Monster Legends Legendary Breeding Guide

Monster Legends Legendary Breeding Guide by shaansubbaiah

Vadamagma = Scorchpeg + Duchess

Thorder = Skipples + Rabidex

Lord of Atlantis = Rabidex + Razfeesh

Rockantium = Terracrank + Fliploch

Archknight = Duchess + Skipples

Nemestrinus = Electrex + Scorchpeg

Nebotus =Fayemelina + Fliploch (not confirmed)

Note: this has been done after several ppl proving it.. if u have any more posiible breeding results plz share.

I recently got a Lord of Atlantis… and Thorder(second pandaken)

when breeding 2 scrorcpeg might get a nemestrinus/vadagmama

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3 Responses

  1. I have a breeding time of 32hours and I breeded Postigrauf and Electrex. Epic or legendary?

  2. Bryan says:

    Just last night I bred the legendary Darkzgul using Fayemelina and Darknubis (both at least level 25 even though that doesn’t matter). I got it on my first try, it’s taking 47 hrs to breed, then another 47 to hatch, so be ready for 4 days of waiting, unless you have the gems to speed it up. Don’t get too excited, because I failed at making almost every other monster I was trying to make at the time, I just got lucky. Remember: Fayemelina and Darknubis (in that order on the breeding screen). You can confirm this on other websites, its 1 of the more well known legendary monsters, I’m surprised it’s not on here. Hope I helped at least 1 person get a legendary, Happy Hunting or rather, breeding lol.

  3. Bob says:

    Youre lord of atlantis combination is false, rabidex isn’t a part

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