Hearthstone Mage Master 3 Decklist

Hearthstone Mage Master 3 Decklist by Emberflux

Introduction –

  • 1) My name is George “Emberflux” Chavarria :D
  • 2) I’ve played the card game Magic the Gathering ever since the set Odyssey (October 2001)
  • 3) I generally keep playing a game until I’m really good then I get bored. This happened with WoW, Call of Duty 4 MW 1&2, Starcraft 1&2, Team Fortress 1&2, Natural Selection, Day of Defeat 1.6/Source, and the list goes on
  • 4) I actively play League of Legends (in Diamond League)
  • 5) I’ll be 20 years old in a few months
  • 6) I went to California State Northridge for a year even though school has never been my passion

“Emberflux, why should we care about all this? Show us your decklist!”
You make an excellent point. I just wanted to show you that I’m a person just like you. Two more things: I’m not saying my deck lists are better than any one else’s so please keep it civilized :D

If you want to have a friendly match against me, add me: Emberflux #1398
Note: Give me a heads-up on this thread before you add me please and thank you! :)

Hearthstone Background –

  • 1) An estimated 400+ games with Mage
  • 2) Lv60 Mage Class
  • 3) Lv144 Total Level
  • 4) Not a fan of Arena
  • 5) My record is winning on turn 5 with my Mana Blast and Secrecy deck

DECK NAME: MANA BLAST **Updated 12/20/2013**

Introduction – 

This is my main deck in which I’ve played countless games with. It’s an amazing deck and serves as the benchmark for the rest of my decks. Its focus is to completely take control of the field. If you’re looking for a powerful control deck well you’ll love this one.

Strategy –

  • We’ll either want to have a good early aggressive start with Mana Wyrm so that we could finish our opponent with Pyroblast or just control the field/opponent until we could safely use both Pyroblasts.

    What’s amazing about this deck style specifically is that it scales into the late game. What I mean is: the majority of our creatures in this deck will only make our damage spells more stronger.

Mana Cost || Name || Quantity || * = Legendary || [ ] = Sideboard

1 Arcane Missiles x2
1 Mirror Image x2
1 Mana Wyrm x2
2 Arcane Explosion x2
2 Frost Bolt x2
2 Bloodmage Thalnos *
2 Kobold Geomancer x2
2 Wild Pyromancer x2 [Sorc Apprentice, Acidic Swamp Ooze or Ironbeak Owl]
3 Arcane Intellect x2
3 Acolyte of Pain x1
4 Cone of Cold x2
4 Fireball x2
4 Polymorph x2
4 Leeroy Jenkins *
5 Azure Drake x2
6 Argent Commander x1
8 Pyroblast x2

Link to the visualized deck list:

Other Thoughts –

  • Generally we want to get all the early game cards we can get in our opening hand. Furthermore we will always want to have Frost Bolt and/or Mana Wyrmin our opening hand. Eventually you’ll decide for yourself what’s best though.
  • Usually we’ll want to use our spells to kill their creatures that way we keep control of the field until we decide to use our friendly neighborhood Pyroblasts.
  • Unless we’re going to play Mana Wyrm, always save our creatures until we could use them efficiently. A turn 2 Kobold Geomancer is not going to do much by itself but if we wait until turn 4, we could play Kobold Geomancer and Arcane Explosion to deal 2 damage to the enemy minions.
  • Be certain to maximize the usage of our cards. Imagine if we had 1x Kobold Geomancer, 1x Arcane Explosion, 1x Blizzard, and 1x Wild Pyromancer in our hand. If we play Geomancer and Arcane Explosion, we’ll run the risk of having Geomancer removed by our opponent. We’d rather play Wild Pyromancer who is going to kill himself eventually .
  • Wild Pyromancer is Kobold Geomancer’s twisted brother. Wild Pyromancer and Acolyte of Pain combo amazingly well when out on the field at the same time. Ideally we’ll also want to have cheap spells in our hand for maximum potential.
  • Leeroy Jenkins + Arcane Explosion combo. Personally, Jenkins is one of my favorite cards in the game. He is basically a third Fireball. If we manage to pull this combo off while our opponent has weak creatures then that’s just a plus.
  • Another favorite combo is Argent Commander + Leeroy Jenkins. Together they form another Pyroblast but for 10 mana.
  • My deck’s name is Mana Blast in honor of Mana Wyrm and Pyroblast which are usually the win conditions.
  • If we’re running Wild Pyromancer in our deck, it’s best not run Mirror Image as it may prove counterproductive (hurting our own creatures – except for Acolyte and Pyromancer – is not a good thing).


Introduction –

This is arguably my most fun deck due to its uniqueness. Its strength lies in the benefit of card value such as Kirin Tor Mage, Shattered Sun Cleric, Dark Iron Dwarf, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Argent Commander and Archmage Antonidas. Another strength is its evasion factor provided by certain secrets and creatures such as Spellbender, Counterspell, and Faerie Dragon. I recommend this deck to whoever wants a different approach to aggressiveness.

Strategy –

This deck has two strategies.

The first strategy is to get your creatures out early and protect them with secrets. During an early game there are 4 different creatures that can snowball (become stronger). Those 4 creatures are Mana Wyrm, Faerie Dragon, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Kirin Tor Mage. I’m usually able to close out the game soon after the creatures have done their damage.

The second strategy is to stall until you could get your combos off such as: mass cantrip (card draw) with Goblin Auctioneer or mass Fireball with Archmage Antonidas.

Mana Cost || Name || Quantity || * = Legendary || [ ] = Sideboard

1 Arcane Missiles x2
1 Mirror Image x2
1 Mana Wyrm x2
2 Frost Bolt x2
2 Faerie Dragon x2
2 Sorcerer’s Apprentice x2
3 Arcane Intellect x2
3 Counterspell x2
3 Spellbender x2
3 Kirin Tor Mage x2
3 Shattered Sun Cleric x2
4 Fireball x2
4 Dark Iron Dwarf x2
5 Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2
6 Argent Commander x1 [Sunwalker]
7 Archmage Antonidas *

Link to the visualized decklist:

Other Thoughts –

  • Always try to keep at most one secret and at least one early game creature in your opening hand.
  • Counterspell and Spellbender are great methods in preventing your creature from being destroyed or worse Mind Controlled.
  • Try to play one of the secrets before or after casting either Gadgetzan Auctioneer or Archmage Antonidas to increase chances of survival.
  • A well placed secret will not only aid in your creature’s survival but it will also force your opponent to waste a spell card.


Introduction –

I’ve recently been working on this budget deck for people who are less fortunate. Never did I think I would have so much FUN! It’s really fast paced and unlike most Mages out there, you don’t need Pyroblast – or any legendary – whatsoever. Even though this deck was made for budget purposes, I’d recommend this deck to any one who likes beating his/her opponent to death with creatures!

Strategy –

Get your creatures out early to buff them with cards like Dire Wolf Alpha, Raid Leader, Shattered Sun Cleric, Defender of Argus and Dark Iron Dwarf. In an article I read the author called these type of cards “buff cards.” Anyways, the aforementioned buff cards make your weak creatures become overwhelming threats to your opponent. At the same time the buff cards have decent bodies that can aid you in your struggle to victory!

Mana Cost || Name || Quantity || * = Legendary || [ ] = Sideboard

1 Mirror Image x2
1 Mana Wyrm x2
2 Frost Bolt x2
2 Dire Wolf Alpha x2
2 Knife Juggler x2
2 Murloc Tidehunter x2
2 Novice Engineer x2
3 Cone of Cold x2
3 Acolyte of Pain x2
3 Harvest Golem x2
3 Raid Leader x2
3 Shattered Sun Cleric x2
4 Fireball x2
4 Dark Iron Dwarf x2
4 Defender of Argus x2

Link to the visualized decklist:

Other Thoughts –

  • Mirror Image/Murloc Tiderhunter/Harvest Golem: Great creature generators for each of their respective turns (1,2,3). The deck obviously needs creatures for synergy with buff cards and also to fuel Knife Juggler.
  • Mana Wyrm: As long as The Coin is a spell, this card will forever have a place in all of my Mage decks. That being said, if you manage to get the combo off (Mana Wyrm + The Coin + Mirror Image] you will have an unmatched early game.
  • Knife Juggler: As some one recently pointed out to me, Knife Juggler is without a doubt one of the most powerful 2 drops atm. In a creature heavy deck, he’ll persistently be able to activate his ability for an overwhelming total amount of damage.
  • Frostbolt/Fireball/Cone of Cold: Strictly there for creature removal; however, Fireball and Frostbolt have definitely served as finishers before.
  • Novice Engineer/Acolyte of Pain: EVERY deck needs draw power. Since this deck is more reliant on creatures we will have to get our draw power from creatures.
  • Keep in mind this isn’t a control deck so we’ll have to keep control of the field with our creatures when we don’t have our removal spells (Frost Bolt, Fireball, etc).
  • This deck has a total of 4 rares and 10 commons equating to a total of 800 dust. For the most part, every rare and common in this deck are essential. My advice to you is to first get all the commons if you can’t afford all the rares yet.
  • The best Legendary creatures for this deck are Sylvanas Windrunner, Hogger, and Cairne Bloodhoof.
  • The card I value the least in this deck is Raid Leader due to its weak body (2/2 for 3 mana).

General Tips –

  • Always try to use our cheap cost cards first unless we have no other choice.
  • Arcane Missiles is like using multiple Fireblasts for 1 mana.
  • Arena is the most potent method in using your gold to get the cards you need/want.
  • “If you are top decking with 30 health to somebody that has 15 health, board control, and card advantage you are actually losing.”

Thank you for reading and please remember to tell me what you think!

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