Hidden Chronicles Estate Map Hidden Quests

Hidden Chronicles Estate Map Hidden Quests by ABC

Vic over at the elite page has talked to Zynga and has come up with this following list. You do NOT have to pay the estate cash to unlock it in order to complete this.

*Thank you Vic for this pic.

These are quests 1 through 9: completed during the Hot on the Trail quests

These are the rest of the map quests. Numbers have been verified by Zynga.

*Thank you Vic for this picture.

10. Complete the Safe Room Puzzle: Complete Geoffrey’s Secret Chamber

11. Go Green, Grow Greens: Complete the Vegetable Garden. It can be found in the marketplace, under the buildings tab and it takes 6 crew members to complete. Looks like this:

12. Return to your Favorite Scenes: Play any 4 scenes, the same scene so this counts.

13. Explore Secluded Treehouse: Complete the Lofty Playroom Puzzle. The Set 5 puzzle pieces are NOT AVAILABLE YET. They will be, just like they unlocked sets 3 and 4.

14. Build a vault – according to Support you should already have this item if you are above Level 25- if not Zynga support can assist you. If you have the Vault the mission will already count; but the vault HAS to be on your estate (not just inventory). It looks like this:

15. Complete the “Water Creatures” Collection and trade in.

16. Return to “The Jeweled Cast-off”: Earn 13 trophies. This is Chapter 5 of the Manor scenes.

17. It’s the Age of Aquarium: Place the Aquarium from inventory if you are above Level 25 (Old reward) -according to Support you should already have this item- if not they will assist you. If you already have the Aquarium, the mission will count.

18. Explore the Secluded Lion Pond: Play the scene once & unlock the Sunken Lion scene.

19. Explore the Secluded Retreat: Play the scene once.

20. Gather under the Rotunda: Place And Build the Guardian Rotunda.

21. Complete the “Farm Animals Collection” and trade in.

22. Complete the “Secret Agent Collection” and trade in.

23. Place the Turquoise Pagoda: From the original quests. (Complete Say it with Flowers Quest)- If you already have the Turquoise Pagoda the mission will already count.

24. Trophy Pile: Return to The Ming Vase: Earn 15 Trophy’s in the Imperial Vessel – Click on the Manor to open the Scene selector. Locate Chapter 6 to select these scenes.

25. Explore the Secluded Pavilion: Play the scene once

26. Complete” Modern Art Collection” and trade in.

27. Celebrate a Centaur Sentry: Place the Centaur statue (marketplace under structures)

28. Complete “Toys and Trinkets Collection” and trade in.

29. Place the Barn: This is a Quest. If you already have the barn PLACED, IT WILL COUNT. If not you will need to place the Barn as the Quest stated. You will need land Space.

30. Explore the Secluded Windmill

31. Return to a Haunting Melody: Earn 15 Trophy’s in the Haunting Melody. Click on Scene Selector Manor Tab Chapter 2 and you will find the Haunting Melody there.

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