Arcane Legends Creating Solo Party Guide

Arcane Legends Creating Solo Party Guide by Rare

So, I’ve seen that many people are unaware of the ability to create a solo party. And I’ve explained it several times to people in game. So here goes, the simplest guide ever.

Creating a solo party:

To create a solo party use any one of these steps:

1. In the chat window type “/partyi <name>”
2. In the chat window type “/partyinvite <name>”
3. From the social party screen click “Invite to party” and enter <name>

<name> here can be any name that does not exist or is offline. Since AL only allows you to create names with minimum of 3 characters, any 1 or 2 letter “name” can work.

I generally use “/partyi a”

NOTE: You will get a message that says “Unable to find player: <name>”. This is normal. You can confirm your party by typing “/p test” in the chat window. If it worked you’ll see the purple party text pop up.

Disbanding a solo party:

In order to return to your regularly scheduled program, you’ll have to disband your party. There are a number of ways to do this:

1. In the chat window type “/partyl”
2. In the chat window type “/partyleave”
3. Invite someone to a party and leave it. (I believe it also works if they decline your request).
4. Get invited to a party then leave it.

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3 Responses

  1. Yara says:

    I believe it swill works, but it has to be a player that is offline now. I tried it with someone on my friends list that quit playing and it worked.

  2. anita says:

    now after planar update solo update doent exist . have u found new command ?

  3. Hogendo says:

    I Thought You Needed That Person To Acsept The Party Invite Inorder To Be In A Party!

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