Arcane Legends Common Scams To Watch Out For

Arcane Legends Common Scams To Watch Out For by superss

i have been scammed before and i hated it so thats why im creating a thread for the players new and old (mostly new) to come and learn of the common scams. this threat is a list not a place to come and complain about being scammed. if you have been scammed please comment with how he scammer succeeded in scamming you than we can add it to the list so other people will not be scammed.

tip 1 – always check your box AFTER the other person. you know you wont scam them so go ahed and wait!

tip 2 – here is a tip from klemen, Dont ever buy maces, colored schimitars, glowing eyes and sai daggers, because you can get all of these from a vendors in
forest haven, fathom crypt and the swamps!

tip 3 – when you are about to make a purchase check the CS to see the prices there, that way you can tell if you are getting a deal!

tip 4 – If a a high level person that says he has no money don’t believe him. He probably has friends that can help him farm money and he’s like level 50.

now here is a funny story of a scammer… the scammer: selling a lvl 15 snowball launcher that shoots multi colored snowballs! only 600k! me: can i see it shoot? scammer: no me: why? scammer: its a private mod. only i can see the colors. lol. also refer to this thread too!…of-Trade-Scams if you have ever been scammed email the devs at support[at] except replace the [at] with @

now here is the list…

#1 the old countdown – the scammer after putting up his loot will than say sompthing like “check the box in 5, 4, 3, 2, and thats were he scams he will lightning fast take his loot and check the box so will you. than bam he gets your stuff and you dont get his.

#2 speed take away – the scammer will same as #1 take away his loot but withought the countdown.

#3 the innocent helper – the scammer offers to help you move items from one character to another you give him your items change charters and he’s gone along with your items!

#4 the golden infinity – the scammer asks for 1 k in exchange to show you a trick for infinite gold. there is no trick! (and why would he be asking for money if he has infanate? lol)

#5 the gold doubler – the scammer asks you to give him some money and he will give you double it and give it back. what most do is just remove a zero making it look like there is more but not really. or they will just take off.

#6 the fake noob – the scammer unequipped all of his stuff to look like a noob than begs for money. look at the persons level some will be 50s some are real noobs. don’t give them any money period! (unless you are felling generous)

#7 the double identity a – the scammer is asking around: buying itemX for 300k (way overpeiced), then he switches to another character and is saying selling itemX for 200k (overpriced). So a person who has seen both character thinks that he could make 100k really quick by buying itemX and then selling it. But when he buys it, the scammer dissapears.

#8 the “borrower” – the scammer asks if he can “borrow” an item he will take the item and never give it back, only keeping it to sell it or use it himself.

# 9 the double identity b – the scammer puts up a junk item in CS for a very overpriced amount of gold. Then he switches characters and asks a random person if he can help him with buying items from CS. The scammer tells him to buy his item.

#10 the account hacker – scammer tells around: selling 800 platinum for 300k gold or something like that. Then you have to give him your email and password that he could go in your account and buy platinum. But instead of that he changes your account (email and password, so you cant log in anymore). So you lose 300k and maybe even your account.

#11 the overpricer – the scammer farms lets say the swamps and gets some super common items like torches, and puts them in the CS for like 20k (way overpriced) you buy thinking its a good deal but end up losing like 19k.

#12 the mean powerleveler – the scammer says i will power lvl you for x amout the scammer charges lots of gold payed before hand and than the scammer dissapears….

#13 the “jump on the dropper” – A high lvl is waiting in the fort when new items are added to maps.. Offers a player top doller for new item, everyone knows new dropps go at high price… The purchaser in waiting will offer lets say 800k and drive a person crazy with please let me buy… The purchaser offers the 800k.. Then due to his game status and people knowing him… He will say i only have 500k can i please pay you the rest tomorrow?.. In these cases we are talking well known players who other players assume are honest… The buyer will then avoid the seller and when a player askes for the 300k owed, the answer will be.. I gave you 500k you are lucky you got that the item is now 180k in the store…. This scam works because the buyer can sell the new item same day for more than the original purchase. Bottom line the integrity and trust was given, the buyer knows nothing can be done..

#14 the REAL noob – the scammer asks for you to level his low level char, if you say no he will say he has a “friend” who will hack your account. (they cant hack the accout!)

#15 random scams – this is a list of some random scams. a person say he is selling platinum but you cant trade platinum.

hope this will help as it grows, (or we discover ALL scams and put an end to the scamming!)

extra thanks to, Kalielle, StompArtist, Klemen, LADYHADASSA, kamikazees, and Pandamoni for helping the list grow!

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5 Responses

  1. Person says:

    if someone says ‘I will level you up, pay me first’ never pay the person before he has done what he suggested to you. Otherwise what’s the point of helping someone else if you’ve already got the money??

  2. Hogendo says:

    This Scam Is Genius So Watch Out:

    SCAMMER: “i can boost your stats by X using my V2.223 tool for just X Gold.” PLAYER: “how do i know you are not scaming me?” SCAMMER: “because you will see your stats have been boosted!” PLAYER: “ok” SCAMMER: “pay me X gold and i will use my tool and all you have to do is type in the code i tell you” (PLAYER Payes SCAMMER, SCAMMER tells PLAYER 7 random numbers and leaves with X gold.

    So Just Watch Out For This Sneaky Scam!!!

  3. Hogendo says:

    Great But If A Scammer Reads This, It Gives Them A List Of Scams To Try Out! Apart From That Its Great!

  4. - says:

    To get money i make people pay 5k if they want me to help them

  5. Matic Jeler says:

    is this a scam if player want gold first and then he give u items like gift?
    I want to know if u can get banned for scams? cuz i reported scam which he tried to scam me and hthey didnt do nothing at spacetime…. ?????? help

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