Heroes of the Storm Cursed Hollow Guide

Heroes of the Storm Cursed Hollow Guide by khilair

First of all let’s cover the side objective of Cursed Hollow:

Cursed Hollow is a traditional Three Lane Map where both teams start off fighting each other as they do in any map.

The Objective of this map is to gather Three Tributes that spawn one at a time in random areas of the map. The Raven Lord will give you a warning that a Tribute is about to spawn and the location of the Tribute will show up on the map. A hero must click a Tribute in order to capture it after a short channel time. Once a tribute is captured another won’t spawn for a while. There will only be one Tribute up at a time.

Once you gather three Tributes the enemy team gets Cursed. This causes all of their minion waves to only have 1 hp, their fortifications won’t fire and will all have 50% health. Enemy Heroes and Mercs remain unaffected by the Curse.

The tributes you’ve gathered do not go away if the enemy team curses you. If you had 2 tributes before the curse you’ll have 2 after it.

So now let’s talk about what you should do on this map:

Above all else it is greatly important to capture Tributes on this map. The current form of the Curse is completely crippling and creates a opportune time to push an enemy base. Neither team will survive long if they get hit with 2-3 curses.

You can go about securing curses one of two ways:

1) Apply constant and strong pressure in all lanes. Try to time a large push right before a tribute is about to spawn that causes their team to have to send at least some people to defend their base. The timing of this is difficult to coincide with tribute spawns but if done well then the fights over the tributes themselves become easy. I’ve seen tributes be captured by a single person uncontested with this strategy.

2) Work on keeping the lanes pushed back away from your base but try to above all else stay alive. Have good communication with your team so that you all rotate together when a tribute spawns. The goal here is to rely on your team fighting skills. This is how a lot of the tribute fights turn out in most of the games. Rotation is key if you’re going to do this though because most of the time the first team that gets their members there wins. If you’re doing this strategy then your team needs to know that when the Raven Lord says a tribute is about to spawn that they MUSTdrop what they are doing and head there. Any delay can case this strategy to fail.

More often then not teams use a combination of both of these tactics. If you do well in 1 then 2 becomes easier. With decent teams this map is usually done after 2-3 rounds of curses so each one is really important.

If you know that the enemy team is about to curse you and you know that you can’t fight over the tribute then sometimes the best defense is to go on the offensive. If you can mount or set up an attack that forces them to defend while you’re cursed then you can make them waste their curse. This, however, is a risky move.

Do note that this strategy is based off of the current map and is subject to change if they change the map. Also note that this is a general strategy and that things fall apart in game at times. It’s up to you to adapt to what’s going on.

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