Yitien Getting Medals Guide

Yitien Getting Medals Guide by OsiryaTech

Its very easy to get medals in Yiitien. You have a chance to get them in farm chests and arena chests but the easiest way to get them is from recycling gear.

Step 1 : Open the Forge (E)

Step 2 : Go to Recycle panel. All the gear in your inventory, without imbedded gems, are displayed on the right.
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Step 3 : Select the gear you want to recycle by clicking it, you can always remove it if you change your mind. The selected gear will be displayed in the middle of the panel.
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*** This is the step where the secret lies, the more gear you recycle at once the more medals you will receive. You will also get higher grade medals more often. So if you are able use ingots to open inventory space. You don’t need all 6 pages but I suggest at least 3.

Step 4 : When you have selected all your gear, and are ready just click the red recycle button. You will get unbound silver and medals for the unbound gear you recycle and bound for bound gear. Your results are displayed in the middle.
Name:  recycleresults.png Views: 412 Size:  160.7 KB

I hope this guide helps you. Osirya-S4

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