LoL Climbing Ranked in 5v5 Teams Guide

LoL Climbing Ranked in 5v5 Teams Guide by Artiquinno


At the moment, there is a very strict meta revolving predominantly around the bot lane. You should pay attention to this and choose champions that are favourable at the moment, such as:

  • Kog’Maw
  • Tristana
  • Caitlyn

These champions scale very well into the late game, and have a pretty good laning phase as well. They will be your main source of consistent damage.

With these, you’ll want to pick a support that has good carry protect capabilities, but also has some other strengths. This is very important as you want your ADC to survive as long as possible. A few that I’d recommend would be:

  • Thresh
  • Braum
  • Morgana

These are all incredibly strong picks that I would definitely recommend picking up.

As for the other lanes, it’s really up to you what to pick, though I wouldn’t pick people that have a hard time winning their lane. You want to excel an early lead so that you can keep it. Some champions such as Renekton may be really good early, but are about as useful as a potato late game, so I wouldn’t suggest them either.



Ideally you want to have a shot caller. This would be the person on your team that you trust the most, and should remain the same every game. You will listen to this person’s decisions, and their decision is final.

5 People doing the ‘wrong’ thing, is better than 2 eople doing the ‘right’ thing.

With regards to this, you must understand that the shotcaller may sometimes make mistakes, but you have to forgive them for it: everyone makes mistakes – and with the pressure put on them sometimes it’s understandable that they could do something wrong. They will learn from experience so give them time and respect them.


A premade jungle/mid lane is a very strong thing to be against, they can gank lanes together, making them a 3v1 or 4v2 – and can single handedly ward most of the enemy team’s jungle. You should play midlaners that have some good roam potential and can help put your team ahead. Some I would recommend would be:

  • Twisted Fate
  • Ziggs (If you want to hold the game out)
  • Ahri

These champions can all hold their own in lane, yet still roam incredibly well due to long ranges, CC and damage. You’ll want to push your lane out before you roam and put some wards down so you can see if the enemy mid laner is following you. After you do this, you can gank a lane and hopefully get something out of it – forcing an objective.


You want to ward all objectives prior to taking them, make sure there’s no one around them that could be a danger. You can even bait objectives if you know that the enemy has no vision control – meaning you can get some free kills as well.

A very good thing to do in ranked teams is to have three people on your team with an Oracle Sweeping Trinket. This means that you can clear almost half the map of vision and the enemy will have absolutely no idea what to do. This is only effective if everyone on your team buys wards though. You should maybe enforce something along the lines of:

  • 5 Wards down – 10 Minutes.
  • 10 Wards down – 18 Minutes.
  • 20 Wards down – 30 Minutes.

Then check the match history after the game and see who was falling behind: tell them to buy more wards and see how much your vision control improves late game!

I’ve found that by having vision and denying the enemy vision then you can do an awful lot without them knowing. Objecitves, picking people off, walking around the map to go to other lanes. There’s so much you can do! Never underestimate the power of vision.

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