TERA Online Equipment Stats Guide

TERA Online Equipment Stats Guide by Celaeris

This is a guide telling you all the stats on weapons, armor, and jewelry and what they do. Some of the text translations are bad, or they were bad in Korean, so it hopes to ameliorate that. Remember, if you’re rolling for stats, the one’s where it’s at +1 or higher, you can only get one of a stat. So if you get attack speed at +3, you can’t see it at +6, or +9. However, if you do get a stat at +3, you can get it at +0 random one too. Some PvP stats won’t show up on PvE items, and they only show up on certain items that can roll them. Typically, they only show up at the +0 slot.

Note: When you see 3 numbers, the first number is for non-MW; the second number is for MW stats above the line (+0 stats), and the third number is for MW stats below the line (+3, 6, 9 etc). There’s a few random stats that don’t follow this.

Anyways here are the stats:

Increases attack speed by 8%/8.5%/9%.
Increases your attack speed, so all your animations are faster. Skills like Death From Above for Warriors animate faster too.
50% chance to regenerate MP when combat starts.
When entering combat, you get a buff currently called “Infusion” or “Continual MP Recovery [Equipment Effect]”, and it restores 1.5%/1.7%/2.0% of max MP every second for 10 seconds (so 15%/17%/20% total).
0.2%/0.23%/0.25% of your total MP instantly returns when you use a skill.
This is pretty self-explanatory.
You deal 3%/3.5%/4% extra damage to the target with the highest aggro to you.
This one is only works if you are the aggro circle under you for BAMs, so it’s good for tanks and people who solo, otherwise you won’t get this bonus. This doesn’t work in PvP.
Increases PvP damage dealt by 4.
Increases PvP damage. I’m not sure how much it increases damage by exactly, since it’s not a percentage anymore.
Do 4.5%/5.3%/6% more damage when you attack small monsters.
Minions are the ones with tiny diamonds on the map. Also when in combat, their names don’t show, and your health bars are super thin. Stat is only useful for leveling.
Do 4.5%/5.3%/6% more damage when you attack normal monsters.
Normal mobs are the medium sized diamonds, their health bar is a bit bigger than minions in combat. Some mobs (like mini-bosses in FoK) have BAM aggro circles, but are still normal mobs. Also good stat for leveling.
Do 4.5%/5.3%/6% more damage when you attack boss monsters.
For bosses, with big diamonds on the minimap. Almost all bosses have aggro circles. Useful for end game dungeons.
Do 5.1%/5.7%/6.4% more damage when you attack monsters from behind.
Works in PvE and PvP even though it says monsters. Maybe target is a better word.
Do 5.3%/6.1%/7% more damage when you attack prone monsters.
Works in PvE and PvP even though it says monsters.
Do 6%/7%/8% more damage when you attack enraged monsters.
For PvE, since many mobs are enraged for quite a long time.
Increases Impact Factor by 7/8/-
This tooltip was wrong int he past, but it says what it does now. It increases your chance to knockdown and flinch (hitstun) targets. Can be rerolled only at +0 on Agnitor (Nexus) weapons.
Increases max HP by 7.5%/8.7%/-
Increases your base HP by 7.5% or 8.7% when masterworked. Appears on Lancer and healer weapons, and can only be rerolled at +0 on Agnitor (Nexus) weapons. It applies to base HP only so it doesn’t increase the HP gained from Relentless Cruxes or Zyrks, nor does this bonus affect the stamina HP bonus.
Increases power by 3
Appears only on MW weapons at +10, +11, and +12. Does not appear on a few healer weapons, and lancer weapons.

Class specific stats
Your skills produce 6% less aggro. Reduces aggro from skills by 6.5%/7%
Healer only. Healer aggro isn’t much of an issue at end game, so it’s not really worth using it, and in one fight (queen), healer aggro is actually beneficial.
Receive 7%/7.5%/8% more healing.
Healer only. This affects outgoing heals (does not affect mystic orb/fairy/totem.)
Increase healing by 9.1%
Healer only. This only appears on weapons at level 50 or below. It also affects outgoing heals but the math is different.
Receive 2%/4%/1.5% more healing
Healer only. Appears only on newer QoA2 healer weapons: T13 (Discord), T14 (Abyss, Regent’s, and Visionmaker). It appears at +4 (2%), and +8 (4%) to entice healers to enchant their weapon. The 1.5% appears when those weapons are masterworked, and are at +10, +11, and +12. Increases outgoing heals.
Your attacks draw 13.5%/14%/14.5% more aggro.
Lancer only. For holding aggro.
Your attacks draw 5%/8%/2% more aggro.
Lancer only. Appears on newer QoA2 lancer weapons: T13 (Discord), T14 (Abyss, Agnitor/Nexus, Regent’s, and Visionmaker). It appears at +4 (5%), and +8 (8%) to entice lancers to enchant their weapon. The 2% appears when those weapons are masterworked, and are at +10, +11, and +12.

Heal 0.11%/0.14%(?)/0.17% of total HP instantly when a skill hits target.
This is pretty self-explanatory.
30% chance to regenerate HP when combat starts.
Heals 2%/2.5%(?)/3% of your total HP every second for 10 seconds when you enter combat and you get the buff.
Improve your resistance to crits by 1.2%/1.7%/2%.
It counters carving crystals I believe, but it’s a difficult stat to test. It doesn’t increase the crit resist stat.
Damage from other players decreases by 4.
Reduces PvP damage. It’s no longer a percentage.
You take 3%/3.5%/4% less damage from the monster with highest aggro to you.
For tanks, and people who solo. Useless in PvP.
You take 3%/3.5%/4% less damage from frontal attacks.
This is pretty self-explanatory.
Damage from small monsters decreases by 4.5%/5.3%/6%
Damage from mobs that have small diamonds on the minimap.
Damage from normal monsters decreases by 4.5%/5.3%/6%.
Damage from mobs that have medium diamonds on the minimap.
Damage from boss monsters decreases by 4.5%/5.3%/6%.
Damage from mobs that have large diamonds on the minimap.
You take 5.3%/6.1%/7% less damage from attacks while knocked down.
Self-explanatory; useful in PvP, and occasionally in PvE.
You take 6%/7%/8% less damage from enraged monsters.
This is a very good stat in PvE since bosses tend to be enraged a lot in PvE, especially as your group’s DPS gets better.
Increases HP restoration by 8.6%/9.5%/10.4%
Increases healing received. (aka incoming heals).
Reflects 15%/16.6%/18.2% of damage to the attacker.
Damage is capped at targets max health in PvP, and 50,000 in PvE, although I haven’t tested the caps recently.
Increases balance while using a skill by 18%/21%/24%.
Reduces the chance of getting flinched or knocked down while being attacked. It might be +18 balance and not a percentage, but it’s very difficult to test without knowing too well how balance works.
Increases chance to resist knockdown and immobilize by 18/23/-.
Increases Balance Factor by 18/23. Immobilize means flinching (hitstun). Appears only on Agnitor (Nexus) armors (can only be rerolled at +0).
Increases endurance 2.
Appears at +10, +11, +12 on MW items. Helps with defense in general, so you’ll take less damage.

Increases your crit rate by 1/2/3
This always appears on green, blue or yellow gloves, just as a base stat. Increases crit rate. Doesn’t change when masterworked.
Increases power 1/2/3
Increase the power stat, which will increase attack. This can be rolled at +0, or +9.
Increases your crit rate by 2/3/4
Increases your crit rate stat, which affects the chance you crit. This is fixed on PvE items at +3, +6, and can be rolled at +0, or +9.
Increases impact factor by 2/3/4(?)
Increases the chance to knockdown or flinch (hitstun) targets. Can be rolled at +0/+9.
You take less damage from crits.
You used to be able to reroll this as a random stat, but I haven’t seen it recently. Appears on PvP Items. Last I checked it reduces critical hit damage by -0.03x, but it may have changed since then. It used to appear at +0/+9.
Regenerates 4.5%/5.1%/5.7% HP.
Cloth only. It’s a healing stat, so it only appears on cloth gloves. It affects outgoing heals. Can be rolled at +0/+9.
Your attacks draw 6.7%/7%/7.2% more aggro.
Plate only. It’s for lancers, so only appears on plate. (Warriors don’t get it). Can be rolled at +0/+9.
Increases PvP damage by X
Increases how much PvP damage you do in PvP; appears on all the new PvP items that came out with QoA2.
Decreases PvP damage by X
Decreases how much PvP damage you take in PvP; appears on older PvP items before QoA2 (Nexus T13, older 58 armors, etc).
Increases endurance 2
Appears at +10, +11, and +12 on all gloves when Masterworked before QoA2 came out (Dreamkeeper set is the last set with endurance on it. Since then it has been replaced and the new stats can be rerolled, depending on your class).
Increases aggro by 2%
Appears on plate or leather at +10, +11, or +12 on the new QoA2 items. For lancers and warrior tanks.
Increases healing by 1.5%
Appears on cloth at +10, +11 or +12 on the new QoA2 items. For healers.
Increases power by 3
Appears on all types of armor at +100, +11 or +12 on the new QoA2 items. For the DPS classes.

Increases your movement speed by 3%/6%/10%.
This always comes on shoes depending on rarity and is not affected by MW stats. It appears on green, blue or yellow shoes. Increases in combat and out of combat movement speed.
Increases your movement speed by 1.5%/2%/2.5%
This is a rerollable stat that appears at +0 or +9, and automatically appears (not-rerollable) on all non-PvP shoes at +3 and +6. Increases in combat and out of combat movement speed.
Increases endurance by 1/2/3.
Increases your endurance, which in turn in increases your defense, and you take less damage. Can appear at +0/+9.
Increases Balance Factor by 2/3/4(?).
Increases your balance factor, which reduces the chance that you are knocked down or flinched (hitstun) when hit. A pretty worthless stat. Can appear at +0/+9.
Increases resistance to crits by 2/3/4.
I haven’t seen this stat recently. It reduces the chance you are crit by a small amount. It’s hard to test to so it’s hard to say the real effect of the stat is. There has been a bit of disagreement over how this stat works however. Can appear at +0/+9.
Increases balance and chance to resist stun while under boss’s feet by 30%/31.5%/33%.
Increases your balance when the boss tramples you, so you don’t get knocked down or flinched (hit stun). For those players who get annoyed by boss trampling over you. I heard it’s decent at doing it, but I know few people opt to use this stat. Can appear at +0/+9.
Decreases duration of slowing effects by 0.7/0.685/0.67.
Decreases the duration of slow effects by 30%/31.5%/33% is what it actually says. The translation is correct, just the wording was misleading in past Korean versions. (It happened to the stun duration on earrings, which confused a lot of people. Can appear at +0/+9.
Decreases PvP Damage by X.
Appears on some armors mostly for PvP reduces damage you take in PvP. Can be rolled on T14 Conjuct boots.
Increases your movement speed by 6%.
Appears on PvP shoes and Visionmaker shoes, and overall this stat is better than the normal boots stats.
Increases endurance 2.
Only appears on shoes at +10, +11, and +12 when masterworked.

Rings and Necklaces
Regenerates 4.5% HP.
Increases outgoing heals by 4.5% Useful for healers only.
Increases crit damage by +0.04.
Increases the damage when you crit by 0.04x. (a 2x crit becomes 2.04x). Your target may affect the total crit amount.
Increases your crit rate by 2.
Increases your chance to crit. Valuable to DPS classes.
Increases weakening effects on opponents by 2.6%
Increases the chance weakening (green) effects lands. Typical weaning effects include slows and debuffs that reduce endurance.
Increases stun effects on opponents by 2.3%
Increases the chance that stun (red) effects land. Typically, things like real stuns (status effect), sleeps, and roots fall in this category.
Increases periodic damage on opponents by 3%
Based on how the other two work, this actually increases the chance that your DoT (damage over time) effect will not get resisted. It does NOT increase the damage done by the DoT once it lands. It affects poison, and fire debuffs that damage targets over a period of time. It doesn’t affect Hailstorm either for sorcs.
Increases attack speed by 3%, 4%, or 6%
This only appears on a few necklaces, and are not randomly rolled. 3% is on Practicum Necklace in ToT. 4% appears on Phoenix Fanetails (BT/FoK HM drops), and the Thulsian Curio (SG), and the level 15 collector’s edition necklace. 6% appears on the level 40 collector’s edition necklace, and the Dire Necklace from ToT (super rare), and Chain of Deceit from SG (super rare).
Draws additional aggro by 1.5%
Appears only on 2 rings: one from Valsekyr Hunt reputation, and one on the Conquer Ring from BGs.
Inflicts an extra 1.5% damage
Appears only on 2 rings: one from Shariar reputation, and one on the other Conquer Ring from BGs. This is a huge stat for DPS since it adds 1.5% damage to everything (additive with boss, enrage, back damage, etc.).
Increases healing by 5%
Appears on only 2 rings: one from Hydread Legacy reputation, and one on the third Conquer Ring from BGs.

Decreases poison damage by 15%
Decreases the damage from poison DoTs by 15%, but they have to be poison. Some DoTs are poison but some are classified as other DoTs. A lot of PvP dots are poison, but there’s usually better options.
Decreases duration of stun effects by 10%
The description is correct, the stuns you take last 10% shorter. It used to say 0.8, which meant 20% duration reduction but it was nerfed and the tooltip was corrected. It does not affect the duration of sleeps, or roots.
Increases HP restoration by 4.3%
Increases incoming heals by 4.32%.
Increases resistance to weakening effects by 2.3%
Increases the chance to resist weakening effects, which are typically slows and endurance debuffs.
Increases resistance to periodic damage effects by 2.6%
Increases the chance to resist DoTs and the such.
Increases resistance to stun effects by 1.9%
Increases the chance that you resist stuns (and possibly roots and sleeps, since those are in the same category). Like all resist effect it depends on your base resist (typically ranged have the highest, and DPS classes have the lowest).

That pretty much covers every single stat that appears on equipment and what they do. I might post another post about game mechanics and how each of the stats work with formulas for those who care.

1 – Modified with Airutra’s comments
2 – Fixed some small spelling/formatting errors, and made the text green.
3 – 2.0% MP/s for MW Infusion stat on weapons.

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