Yitien Rankings Guide

Yitien Rankings Guide by pinkpinkpanda4evr

Now, I will start off by saying any and all of my Guides are from the point-of-view of someone playing the game without VIP, so I’m sorry VIP players if my Guides are not as helpful to you.

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Rankings show the world (or whoever happens to be on your server) your achievements summed up into numbers. They increase depending on the respective things you increase or improve (see below for specifics). Although you always have a ranked position in your server, only the top 100 players for each category are shown in 10 pages.

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1. Battle Rating is calculated and increased by a lot of factors such as your skill levels, character level, amount of enchants on equipment, type and power of equipment, gems (stat stones, as I call them) added to equipment, upgrades, meridian levels, essence levels, and any other things that affect your stats/skills/equipment.

2. Level is pretty self-explanatory; your character’s level doesn’t always correspond with your BR, so lower-leveled people might easily defeat you while you take down someone 2 levels above yourself.

3. Wealth is how much money you have saved up currently, and it goes down if you spend any.

4. The Kunlun Mts. rankings list the players who have killed the most yetis and players, racking up the most points that are calculated during the event.

5. Pets are ranked against each-other as well. Their power, skills, and stats have more to do with it than their level.

6. Clan rankings can also be viewed in the Clan window, and they are ranked based on factors such as wealth and level.

7. Charm is a constantly changing list because it has to do with how many flowers you receive that week. If you are popular enough, you can quickly rise high for this ranking.

8. Flowers has to do with the amount of flowers you send that week. Like Charm, if you send a lot of flowers you can get a high ranking.

9. Clicking on ‘My Rankings’ automatically shows you what your ranking is on the tab you have open. If you aren’t in the top 100, it tells you you aren’t ranked yet.

10. You can click on anyone’s listing to see their character profile, which stays on the right of the Ranking window.

11. The World Level is the average level the highest-leveled players are at, and this affects World Benefits.

Rising up in rankings and other certain aspects (like the Arena) might land you a big, flashy title like the below:
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Thank you for reading my Guide, and hope it helped in your quest through Yitien!

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