Hearthstone Druid Legendary Rank No Taunt Deck

Hearthstone Druid Legendary Rank No Taunt Deck by Antares

Here’s a deck I can only recommend to everyone playing Druid. I climbed to legendary with this deck, having started only a few days before the open beta. A bonus is that, while this deck has some legendaries in it, none of them are super important and it can be built entirely without them.

At the core of the deck are eight cards that are different from most other Druid builds:

2 Violet Teacher
2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 Moonfire
2 Power of the Wild

Violet Teacher gives you a 1/1 token whenever you play a spell, and you get that token before the spell effect occurs. That means, if you go “Violet Teacher, Coin, Innervate, Claw your opponent’s guy, Power of the Wild” on turn 4, you’ll be left with a 4/6 and four 2/2s. Moonfire is really good right now, and is the reason why this deck still has a good matchup against Hunter despite it not playing any taunts. It cycles with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, so it’s never a dead card.

To make room for these, we cut any Chillwind YetisDruid of the Claws, and all of the legendaries except for Ragnaros and Bloodmage Thalnos.

I don’t get why anyone is playing Chillwind YetiViolet Teacher is an infinitely better card in Druid decks, even without the combos in this particular build.

What if they have AOE?
Well, sometimes they don’t, and then you just win. Most Druid decks for example play only one Starfall, which is the only card that can answer the 2/2 tokens when you make the play mentioned above (save for Innervate, Thalnos, Swipe). At that point your opponent will have seen about 8-9 cards, of which 5-6 he or she drew. So, the chance of your opponent having it are about 20-25% as he or she would surely mulligan the Starfall away. Pretty good chances.

You’ll also learn to play around possible AOE. You don’t have to go all in all the time. You can bait out AOE, then combo again. Sometimes it’s correct to just shove everything to generate extra tokens, sometimes it’s correct to play more conservatively.

What’s important is to never stop playing threats at this point. Trade away the tokens and replace them with bigger creatures, such as Azure DrakesAncient of Lores and/or legendaries. The game completely switches “Who is beatdown?” at this point.

Here’s my decklist:
2 Innervate
2 Moonfire
2 Claw
2 Wrath
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Power of the Wild
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
2 Harvest Golem
2 Violet Teacher
2 Swipe
2 Keeper of the Grove
1 Bite
1 Starfall
2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 Azure Drake
2 Ancient of Lore
1 Ragnaros, the Firelord

These are roughly my matchup win percentages with this deck.

Hunter 80%
Warlock (Aggro) 70%
Rogue 70%
Druid 70%
Warrior 50%
Shaman 50%
Paladin <50%
Warlock (Control) 20%
Mage ?
Priest ?

No Savage Roar?
I don’t feel like this card is necessary. Now the high level players all start using it in their normal builds, so I could very well be wrong.

So, try out this deck, it’s really, really good. Violet Teacher + Power of the Wild certainly isn’t a completely new idea, but I’ve never played against a similar deck, so what’s the deal? I’m certain my build isn’t 100% optimal either and it can be improved even further.

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