Aura Kingdom Sorcerer/Wizard Build

Aura Kingdom Sorcerer/Wizard Build by shiro214

This is my Sorcerer/Wizard Build
If you don’t like playing offensive then this is not for you.
it is still incomplete since I’m still changing, experimenting and farming the equips, and no complete data of eidolon on wiki

She is currently a pure crit+def type for now but later on she will have hp and speed(lvl 70 to 100)
She also does crit on her continues DPS 1k to 5k per tick (did try with very high eva players
its either you burst them or you always miss)
Her Soul Draw skill crit too when it does it gives you 5k to 10khp heal
Like seeing raining crit on solo, pvp and party runs
Don’t need pots often
Your damage is DAMAGE

Anyways here is her current stat

for pvp gears
you need 2 orange weapons equipped with 15% acc core
gladiator set for pvp
secret stones with 15% crt dmg on (soc/wiz skills) 6% crit dmg and 3% acc
you can temporary use other skills secret stone as long it has 6% crt dmg and 3% acc
acc because your a hard hitter but you don’t have acc you will have hard time hitting or landing anything on eva in pvp

This is her envoy path

At her starting level I did go damage first for easy leveling
Then got Big Game Hunter(20% more damage on elite -1% def per stack)
Then go to sorcerer training > weak point > sorcerer studies
Will take thick skin 2, arcane shield and 2 ultimates in the near future void and frost in the near future

This is the Ultimate

you can change it depending on the situation
changed atk spec to callousness need more crt dmg

Secret Stones

get secret stones like this, of course its better if its a soc/wiz skill (you can still use non soc wiz stone as long it has the desiredPrefix 1 stat for example that picture above have -2% reduced damage you will have that effect even with different skill)
alternatively you can use Destroying CRIT DMG +6% (if all are destroying 5 armors + 2 weapon you’ll have CRIT DMG +42%)
Godly/Destroying also use godly ACC +3% with CRIT DMG +6% which is kinda rare
here for wiki more about it
i need more data on this, wiki isn’t complete yet!

its better to have a Full Sigrun (evolved 2 star) most of the time they are way better agro absorb than most tanks you see
also you can have Bel-chandra or Uzuriel for their buffs CRT + crt dmg buff (better if both in the party have these two +40% crt dmg)

When playing her in parties or solo (PVE)

Normal Single Target: get in long range Corrosive Shadow > Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura (while she/he is casting this you can move back or reposition yourself)> Corrosive Shadow > Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura >
Only use Soul Draw if you want to heal
This goes to (solo boss)

Multiple Targets(Mob):
Instant Thunder > Nightmare Totem > Meteor Shot > Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura
Nightmare Totem > Meteor Shot > Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura (while she/he is casting this you can move back or reposition yourself)> (repeat you need to build up Big Game Hunter Fast so your party mates can kill mobs faster (Infernal Abyss, Other World: Skandia) casting Corrosive Shadow will take your make you stack Big Game Hunter slower but you can cast other skill like Instant Thunder for another Crowd Control (CC) stun you can always use your Ultimate with your Eidolon when nearly dying
after the Ultimate with Eidolon you can cast Nightmare Totem again.

BOSS (Party): Check First if your tanker is a Guardian/Bard Type
why because this kind if class never tire Focus Firing/Targeting them

if he is Corrosive Shadow > Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura > (repeat Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura > until Big Game Hunter is 15 stack or just do Demon Seal > Blood Seal + normal attack for faster stacking) then you can throw your Corrosive Shadow Again

if he is NOT: Demon Seal > Blood Seal > Breath of Ashura > Meteor Shot >(repeat)
why? if you use Corrosive Shadow, Rejuvenating Mantra, Nightmare Totem, and Ice Storm. Mobs and Boss would likely target you! They hate party healing, sleep, stun, Immobilize that’s why they target bards and guardians. (Unless you wanted to get hit *please notice me senpai*)
if the boss targeting you, you could do this (run around in counterwise or clockwise, only using Breath of Ashura > Meteor Shot> Nightmare Totem (your normal atk still hurts and still stacks Big Game Hunter and Cursed Seal), you can use Both Rejuvenating (soc/wiz) while at it, it its melee like Toto try to Immobilize it with Shadow bolt(Corrosive Shadow), when hit hard by a skill and you survived use Soul Draw to immediately replenish your HP)

and don’t forget to use Soul Draw, Rejuvenating Prayer to help yourself heal other than pots and Energy Conflux for more critical damage(Powerful Strike Mantra is currently useless gives low damage buff and sometimes if gives your party mates only +6 dmg buff *yes its bugged*)

PVP: I have still little experience of pvp, so no concrete gameplay
Since you critical hit a lot if you hit a skill your skill Continuous DPS will do the rest on non evasion type, run around with Breath of Ashura, get tea with triple cast (Corrosive Shadow or Shadow Bolt or Breath of Ashura crit burst!) and don’t GET STUNNED.
Guardians and Bard will hate you for it, especially on longer battles you drop their HP like mad.

here one of the ss *no pots, I still don’t have bel so use my shota serif for 2% stats and non proper secret stones will update equip pics in the near future (getting poor again)*

Pros:Critical will mostly land, de-buffing and damaging at the same time, can manage without pots mostly, healing and pots can return your hp faster because you don’t have big pool of hp, your ranged, can help damage mobs and boss faster on parties also you can crow control with Nightmare Totem and Instant Thunder, AOEs!, Continuous DPS skills.

Cons:your soft like paper!, most spell won’t make you move while channeling/casting them. Only Rejuvenating Mantra, Nightmare Totem, Meteor Shot and Breath of Ashura lets you do it, don’t have heal healing powers like bards do, you might miss hit or crit since crit is a chance not 100%, low critical damage, slow cool down(wizard spells) expensive gears!.

you can help me by doing pvping, suggestion in forums and donate in-game currency so I can buy the gears and see the difference.

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