Monster Legends Making Gold and Food Guide

Monster Legends Making Gold and Food Guide by DragonLegend

This will be mainly for beginners on how to proceed with starting the game and increasing gold output along with food.

The first thing to do in this game is to invest your starting gems into another worker hut. This will double the speed at which you can build multiple items at the same time. It costs 50 gems and it really is the best way to spend it.

When starting the game, your focus should be more on habitats and breeding multiple monsters to warrant the need of such habitats. Level the habitats up to a suitable level, however much you can afford. It’s best to invest in earning gold early instead of leveling your monsters since more gold = more food. It’s the logical step.

Leveling your monsters is also important but the starting monsters won’t be kept for very long since you will gain newer ones continuously throughout the game which is also a reason to only level the monsters up to only an average level, it’s all about priorities. The easily breedable monsters that are available to breed near the beginning also don’t earn much gold (even when you do level them up which is why habitats are the best investment early on) Hope I explained my reason.

Battling in PVP is also important along with adventure map. You will gain gold or other items including food depending on the outcome and your luck. Don’t forget to take revenge when possible, you can do this by checking your attack log in the PVP arena.

When battling in PVP arena it’s also wise to choose opponents who you think you can defeat. If you’re matched with someone who has three level 20’s and you have 3 level 10’s for example, that would be a bad move. They could also possibly take revenge on you which result in you losing twice. This post isn’t about battling however.

Collect your gold from your habitats regularly and the next most important thing to do is to upgrade your food farms. You should always get the highest food quantity you can because although the price might be higher per food, the XP will be gigantic for the higher food. You will want to level as fast as you can because it will allow access to higher level habitats which hold more gold and higher level monsters which generate more gold. You should spend your food as fast as you can unless you have a shield protecting you because other players could steal your food and also gold which is why you should use it as soon as possible. Buying a shield is also an option but that is entirely your choice, you will lose the shield if you attempt to combat however which is something to keep in mind.

You could also have other friends who play this game send you free gold or food, they will be able to send you more depending on how high of a level they are. You should always accept your notifications for this reason and also send free gifts to your friends who might not usually engage in that feature.

The Monster market is also another feature which will be useful and can create either gold or food, the more friends who you have to help. The more food you will gain after 12 hour periods.

Clearing fallen meteorite will also give you prizes such as food, gold or gems. They appear often and don’t take long to remove at all.

Now then, you could always buy gold or food using gems which you could earn or buy with real money. This is again entirely your choice but you will still need to be careful with how you use it.

I hope I helped.

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