Hearthstone Paladin Rush Legendary Ranked Deck

Hearthstone Paladin Rush Legendary Ranked Deck by Maelk

I am a die-hard Paladin-fan and I would rather lose most of my games playing Paladin, than giving into playing the cookie-cutter meta decks. To be frank, I have zero respect for people playing Zoo or the popular Hunter-decks; I always emote “Thank you!” after beating them. I have played a bunch of different decks, and I had found a really good Secret-deck before the big update a few months back, but then Blizzard had a stroke and decided to nerf secrets(?!).

Anyways, the deck:

The Deck


It beats Miracle Rogue almost every time (I think I had one loss due to an extremely unlucky draw), beats most variations of both Druid and Hunter easily and depending on your mulligan it takes care of Zoo decently as well. The biggest problem is control Warriors. I can’t seem to handle the constant armorgain and board clear even with great use of Divine Favor.

The trick is to just apply pressure constantly, but you can actually afford to maintain boardcontrol rather than going for face, simply because of the trade-value and having Divine Favor as your backup. Druids and Handlock seem to feel comfortable as soon as they play one or two big taunts, but your Blessing of Might on divine shielded units, Argent Commanders, Truesilver as well as Aldor Peacekeeper (in case you can’t clear it right away) makes quick process of it. More often than not, it’s not decks that play minions that kills you, but rather when they wipe the board through Swipe, Starfall, Shadowflame, Hellfire etc.. Luckily for me, cards like that are scarce and while it will slow you down a turn, through Divine Favor you’ll get to fill the board immediately afterwards.

A question I often get is: Why Cho?

To be honest, it was a joke to begin with, but I quickly learned that it’s the biggest imaginable threat to MiraRogue obviously, but also Druid and Control Warrior. They will literally spend all their effort into clearing it without using spells and you can use your divine shield minions to make short process of theirs in the meantime. It’s not so much that it’s an amazing card, oftentimes I curse myself for playing it while sitting with Avenging Wrath and Consecration in my hand, but it’s rather what it does to the mindset of your opponent and how it forces him to play. Also, it combos well with Divine Favor in the sense that you can give him (at least) an extra card when playing it yourself. I have had immediate wins against MiraRogues especially simply because I threw a shield on Cho or had my Young Priestess bless him with HP.

The lategame should be sort of self-explanatory: You use Argent Commander, Consecration and Avenging Wrath to keep board control all the while poking away at his HP. They will eventually go down.

I’ve done several Hail Mary-plays as well, where in games I would’ve otherwise lost, I get to Blessing of Might (sometimes x2) my Leroy Jenkins and even follow up with some Abusive Sergeant buff to hit him for a lot of damage. The turn 8 combo of Leroy/Consecration and making sure his board is cleared sometimes give you another run at the mill with him and turn 10 plays with him and Avenging Wrath is also a considerable amount of damage; especially if his board is empty (14).

Anyways, I’ve found that even though it SEEMS simple and straight-forward to play, it actually takes a considerable amount of practice to know what to do against who, what classes to mulligan what against and so forth. A few notes though: don’t keep Blessing of Might unless you have Argent Squire. Don’t keep Divine Favor against Warlock however tempted you might be at the off-chance that he’s a Handlock. Keep Abusive Sergeant against Zoo, cause you need to be able to throw down as many minions as possible and he’s especially good in conjunction with Argent Squire when they play Void Walker or Flame Imp. If nothing else, he alone clears the 3/2. Keep consecration against Warlock, do not keep it against Warrior, Druid or even Hunter. Always mulligan the 6-cost cards. You’ll draw them eventually anyways. If you’re on the coin, I find that having Divine Favor in your hand is amazing (if not against Warlock!), and if you happen to draw one within the next 3-4 turns, that’s just bad luck.

Overall, as I didn’t keep track of my Rank 3 to Legend, I would estimate the deck to have a 65-70% win rate from 5 to 1. I did meet a lot of Handlocks from 2 to Legend though, which was incredibly fortunate for me.

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