Wizard101 Fire Wizards Guide

Wizard101 Fire Wizards Guide by advtech

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0.1 Starting a Fire Wizard
0.2 Using your training points
0.3 Gear
0.4 Questing
0.5 Techniques

0.1 Starting a Fire Wizard

The first thing(s) you need to know about a fire wizard is that 1) They have the second lowest health, 2) They are overlords of DOTs (Damage Over Time Spells,) 3) They have the second lowest accuracy.

A fire wizard starts off with 415 health and 15 mana So you have to be careful how you deal with your fire wizard.
If you read on carefully, I can teach you how to time your spells so you know when your wizard is going to fizzle! This can really help with pvp, which I will explain later in the guide.

Never go right into a battle/duel casting an attack spell. Odds are you might fizzle. Always start off using a spell with a 0% chance of fizzling. Try this out: Go into a battle, use a wand, THEN use a full attack spell. Try this at least 5 times. See? You didn’t fizzle as much as if you were going to just keep attacking. That’s because the percentage reset when you cast that 100% accurate spell.

Damage over time (DOTs)

Damage over time is a fire’s technique to battle. It is kind of like a curse that lasts for 3 rounds that’s hard to shield from. Normal DOTs usually hit the first round, then the rest of the damage over 3 rounds. You then have a chance to power up and hit again or heal/shield, while they are trying to shield or heal from your attack!

Not all spells hit like that, though. Some are just one hit or some hit with the most damage on the first round and the least on the 3 rounds.

Got spirit?
The common colors for a fire wizard are Red and Orange. (Some arguably replace orange with gold)

0.2 Training Points and Spells

Fire wizards gain a total of 40 Training points as of the new release of Azteca.

These are the spells you MUST get over your wizards lifetime IF you decide to pvp (credit: Blaze Raven):
**Spells bolded if required**

Ice- Tower Shield (Basic PvP shield for any school) 5 tp
Ice- Stun Block 1tp
Balance- Weakness (Sandstorm suggested but optional) 3tp (5 with Sandstorm)
Balance- Reshuffle 1tp
Balance- Elemental Blade 1tp
Life- Sprite 4tp
Death- Infection 1tp
Sun- Colossal 5tp
Sun- Cloak 1tp
Sun- Sharpened Blade 1tp
Sun- Primordial 1tp
Star- Infallible and Fortify 2tp
**Total Training Points Spent 28/40**

If you decide NOT to pvp, this is what you MUST have:
Tower Shield
Elemental Blade

Total Spent: 11

This is what is optional:
Stun Block
Fire Shield
Ice Shield
Storm Shield
Death Shield
Myth Shield
Life Shield

See you will have plenty of Training point!
Please note that some of these spells you may need a life mastery amulet. Either wait next year for gear a palooza, where you can get one for just under 10 bucks, or buy one now for $20.

0.3 Gear

In my opinion, you should update your gear every 2-5 levels, like this:
level 5
level 7
level 10
level 12
level 15
level 20
level 25
level 30
level 35
level 40
level 42 (certain objects)
level 45
level 48 (certain objects)
level 50
level 52
level 58
level 60 waterworks recommended
level 62
level 66 (Crafting)
level 70
level 72
level 74
level 76 (crafting) Refer to pvp guides
level 80
level 85
level 86 (crafting) Refer to pvp guides
level 90

The crafting gear early in the game, I don’t really recommend. Crafting for places like Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and DragonSpyre all give gear that supports two schools instead of giving good universal resist (Universal resist is resist to all schools)

Waterworks gear is important! If you don’t have the waterworks gear at least to level 70 (unless you craft) then you will die a lot! Make sure you craft the good gear!

There is a quest in Wizard city from Gloria Krendell (?) in Olde Town before you go to Krokotopia that will give you free gear!

0.4 Questing

Yes, there is a certain way you must quest. If you don’t quest this way, things may turn out harder than they look.

Since you have the lowest health, and all, you might want to try and get a head start before you march right into Krokotopia.
Of course, you must finish Unicorn way first.

Once you do unicorn way, you MUST finish ALL side quests in the area. If you do not follow this rule, good luck in DragonSpyre! (Pst! If you do side worlds, you could possibly get to DragonSpyre by level 47!!!

You should be level 3-4 by now.
By the time you defeat Lady Blackhope, you should be level 4-5. Now what you need to do is do Cyclops lane. Cyclops lane is the easiest street in Olde Town. Keep doing the main quests in there, and when you finish, make sure you do the side quests!
In Dragonspyre, there is not enough experience to fulfill your needs, so you really need to do side quests until you reach Celestia. From then on, you shouldn’t have any trouble leveling in the worlds later in the game!

Now that we have finished Cyclops Lane, we should go to Triton Avenue. There you should reach level 10-12. Then once you do that, Go to Firecat alley, of course, you and should be levels 11-13
By the time you finish Colossus Blvd., you should be level 12-15
There you have it, you have a 5 level headstart to Krokotopia! As long as you do every side quest, Every world should be a breeze.

0.5 Techniques

There are many techniques, because fires have many (different) spells, like:

hit ‘n heal (OT)
These are spells that hit over time and heal you at the same time (over time.) Spells like these are: Link, PowerLink
Just spells that attack over time in general. Spells like these are: Fire Elf, Scald, ect.
AoEDOTs (Attack all enemies, Damage over time)
Spells that attack all enemies AND do damage over time. (Rain of Fire)
Single hit
Every school has one of these, need I explain?
Double hit Mercy 
I call it double hit mercy because these are spells that hit hard the first time, then do little damage the second time. Kind of likeMinotaur, but the opposite. (Sun Serpent) I predict in the future fire will get a spell like minotaur.

0.5.1 Technique for levels 1-5
This is pretty easy. You get Fire Blade pretty early. A blade and a fire cat can finish off real quick.
Once you get fire elf, you abuse it the same way you did with fire cat. ***do NOT use the wand that gives rank 1 spells for all schools except fire***
0.5.2 Technique for levels 10-15
Yet another fire blade and kill. It is really easy. You should have sunbird now. Heck, one blade and it can kill a boss alone with sunbird.

0.5.3 Technique for levels 15-30
It gets even easier. Remember how I said for training points to get the tower shield? there you have it! you have protection! once you get tower shield, you no longer need to use training points on ice school, go to life school to get sprite, then later on satyr.

Anything else to add? Please, do tell!

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