Yitien Clan Contributions Guide

Yitien Clan Contributions Guide by tentoes

There are many ways to obtain clan contributions which offers two benefits. 1) They provide the clan with wealth which is used to increase your buildings and formations. 2) They provide you with contributions which are used to buy energy daily, and items from the clan shops suchs as; level 2 gems, buff orbs, and hero medals.

How to get them?

Daily Orchard quest, there are 10 of them, each gives 20 contributions, for a total of 200 daily. These quest are just walk back and forth talking to NPC, takes no longer than 5 minutes.

Shaking the tree, every hour you may shake the tree. The higher level your tree the more shakes per day.
*When your shake a tree until the end of the grow bar, your clan receives 500 wealth.* Credit to Slideman

Fishing, everyday at 1300-1400, and *2300-2358* server time (however you may only enter the event once a day), the fishing event begins. You join a room and cast a line and wait 3 minutes and it will automatically catches a fish at random.
Herring provides: 1k silver and 10 contributions
Catfish provides: 10 vouchers and 30 contributions
Salamander provides:10ignot and 50 contributions

Clan pond upgrade will increase each fish wealth value by 10%. IE, level 2 pond will increase all fish wealth by 10%, so a herring will still give you 10 contribution but will give your clan 11 wealth, and catfish will grant 33, and salamander will give 55.

You can also steal up to 5 fishes from players, under one condition, they must have at least 2 fish in their basket.

Last but not least, is Clan Battle.

This event starts at 20:20-20:50 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday server time.
The most important event for your clan to earn wealth, for winning the clan battle, it provides your clan with 20,000 wealth. In addition every member who participate will earn a epic pack, and 500 contribution worth of clan keys.

Feel free to add anything I may have left out.

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