Yitien Gogadon Guide

Yitien Gogadon Guide by Theos

GOGADON is the latest addition to the clan activities available.

Gogadon is accessible through the clan window:

Gogadon and Fate Chest Qualities:

Baby – Uncommon – Fate Chest (Beginner)
Adult – Rare – Fate Chest (Intermediate)
Elder – Epic – Fate Chest (Advanced) *credits to papa1123
*Fate Chest’s quality received from killing Gogadon depends on it’s quality.

Gogadon will grow the more you feed it, here is the list of EXP required:

Egg to Baby – 200 Exp
Baby to Adult – 500 Exp
Adult to Elder – 1000 Exp
*Feed payment is 2,000 silver
*Each feed gives you a Fate Chest (stars depend on Feed Quality)
*VIP can feed Gogadon twice a day; normal players can only feed once.

Feed Quality and Gogadon Exp increases based on stars:

(1 Star) – 10 Exp
(2 Stars) – 20 Exp
(3 Stars) – 30 Exp
(4 Stars) – 60 Exp
(5 Stars) – 100 Exp
*Refreshing feed quality requires ingot; begins as 11 ingots and increases by 11 ingots per refresh.
*Quality change is random which means it may take one or more tries to make your feed quality’s stars higher.
*Fate Chest quality received is same as the feed’s quality.

Challenging Gogadon:
Clan Leader or Assistant Clan Leader can issue the challenge.
You may only challenge Gogadon when it is Baby or up to Elder. Egg/Unhatched cannot be challenged.
If you did not challenge Gogadon today, Gogadon’s exp remains and can be increased the next day (useful if your target is a higher quality Gogadon especially ELDER).

~Gogadon challenge has a time limit of 20 minutes.
~Attacking Gogadon has a cooldown of 30 seconds after last attack; VIP may skip battle.
~At some point Gogadon will give ‘Mercy Chests‘, try to loot all chests before attacking Gogadon again (previous Mercy Chests summoned will disappear after new Mercy Chests are summoned).
*Mercy Chests can give either Fates or Talent Orbs.

Successful Challenge Rewards:
Damage Ranking:
Rank 1 – 10 Fate Chests
Rank 2 – 9 Fate Chests
Rank 3 – 8 Fate Chests
Rank 4-5 – 7 Fate Chests
Rank 6-10 – 6 Fate Chests
Rank 11-below – 5 Fate Chests

Bonus Reward:
Last Hitter/Gogadon Killer – 5 Fate Chests

~After killing Gogadon, the above mentioned rewards will be sent through mail.
~Fate Chests will be summoned
 (all mercy chests will disappear) and clan members have 90 seconds before being sent back to their previous map.

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