Mabinogi Flame Alchemist Guide

Mabinogi Flame Alchemist Guide by Noxctis


Hey everyone! This is Noxctis of Mabination and Mari. I saw Tropocat’s guide on “Advanced Water Alchemist Build” and I’m like “Hey, what about the Fire Alchemists!?” And here it is, the Flame Alchemist Guide was born!

I started off Mabinogi with no money or gold. Maybe some nx but I used it for pets. So making money, you have to learn to merchant a bit or work hard by collecting and selling stuff. I’ll try to make this a step by step kind of guide as well as I can. It’ll be updated as well.

Please read carefully too before you comment on something about it and perhaps check on your information before saying that this doesn’t do that or this. Thank you.
Like somebody thought I didn’t add Heat Buster and that Max Damage doesn’t apply to Flame Burst.

Information Before Reading The Guide

Remember, this is a guide, you DON’T have to follow it. It’s to give people an idea of the path they want to take. To expand their ideas on how they want to go about being a Flame Alchemist. To answer a lot of questions they might have.

Priority in my guide means putting another skill before another. If I say this skill is 4/10 and this skill is 5/10, the 5/10 has more of a priority of ranking or more use than said other skill. Or that skill might consume more AP so it might be better to use that AP for something else. Not that it’s useless. It’s not totally accurate and most of this is based off of my own experience. So be aware of that. I’ve been a flame alchemist for almost a year. Though I did take months break.

Don’t think you have to be rich to be a Flame Alchemist. You just need to be rich in patience and learn to take your time. Be optimistic. Honestly, in my opinion, I think it’s easier in terms of AP and Gold being a Flame Alchemist compared to the Max Damage sets Melee/Range players have.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Damage isn’t based on stats.
  • Requires very few skills ranked to do great damage.
  • You look pretty awesome in a Cressida/Flamerider outfit.
  • Always carrying a shield taking advantage of the Auto Defense percentage and Defense bonus. (Especially when using Defense.)
  • Short load time with no cool-down. Able to be spammed.
  • You can mob and not worry about crit rate so much, taking advantage of the critical damage constantly.
  • Flame Burst is a great skill if you’re a lagger, Flame Burst takes 5 seconds so if you have 2 – 3 seconds lag. The monsters will be at bay.
  • Flame Burst is also great to stall monsters and stop them from attacking. Perfect in a party. (Stun Locking)
  • When using Flame Burst in normal mode, monsters won’t aggro as quickly compared to when you’re in battle mode. Allowing more spammage!
  • Able to Hybrid with Range, Magic, Fighter, and other melee.
  • You do more damage on Ice type monsters or monsters weak against flame.
  • Flame Bursts hits 5 time at rank 1, using less durability compared to other types of weapons.
  • When a monster is approaching you and you load Flame Burst on them and even though it looks like they’re attacking you, they get hit first. It’s awesome.


  • Eventually at higher levels, Melee, Range, and Magic will surpass you since most players will have most skills that provides stats ranked.
  • 97% repair rate for Cylinder, 98% repair with blessing on. (Maybe not a con but just listing things.)
  • When canceling Flame Burst, it does not add pressure for Heat Buster. (Won’t have to worry about it in harder dungeons.)
  • Alchemy Mastery is a pain to rank later on. Especially if you’re going after the title.
  • You have to make a run to Tail/Tara to restock on Fire Crystals and such every now and then.
  • Fire Crystals takes at least a quarter or more of your inventory space. (I suggest using pets to store them too so you don’t have tor restock so often.)
  • It drains your Stamina quite a bit.
  • Monsters will sometimes try to attack your weak side where you’re not Flame Bursting. (Having pets like Ice Dragons help.)

Info: I’ll be adding more later on.

Skills You’ll Rank Up First

Well the skills to rank up to become a Flame Alchemist are:
Skill Name : Note ; Priority

  • Chain Cylinder : Pretty important skill. One of the most important skill at higher levels. At lower levels, you don’t have to worry so much though but you definitely want to get the master title for this skill. The extra charge when using Flame Burst will definitely help do more damage and to give more offensive charge for Heat Buster ; 9/10 Rank it whenever you can rank it. Higher ranks are a pain.
  • Flame Burst : Flame Burst will be one of your primary attack skills. It dishes a lot of damage, does 5 hits at rank 1, plus it ignore defense when doing damage and ignores protection for crit rate. That means you only need 30% crit to do decent damage! ; 8/10 For this skill, rank it to certain ranks as a stopping point. Rank it to 9 for more hits, then 5, then 1. After ranking it to 9, focus on another skill to a certain point then switch to Flame Burst and rank it to 5. Something along those lines are what I did. This skill is easy to rank so you don’t have to worry so much.
  • Fire Alchemy : Fire Alchemy will only increase your damage by 10% at rank 1. It’s not that great.. I mean yeah it helps your damage but I wish it was 15% at least.. Anyways it’s still good. Rank it alongside Flame Burst ; 7/10 If Fire Alchemy was at rank 9 and Flame Burst was at rank 9. And you only had enough AP to rank Flame Burst. Rank up Flame Burst. The damage output would be way better.
  • Alchemy Mastery : One of the hardest skills to rank in my opinion. It’s not bad but takes a lot of patience. I’ll explain in further details about ranking this skill later. But most likely this be your last skill to rank to 1 to boost your fire damage. ; 6/10 Rank it when you can. Do it slowly too. It’s a annoying skill earlier on but it gets easier at the later ranks. I think it was Rank B – 9 that’s difficult?
  • Critical Hit : This skill is definitely important! Flame Bursts crits a lot since it ignores protection for crit rate! That means you’ll be hitting max crit rate if your crit rate is 30%! ; 10/10 Definitely rank this when you can! If you’re on Alchemist Destiny, it’ll be hard to rank this skill.

Skills You Want To Might Consider Getting/Ranking

Skill Name : Note ; Priority

  • Production Mastery : Provides 150 Stamina which is extremely useful so you can use Flame Bursts and other skills more often. And chances are, you might trans before you need to repot. ; 9/10
  • Combat Mastery: This skill might seem like a waste of AP but it’s not. Depending on your build or even your internet/computer capabilities. This skill will prove very useful. It gives 150 HP and combat max/min damage. If you’re hybridizing with any type of melee, swords or fighter, this skill will come in handy. Alchemist have low HP because some don’t rank this skill because they feel like they don’t need it. ; 8/10 Incredibly easy to rank even on 1x bonus at rank 2. Take your time with this. You won’t need that much HP till Advance anyways, even then you still can handle hits. Since you use a shield as a Alchemist.
  • Windmill: What are you doing with windmill even though you’re a Alchemist!? Well Windmill will definitely save your life sometimes. Plus the addition Will won’t hurt no matter what kind of hybrid you are! 10 WIll Equals 1 Crit! Rank it slowly. After Genesis, this skill is a lot easier to rank now. No rush. Get it to certain ranks 9/5/1. ; 6/10 or higher depending if you’re melee or not.
  • Mana Shield: Mana Shield is amazing! It WILL save your life a lot. ; 10/10 You don’t even need to rank it. Novice/Rank F will do well.
  • Wind Blast: This skill is useful for blowing away a monster that is too good for its own good and a good offense skill after a flame burst to activate Heat Buster. ; 4-6/10 It doesn’t really matter if you get it or not but once your Heat Buster is Rank 1. It will be extremely useful. It also loads really quickly.
  • Heat Buster : Heat Buster is an extremely fun skill to use, it’s quick load 0.6 seconds plus packs a punch! With your fire enchants, even more! At least get this skill and leave it at F. In the future, you will probably rank this skill to 1 and realize just how awesome it is. ; 6/10 Rank this skill later. It’s not much of a priority until you get explosive and magma enchants.
  • Barrier Spike and Summon Golem and Mana Crystallization : Depending on if you’re going Fire Alchemist/Range or Fire Alchemist/Mage or not. If you get Barrier Spike, it’ll help if you’re a range or mage, likewise with Mana Crystal if going mage hybrid. Summon Golem/Barrier Spike and Mana Crystal will help you rank up Alchemy Mastery as well. ; 4/10 Rank these skills in the future depending on your path.
  • First Aid and Rest : First Aid will help in harder dungeons in the future so ranking it has its uses. Rest and First aid both provides HP and such too. So it helps in the future when you need more HP. ; 3/10The HP is awesome but take your time getting these skills ranked. It’s not that easy plus take your time with it. When you feel as if you don’t need any other skills, rank these up and have a easier time doing missions and dungeons!
  • Life Drain : Life Drain does a lot of damage at Rank 1. Plus it gives HP as you rank it and it DRAINS HP. Perfect for an Alchemist. ; 6/10 Rank this skill around Hard-mode or so. Or near it if you plan to rank it soon.
  • Shock : Shock is an amazing skill! But it comes with a price. Collecting all 10 pages WON’T BE EASY. It’ll allow you to solo incredibly easily and help friends out in certain dungeons as well. Take your time getting the pages. You can also hunt for them too. ; 8/10 Once you get it and have no other skills to rank.
  • Frozen Blast : Amazing at later levels and will help out a lot for harder dungeons/missions and such. Quicker load time now after Genesis. At rank 1, the freeze state lasts 15 seconds which is approximately the same time as the cool-down. However the AP toll takes a ton and it’s a bit harder to rank in the beginning. It reduces defense and protection, so it’s good to combo with Heat Buster if you can pull it off and deal even more damage. If you do want to rank this skill, I suggest ranking it at a much later level and save your blizzard crystals. You’re going to need them. ; 5/10 Water Alchemists would probably rank this skill sooner than Flame Alchemists. Remember that this takes a lot of AP to get to rank 1. So before ranking it, consider other options that might benefit you more.
  • Charge : Charge is a useful skill. You can rank it for more damage or leave it as it is to cover distance. Archers are also extremely annoying. ; 10/10 Get it at Rank F at least.
  • Counterattack and Defense : With the new Genesis System, Counterattack and Defense are extremely useful. After being attacked, use Counterattack and during a combo from a monster, use defense! Extremely useful. ; 10/10 Get Defense to Rank 1 in the future. The extra HP and defense will help a lot in later levels. Add that with your shield defense, you won’t die so easily. As for Counterattack, you’ll do decent damage at rank F so you don’t have to rank this skill till later. If you’re a range hybrid however, ranking this to 1 will help for the dex and damage percentage.
  • Assault Slash : Assault Slash will help you do some bonus damage. Not much of a priority but it will help with some added damage. Its good if you’re going Melee as well. ; 10/10 Won’t hurt to get. Just leave it at F or Novice.

Equips/Weapons and Enchants

Outfit Set to think about getting

  • Cressida Set :Cressida Set will great you 3 different enhancements. Water Cannon, Flame burst, and Life Drain. However, it’s incredibly expensive to get all 3 enhancement. If you’re just focusing on Flame Burst, just get the Flamerider Set.
  • Flamerider Set : Flamerider set is cheap and affordable to get. It’s usually always for sale and such. If you only need Flame Burst enhancement. Just get this set.

Headgears to think about getting :

The best headgears to get is 1 Defense/ 1 Protection headgears. Why? You’re an alchemist! You got low HP. Try to get as much defense/protection! Most wigs have 1/1. That’s something to consider. Plus try to not get hats with too low of a durability. You can also try to get helms like Dustin Helms or Felix ones. But remember, some enchants will only work on clothing and not armor helm. Blunt only works on Helms for example.
Weapons :

  • Fire Cylinder : For beginners, just get Fire Cylinder first. No point getting Volcano Cylinder and wasting Durability on it when your skills aren’t even at Rank 1 yet right? Try to get a Stiff Fire Cylinder for more crit and upgrade it for more Fire Alchemic Damage.
  • Volcano Cylinder : Volcano Cylinder helps your damage a lot! It’s the best weapon for Flame Burst and Heat Buster. You want to R Upgrade this weapon. Why R instead of S? You’ll constantly do more damage with it than S. Plus other skills like Assault Slash, Counterattack, and Charge will also have its damage increased when they crit. Allowing you to do 50% more damage with them.

Info: Even if you have a Volcano Cylinder, don’t throw away your fire cylinder or sell it. Keep it. You might need it in the future. For example, training and such or if you’re doing something like killing weak monsters. Don’t waste your Dura on your Volcano Cylinder so easily! Don’t afk on it as well!
Enchants For Volcano Cylinder/Formor Volcano Cylinder :

First get Lizard Prefix on your Volcano Cylinder. If you don’t want to risk the Dura, you don’t have to but it is a Rank B enchant.
Then get Magma Suffix enchant slowly over time. You get it with Ducats and Belvast Seals however. So do some commercing or bandit hunting every now and then. Don’t be in a rush since you have to get Volcano Cylinder first anyways.

Last but not least, Synergy Prefix! This is one of the hardest enchants to get. I suggest buying a enchant protection item and use it on your cylinder before using it. Make sure you enchant using a Rank 1 Enchanter. Although you won’t have to worry about getting enchant since it’ll be one of the last enchants you’ll get.

Fomor Volcano Cylinder : Although it can’t be special upgraded. It does have 8% more crit base than a regular Volcano Cylinder. Enchanting it with a Lizard will provide even more crit rate. So if you like spamming Heat Buster a lot, this will be perfect. Since critting with Heat Buster provides a huge punch.

Head :


  • Vine : Vine is surprisingly a bit difficult to get but if you got patience. Just spam the mission. You might get lucky.
  • Round : Round is not that easy to get but worth getting. A good reason to rank up Combat Mastery too. However getting it is not easy. The easiest way is doing the daily belvast seals quest but I rather you try to get Explosive Enchant first before you get round.
  • Blunt : Can only be put on helmets. So choose wisely! I suggest not doing so cause doing so means you won’t be able to put the Flame enchant on it but if you’re not planning to get it. It’s okay.
  • Flame : Flame is the best enchant but it’s hard to get. Maybe wait for an event or try to get in later on when you can.
  • Stiff : You can get this easily from a tail cap. It’s also fairly common and cheap. An easy 10% crit.Info: Tail Caps and Core’s Knob Beret can be found with stiff enchants already enchanted on them from some missions. Those are good hats to get despite them not having any def/prot. However if you’re lucky, perhaps a reforge will provide HP/Protection/or Defense.


  • Burning : Burning is probably the best suffix to get and it’s not that hard to get.

Body :


  • Explosive : Explosive is the best prefix so just focus on it right away when you can. Do the belvast seals daily quest thing.


  • Glass Fragment : It gives balance and max damage. A low level enchant so it’s not so bad. It won’t help your fire damage that much but it helps if you’re going melee/range hybrid. The balance also helps melee if you’re not putting so much work into your dex skills.
  • White Horse : White Horse is a nice suffix but not easy to get. I say stick with Glass Fragment and work on White Horse later.

Info: Make sure that you enchant on a Flamerider outfit or Cressida outfit (With the right enhancement).

Shoes :


  • Hot : 8 Fire Alchemic Damage is a lot! It’s not so hard to get if you work at it.


  • Cowboy : Cowboy enchant is a bit hard to get. Way harder than hot. If you have a good group of high level friends or in a guild with high level ones. You can do the tournament with them and try to get them or maybe you can save up to buy it. Its gotten cheaper than when it first came out now that people know it drops more.
  • White Tiger : White Tiger provides a +4 fire alchemic boost if you have a pet that’s summoned as well as 6 more max damage. It’s a decent enchant to keep before you get Cowboy ES plus it can also be used as a bridge for it.

Info: Make sure that you enchant on a Flamerider shoes or Cressida shoes (With the right enhancement).

Gloves :


  • Spark : Spark is one of the hardest enchants to get even though you can enchant it easily. It’s one of the last enchants you’ll get.


  • Ecstacy : Ecstasy is a good enchant to get. It gives 7% critical. I think it’s better compared to Elementalist in terms of AP and getting it. Unless you’re a mage. Then it’s more with it.
  • Elementalist : Elementalist provides 1% more crit than Ecstacy giving a total of 8% crit. However, that’s if you rank all the elemental bolts to rank 9 and past level 25. If you don’t think the AP is worth it, get Ecstasy.
  • Mimic : Mimic provides a +4 fire alchemic boost if you have a pet that’s summoned. Although it might sound useful if you always have a pet, you’ll lose out on opportunities such as low crit rate for spamming Heat Buster or summoning pets to stop aggro. It’s good if you always party with friends however. It’s also a good bridge for Ecstasy ES though.

Info: I would suggest enchanting those enchants on a Admiral Owen Gloves ; Why? Admiral Owen Gloves already have a Rank A Suffix enchant on it so you can start enchanting Elementalist/Ecstasy right away without bridging it. It gives 1 Defense/1 Protection as well even though it’s a glove. So either enchant on that or a Cressida Gloves.

Accessories :


  • 2x Heated : Provides a total of 12 Fire Alchemic Damage. Kind of hard to get but it pops up occasionally. A little expensive but you’ll get plenty of chances to get Heated.


  • There’s many suffix to get. I suggest searching on Mabi Wiki. Suffix depends if you need crit, maybe more defense, or something to help with your hybrid build. Dex for range, int for magic.

Info: If you didn’t get a heated accessory already, try to get a 2 protection accessory. Best pendant is Portia Pendant with its extra 4 Def together.

Shields :


  • Steam : Steam is kind of hard to get and hard to bridge. It’s only a +3 Fire Alchemic however so don’t rush getting it. Can’t get it till hardmode anyways or maybe wait for an event to come out.


  • Marshal : Marshal enchant is good to get. It provides 1 protection, more HP, and critical rate if you rank up Counterattack.

Info: Try to get a shield with a lot of durability. 10 Dura shields like Beholder might not work so well cause of the bridge enchants. Unless you’re going to enchant protection yours, I suggest using shields like Avon, Vales(If you’re a giant.), 15 Dura Red Beholder Shields, Targe Shields, Valk Shields, and such.

What Titles?!

There’s many different titles alchemists use for different situations.
Title : Notes ; Usefulness

  • the Chain Cylinder Master : Extremely useful for Flame Burst. It will technically save your life sometimes. It will give you great DPS if your flame burst damage isn’t exactly up there. Use this title for harder dungeons/missions as well. Such as Elite. Since you’re going to want to output as much damage as possible without wasting a second charging. Although with the new combat system, things are a lot easier now. ; 10/10
  • the Alchemy Master : My favorite title, it was extremely hard to get and time consuming. Maybe 2 weeks and that was because of a dedicated friend. This title is great for weaker dungeons where 1 – 3 charge would do the trick. Extremely great if you already have most or all of your fire enchants plus your volcano cylinder R5/6. Why? Cause Flame Bursts hits 5 times and crits. You might kill monsters in just a few hits before the 5th one even hit. Even if you didn’t have 5 charges ; 9/10
  • the Fire Alchemist : This title may say 10% but it’s actually 1% more damage which.. is not much.. sadly but better than nothing if you didn’t get Chain Cylinder Master title yet. It’s not that great but it looks cool. ; 4/10
  • the Heat Buster Master : Personally, I don’t have this title yet but I will have a lot of fun with it if I did. It provides a 10% boost for Heat Buster plus 2% crit from the 20 Will which is also good for Fighter if you’re a hybrid. The 20 dex helps if you’re also range or need that tiny extra balance to 80%. It’s good if you’re spamming Wind Blast alongside Flame Burst. The quick use of Heat Buster will do great damage. ; 7/10
  • the Barrier Spikes Master : Although the title reduce your crit rate by 8%(-40 Will, – 20 Luck), it gives you 12% protection, which is 12% reduction from damage. Add that alongside your auto melee defense, your already given protection from equips (Which I hope you took my advice from), the defense and HP, you’ll be the tankiest alchemist ever. Use this title for Elite sometimes if you believe you can’t handle it. Although it’s hard to rank though. (If you’re hybridizing with Fighter, you’ll lose out on around 10 max damage or more by equipping this title but hey, Fighters lack a shield and they’re squishy since they can’t handle multi-aggro.) ; 10/10

There’s other titles but not really alchemy related besides Royal Alchemist but eh. Honestly, it’s not that great. If you want to use other titles, try to get titles that provides crit or defense if you keep getting hit.

Will Be Updated!

So far this is all I’m going to put. I’ll add combos and certain strategies and such eventually. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this guide and that it had helped many of you. If you guys can, maybe add some information that you think I should consider adding or tell me if a link doesn’t work. Thanks!

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