Mabinogi Elemental Reforge for 1 Hand Swords

Mabinogi Elemental Reforge for 1 Hand Swords by Zyrus

Since this seems to be one of the most asked questions here on nation I decided to make a mini guide on making a 1 hand sword elemental reforged.

First thing that needs answered:

Why would I bother with this reforge?

Answer: Elemental level 2 reforge adds 11.1% max damage to all non elemental mobs as well as additional damage to opposite elemental. This doesn’t sound like much but when you get end game gears and finish your stats that can be 50-60 max damage which translates into alot more when calculated with crit and skills like smash and windmill. If you are dual wielding these the damage is 22.2% which can be a hefty boost.

Your goal should be to get 1 level 2 elemental for your ego of the following –

1. Bastard Sword (most practical and has the highest max damage)
2. Cutlass (if having a ton of crit and slightly more expensive repairs are cool with you)
3. Muramasa (if nx repairs don’t bother you)

Your second goal should be to get elemental level 2 Red upgrade level 5/6 Falcata/Battle Sword for your off hand. Battle swords would be the easiest since they are readily available by NPC or smithing.

Items you will need:

1. 100% proficiency ego-able swords.
2. Sword spirit stones
3. Elemental removers
4. Items to transfer ego: Listed below

Same weapon type : 30 elementals removers, 1 spirit liqueur, 1 tranquil spirit liqueur, the weapon of same type at 100 prof, and 5 spirit restoration pots.
With same type, you get to keep the old weapon with its reforge and color, and the new weapon will keep its reforge

Different weapon type : 30 elementals removers, 1 spirit liqueur, 2 tranquil spirit liqueur, -insert purple potion that Dorren sells-, weapon with 100 prof, new spirit stone and 5 spirit restoration pots.
with different type, you get to rename your ego, but the weapon will NOT keep its reforge.

Helpful things you should have:

1. A human or elf alt who has completed the ego weapon quest and has the keyword to create a ego weapon. This saves you from losing precious levels on your current ego so you can transfer it to your new elemental ego. Have this person sitting at Tarlach with space in storage bags if possible for you.

2. A low level human alt who is fully equipped with Hamster Hunter prefix white spider suffix hat, shoes, clothing, gloves. This will give you 0-0 damage range. The reason you want this is for dual wielding and you can AFK proff in recovery rooms in Longa Normal. Simply kill one set of the spawnings with pets and then use auto attack on a mob. Come back in an hour or two and weapon switch to another pair of the swords you would like to proff. Repeat.

3. A luck set for farming spirit stones from barri spirit dungeon. Tropacat has made a guide for that you should check out. Huge luckies can save you time.

4. Pets with large inventory for swords, stones, and elemental removers.

5. An alt camped out in Emain at the general shop. The shop sells elemental removers in stacks of 5 which saves you a ton of time when buying in bulk.

6. Lots of patience. This is not likely to be a fast process. You could spend days or weeks attempting and not get what you want. Don’t give up.

The data: After doing thousands upon thousands of reforges on all kinds of weapons I have a general sense of how often certain reforges come up. Elemental reforges on ego 1 hand swords appear about 1/20-25. The reason you have to ego to get a level 2 reforge is because the RNG changes the “pool” it draws from. A level 2 on a non ego sword is likely 1/4000+ and as of yet I have never seen it happen.

The method:

Its fairly simple. Once you have gathered all the materials and swords that you want to try have your alt at Tarlach ego–> Reforge–>Cancel/transfer –> repeat.

The transfered weapon, sadly, will have NPC base grade durability when it is transferred out, which doesn’t matter if its the ego for your main but stinks for the off hand weapon. That is a small price to pay for what you are getting.

Good luck!

Alternatives to this are to give players like me a crap ton of cash and just sitting back for a week or two while we grind this out.

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