Yitien Beginner’s Guide

Yitien Beginner’s Guide by four

Hi there,

Are you new to Yitien? Then this guide is for you!
It is intended as a general set of guidelines. I won’t be going into much detail, but will link to other threads that explain different aspects in detail.

Q: I pause for some minutes and an AFK box pops up! What do I do?

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Well, we can’t expect you to be online 24/7 doing stuff. So, while you grab a bite, watch a series or try to get out of a nice telephone talk with the mother in law, you can enter AFK mode to earn XP. There are some ways to earn even more XP:

A. Co-Op: When you enter Co-Op with a player from the OPPOSITE gender, you can earn 50% more XP! The other person has to accept your request, and when he leaves AFK mode, you’re alone again. So when you go to bed, try and find someone (clan mate?) that goes AFK for some hours.
An alternative is using AFK dolls. It consumes the doll, but won’t quit on you as long as the doll’s limited timer lasts. You can stack these dolls.

B. MFP: The 3 tiers of MFP can give you even more XP: Purple 30% (10 spots), Blue 20% (15 spots) and Green 10% (150 spots). People will fight you for the Purple and Blue spots, if they are stronger they’ll kick you out and take your place in MFP. So if you want to be left alone for a while in MFP, it is wise to choose Green.

A first thing to do is keep an eye on the Quests log:

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A. In the top bar you choose between All, Current or Available quests.
When your current assignment is to raid a dungeon, but you don’t have the energy to do it, switch to Available quests and do something else.

B. Here you usually see 3 quests: 

– Daily quest: You can perform this quest every day for some free XP. The game will ask you if you want to use a Hero medal, using it will give you more XP when you run the quest. Hero medals are quite rare though, I advise against using them.

– The daily delivery quest (if you do this during delivery happy hour, you’ll get bonus XP (See D)

– Main quest: this is the main story line quest. It unlocks each time you gain a level. Until then you can Blitz dungeons you have previously unlocked.
Blitz: You don’t have to go through the dungeon manually, blitzing means the game will run the dungeon for you. You will still receive XP and Loot, so this is a lot faster.

– Watermelon quest: Once you join a clan, the Watermelon quest opens. You can do this quest every day. The more people in your clan do the melon quest, the more melons (and better quality melons) you can pick when it’s watermelon time (see D)

C. Daily tasks: Open up the interface for daily tasks (look here for a full list):

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C1: Quick links to some things you really should do every day:
– Spirit: Donate spirit to the server. You get XP in return. Use a medal to get more XP – although I think medals are too valuable to use for this.

– Arena: You can fight your fellow players in the arena and try to reach the top! When you get to certain levels (top 1000, 50, 10, leader) and hold the position until the end of the day, you get a reward the next day.

– Masters: Challenge the masters you encounter in daily quests. You get free XP and Essence from it. Use Essence to unlock your Inner Strength (more info later)

– Heavenly Peak: Mostly referred to by players as HP. This is your main source of new loot, and the only place where you can get Epic weapons, rings and pendants! Do this 2x every day to have the best chance of finding that rare equipment.

– Checkpoint: A mini game. On the game board you can find random rewards (gems, essence orbs, silver) and other players. Reach the end to get a random amount of Vouchers and a skill book. Can be completed 3x per day.

C2: Some of the above mentioned quests and more, with the amount of Devotion you get for completing it.

C3: The rewards you get at each level of Devotion. Click Collect to move it to your inventory. Do this before the server reset (midnight) or it’s gone!

C4: How much Devotion you have now. This resets every day.

D. Yitien Events: this opens up a list of when important events are planned on the server (look here for a full list):
In the new window that opens, click Daily Events. The current activity will be highlighted. Click Start to run right to it. Don’t forget to turn off AFK mode!

So now you have some bearings. Please remember you can click in the Quest box, the Daily Tasks, on the Minimap or the larger map (M button next to minimap) to auto-run somewhere.
A first start is to do HP (hevenly Peak), best to do this with a party, and Blitz dungeons. This will give you the loot you need!
Once you dress up with better equipment and enchant it, you can show you master some basics of the game and apply to a top clan.

Some reading about these things:

~Theos~’s Equipment Types GUIDE

~Theos~’s Enchant GUIDE

Strenth in this game is decided more by Battle Rating than by character level. Read more here:

~Theos~’s Battle Rating Factors GUIDE

Joining a clan

There are a lot of activities that require a clan or are a lot more fun with a clan. You’ll have an easier time finding people that can explain something, that want to climb the HP with you, that do MA (Multiplay Arena) with you, and you need to be in a clan to participate in Clan Battles.

Feeding the clan ‘pet’ called the Gogadon, will allow it to mature until you can fight it. Fighting the Gogadon is the way to obtain fates, which make your character (a lot) more powerful.

You can also obtain Formations, when you enable those when you’re in a party you’ll get boosts depending on the kind and level of formation. No other way to acquire and level those then being in a clan.

So – and now my clan leader experience kicks in – you get a lot of benefits from being in a clan, so start wondering: what can you do for the clan??
A: If you want to be in a good clan, make some effort yourself. Apply once you’ve learnt something about the game, and show it by wearing good equipment (proper level, at least all Rare, well enchanted, good Battle Rate for your level).
B: Send a Friend Request to the clan leader and have a friendly chat.

These 2 simple actions shows the clan leader you’re smart enough to learn the game, and polite/talkative enough to work in a group. You’ll learn the finer details of the game from the clan members over time.

I get a LOT of applicants every week. My clan is in the top 3 rankings and we almost always have full members. If you wear junk and don’t talk to me, I have no reason to even concider letting you in. Why would I invest time in training you and giving you good equipment, if I don’t even know if you can talk the language of the clan?

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