Hearthstone Amaz Legendary Priest Deck Guide

Hearthstone Amaz Legendary Priest Deck Guide by TrainerDusk

Hi everyone. I’m Nick, but online I go by TrainerDusk. This is the written portion of my youtube guide series. This series covers the best decks on the ladder right now.

I really recommend you watch the video guide first:

Youtube link to video guide.

I apologise that the guide today is a little shorter than my previous ones as I moved house today and had less time to record.

Amaz’ Priest : Your cards? My cards.

The Decklist shown in the video:

Hearthhead Imgur

The functions of each card and notable interactions:

NOTE: If two cards work well together, I will only mention it once, the first time it comes up.

Circle of Healing (x2) – This card is a combo card first and foremost. It can heal up an Injured Blademaster the turn you play him. It can also heal every minion after they are all damaged by your Wild Pyromancer, which will draw lots of cards if you have a Northshire Cleric on the field. This draw mechanic will net you a similar amount to a Buzzard-UTH combo.

Power Word: Shield (x2) – Cantrip card that makes your minions more durable. Turn 2 Wild Pyromancer – Coin – Power Word: Shield will kill a lot of zoo minions and leave you with a damaged minion that you can heal for Northshire draws. Use this card on any minion to make the trades more favourable.

Northshire Cleric (x2) – A draw card. Other than previously mentioned, it also works well with holy nova. It also draws a card when the enemy heals their own minion, so take care in priest v priest matchups.

Shadow Word: Pain (x1) – Removal. Useful for getting rid of several powerful cards in the current meta. It kills Leokk, Starving Buzzard, all Zoo minions (except Doomguard), Frothing Berserker, Sen’jin Shieldmasta etc.

Acidic Swamp Ooze (x1) – In a meta where weapons are used, Acidic Swamp Ooze is amazing. If the enemy hunter has his Eaglehorn Bow out and you destroy it, not only do you remove 1 or 2 durability, you remove all possible durability he will ever get from secrets. If the enemy has no weapons, a 3 2 minion is just fine.

Sunfury Protector (x1) – Defensive card. This will slow down rush aggro as it puts another minion between you and your opponent. It is absurd when placed next to Ysera or Sylvannas Windrunner.

Wild Pyromancer (x1) – Board Clear and draw combos. Already mentioned.

Shadow Word: Death (x2) – Removes cards that otherwise suck to try and remove. Doomguard, Ragnaros, Savannah Highmane etc.

Thoughtsteal (x2) – In my opinion the strongest priest card in the current meta. First, it gives you insight into the type of deck you are facing. Vs a hunter and you steal a Bluegill Warrior, you know it’s rush. Vs Warlock and you steal Molten Giant, you know it’s Handlock. Second, and more importantly, it’s really really fun. I love stealing my opponents cards and so should you. Nothing is more satisfying that stealing a legendary, and it will happen every 3 or 4 games.

Earthen Ring Farseer (x1) – 3 drop that helps you stave off rush decks by giving you 10% more effective health. Can also heal one of you minions, e.g. injured blademaster, which will draw a card from Northshire Cleric.

Injured Blademaster (x2) – Very strong 3 mana minion. With the sheer amount of healing in this deck, it would be stupid to ignore this guy. Possible 4 7 on turn 2. Can also be given taunt and constantly healed for an immovable wall.

Shadow Madness (x1) – Take one of your enemies minions and suicide them into another. Best used on Loot Hoarder or Bloodmage Thalnos so you get the deathrattle draw and not them. Very strong vs aggro.

Auchenai Soulpriest (x1) – Gives you shadowform while it is alive. Your circle of healing is a bigger hellfire. Your Earthern Ring Farseer is a stronger SI:7 Agent. Beware of holy fire and holy nova as they will now damage you while the soulpriest is alive.

Sen’jin Shieldmasta (x2) – Durable 4 drop. Will slow down aggro and keep you alive for longer.

Holy Nova (x2) – Board clear and heals. Use this to wipe out zoo decks and draw loads of cards from Northshire Cleric.

Faceless Manipulator (x1) – Copy Sylvannas, Ragnaros or Ysera. Can also copy enemy legendaries.

Holy Fire (x2) – 5 damage that also delays the game by healing you. Good as a finisher to hit behind taunt or to remove very strong minions.

Cabal Shadow Priest (x1) – Steal an enemy minion whilst also playing a yeto. Best targets to steal are Harvest Golem, Leokk, Frothing Berserker, Loot Hoarder, Bloodmage Thalnos and Young Priestess. There are other good targets, but these are the common ones.

Sylvannas Windrunner (x1) – An amazing minion. Give it taunt and you will force a 2/3 for 1 trade in your favour. In a pinch, kill it with shadow word death and steal your opponents huge threats. Run it straight into a Ragnaros and the Rag is yours to use and to heal.

Ragnaros The Firelord (x1) – An amazing minion. This guy is your game winner. The lead you get from playing this minion is often insurmountable from your opponent.

Ysera (x1) – Another amazing minion. This guy is your second game winner. He will give you a good dream card every turn in addition to the card you draw. He is also a 4 12, so it’s really hard to kill him.

Mulligan Guide:

Always keep: All cards that cost 3 or less. A play on turn 1, 2, 3 and 4 is what you are looking for most of all.

Never keep: Thoughtsteal (unless vs a priest). You want to draw this card when you have run out of other cards to play.

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