LoL Feral Flare Fastest Route Guide

LoL Feral Flare Fastest Route Guide by DynamiteRiven

So, here is the video of me doing it with Master Yi:

Here is a video of a Shyvana clear (10:37 flare)

Key Points :

  • You can get a faster feral flare, if you farm the enemy jungle + get kills. This is the fastest you can get with purely farming your own jungle.
  • So to start off I do a half clear of the jungle. I do red, wraiths, then golems. Because I only start 1 potion, I can go back and buy a Madred’s razor.
  • Then I go to blue buff, and start farming normally. The normal farm route is to start at Wight/Golems. Then, you clear 2 camps, (ex: Wight + wolves) and you skip the 3rd camp. This lets you have smite on the bigger camps and always be farming. An example of your route without buffs would be: (Wight – Wolves – Golems – Wraiths – Wight – Wolves – Golems – Wraiths, etc.)
  • During early clears, make sure you kill the little ones first. This will let you take less damage. Also, if you’re playing Master Yi, make sure to auto attack then Alpha Strike. This will cancel the monster’s auto attack animation and you’ll get an extra hit in. Only Important during early game.
  • Also, be sure to let red buff finish off some camps.
  • “But I’m not going to waste TP to farm more in a real game!” Many players such as Cowsep do use TP to farm the jungle faster.
  • My Runes + Masteries are at the beginning of the Video. Full Attack speed runes + 21-0-9
  • If you want, you can trinket ward over walls to Alpha Strike to camps. Wards are for pussies anyway.

That’s pretty much it, I hope this helped!

Edit: Cowsep is the master Yi god, if you want to learn more you should check out his stream @

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