134
I’m beginning to think that Pilots have the best of everything, equipment and training. 2 days ago we were in a light skirmish with the militia and I was with a Pilot and 2 rookies that just came out of another training center. I hadn’t even learned their names yet but as they are both dead now I don’t see the point in learning them now. As we exited a building we had just cleared, an enemy Pilot descended on and opened fire. As we started to fire back I realized that he was focused solely on our Pilot. Now I know Pilots are the priority in combat but he didn’t even glance at us, it was like we weren’t even there. To make matters worse, the 2 rooks and I could barely land any hits on the enemy Pilot, and the times we did hit them it seemed like our shots didn’t hurt them at all. Is the IMC giving us defective bullets compared to the Pilots or what? Our Pilot managed to take out the other Pilot and I would like to think that we helped… I gotta spend more time down at the range to increase my accuracy.
End of Log

IMC Infantry 11456 :: Log :: May 15th 2134
Ok, I’m calling bull$%#@. Everyone around here is a bit on edge due to the fact that the past few battles haven’t gone out way but it’s more than that. I’m beginning to think that the IMC Infantry is around for the sole purpose of being a meat shield for Pilots. Enemy Pilots and Titans totally ignore us unless there are none of our Pilots or Titans around. I can’t say I blame them since our weapons seem to fire marshmallows. I’ve been it 8 battle over the past few weeks and I have 1 kill. 1! And that 1 came from when one of our Pilots emptied a clip into an enemy Pilot and I just happened to fire the last shot before our Pilot was fully reloaded. In the mess hall the other day Hogger, one of our Pilots, told me that “you Grunts” are very important to them. How else would the vaunted Pilots hide in plain sight. I’m so glad my main purpose in the Infantry is to run next to Pilots so the enemy can’t tell who’s a Pilot and who’s a Grunt.
While all that is bad, it’s nothing to what I’ve noticed over the past few battles. These last couple battles haven’t really gone our way. When things start to get bad, the IMC is nice enough to send a drop ship to pick up as many survivors as possible to minimize casualties. The one problem with that is THEY ALWAYS PARK THE F&%#ING DROPSHIP SOMEWHERE WAY UP HIGH WHERE ONLY THE PILOTS CAN REACH. How the hell are we suppose to reach the evac ship without the Pilots fancy jetpack thingies. I thought it was bad luck the first 2 battles that didn’t go well, but now it’s been 4 battle with the evac ship on top of some building. Us Infantry have to try and sneak away and call for pickup from miles away from the battle. it took me 7 hours of running and hiding before I got to a safe place with a communicator. I’m going to have a talk with the Sergeant about this.
End of Log

IMC Infantry 11456 :: Battle Log :: May 26th 2134
Well this is what I get for wanting to get to battles earlier and pissing off the Sergeant. Guard Duty. I probably shouldn’t be making a log while in the field but I have the oh so important task of standing next a terminal with a holographic letter ‘A’ hovering above it. I’ve been in this platoon for almost a month making me one of the senior Infantry members and what do they have me doing, standing here. There’s no sounds of any Titans dropping in and only sporadic gunfire in the distance. This is worse than a desk job. I mean what’s so important about this terminal that I just have to stand next to it. If there was information we wanted on it then should someone be actually working on it. I asked the Pilot who told me to guard it before she left to scout the perimeter but she just told me to shut the hell up and radio her if anything happened. What else is gonna happen except me dying of boredom. It’s not like a huge army of Militia is just going to Huh… There’s this weird ripple in the air on the other side of the room. I must be getting tired if I’m starting to see thi…
End of Battle Log

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