TERA Online Campfires Guide

TERA Online Campfires Guide by Grooguz

Campfires are an interesting part of the out of combat TERA experience. There are campfires, just like the one pictured, all around the world of Arborea, usually near questing hubs that never burn out. However, these campfires also exist in portable versions, being given out as quest rewards. Players are able to put those down wherever they chose, though eventually, those fires will die out. That’s the purpose of the firestarters. Any player is able to keep the fire alive by using a firestarter item. The portable fires are one-time-use items and aren’t currently buyable, but this could always change.

The image to the right shows the following:

  • Campfire
  • Firestarter
  • Parchments
  • Your Condition

Firestarters are used to keep your fire burning. Parchments allow you to use the campfire and depending on which one you use an appropriate effect will be given to you. The big heard displayed in the picture shows your condition, and the longer you stay near the campfire the better it is; better condition increases your health which is always good.

Campfires are used by right-clicking a parchment near a campfire. If you continue putting firestarters in the fire it will continue to burn. If you use more parchments you can receive other special effects, and staying in rested condition near the campfire will recover your condition to full.

These are just the basics to help you understand better how campfires work. When I have more information on the specific effects I’ll be sure to update this article.


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