Mabinogi Fomor vs Normal Guide

Mabinogi Fomor vs Normal Guide by bellcourt

Mini guide on choice of weapon as an advanced beginner to mid level
Efficiency vs. cost

Open source, feel free to add your own tips. I’m sure I messed up somewhereD:
Focusing on warriors, because main is a warrior

What you will need:

* Patience and time for a bit of commerce
* Holy Water (always bless)
* Money for upgrades
* A nice enchanter (you will need him/her for one r9 enchant). G13 persona Claudius plus INT title to reach 200 INT (for easy enchants you do yourself)
* Strider enchant on your boots (can be received by doing Sketch mission in Belvast)
* Money for reforge kits (5k each)

Amount of money you might need:
Upgrades + Reforge: ~ 300k

This is my personal opinion. It is not about the strongest weapons, but the money-wise easiest to afford while still being decent.

First do commerce (recommended up to 100k ducats).
The buy a few Fomor Broadswords and Reforge them. Go for Max Damage Level (it’s pretty easy to get). At Rank3 Level 3 you get +6 Max.
Either enchant first or upgrade first, it’s your decision. Yet if you fail enchant and upgraded first, you have to pay the upgrade fees again.

Go for this upgrade sequence:

Highest Max Damage
Low Balance
Requires High DEX

Ranald’s Broad Sword Enhancement
80 / 28,700 G
Annealing 2
13 / 5,200 G
Annealing 2
13 / 5,200 G
Nerys’ Broad Sword Modification
55 / 21,300 G
Nerys’ Broad Sword Modification
55 / 21,300 G

Attack 0-73 Critical 29%
Balance 23% Durability 7
216 / 81,700 G

With the Strider boots you get +10% Balance. Together with the fomor broadswords you have 40% balance in the end only from equipment. Once you rank Combat Mastery or Sword Mastery a bit you will be fine. Glass Fragment (+5% Balance) on the armor or clothes is also a nice addition.

Wolf Hunter’s Raven (max roll +14 Max)
Goddess’ Caliburn (has anyone every tried that one on fomor swords?) (+18 Max, +10 crit)
Godess’ Hoodlum (max roll +20 max)
Wolf Hunter’s Hoodlum (max roll + 18 max)

Hoodlum (rA) can be bought at Trading Imp for 10k ducats. You’ll need rA Charge for it to activate (33 AP – thanks

Do the Sketching mission in Belvast for Wolf Hunter’s and Raven. You may also buy the scrolls for around 20k-50k.

Best end result:
Weapon stats
87 Max (reforge)
31% Balance
10 Dura
+35% crit

Enchants (max roll for dual wielded)
+28 Max
+ 36 Max
+ 32 Max
+40 Max
+36 Max

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