TERA Online Priest Tips

TERA Online Priest Tips

The main point to emphasize about the priest class is that they’re great healers, but they aren’t just great healers. Sure, you’ll be responsible for keeping your group members alive, but you’ll also be making them stronger, tough and faster through a variety of buffs. And if all their health bars are full, you can turn your attention to doing some damage with attacks like Triple Nemesis and Shocking Implosion. You even have the option to combo those two attacks into Final Reprisal to really put a dent into your enemies. These damage-dealing abilities will also make you a force to be reckoning when you’re playing solo in TERA.

Since TERA is an action game, don’t expect to heal as a priest simply by standing in the background, targeting other players and repeatedly clicking the same spell. Some of your heals must be aimed, while others require a sense of timing on your part. And as we mentioned, you can expect to always be on the move to keep up with your allies. You’re going to have numerous heals to choose from, so it will be up to you to decide when it’s best to use a single target spell, a heal-over-time ability, or a massive group heal.

In addition to keeping allies alive, priests have a wide array of utility spells at their disposal. Need some crowd control? Slow down your enemies with Plague of Exhaustion or put them to sleep with Ishara’s Lullaby. Is everyone in your group poisoned? Cast Purifying Circle to get rid of those debuffs. And it should go without saying, but priests can revive fallen allies to keep them in the fight for as long as possible.

Ten Tactics Tips for Priests

1. The right heal for the right job. You have self-heals (the Heal Thyself skill), targeted heals (Focus Heal), heal-over-time magic (Divine Respite), group heals (Blessing of Balder, Healing Circle, and Regeneration Circle). The ability to quickly assess which heal is most efficient is what separates a good priest from a great priest.

2. Count your blessings. Many of your group buffs are called blessings, and you’ll want these running whenever danger is near. Blessing of Arachne increases various resistances, and Blessing of Balder perpetually heals the whole party. Shakan makes everyone deal more damage, Yurian takes the edge off enemy attacks, and Zenobia helps everyone run faster.

3. Stay away from the voodoo. Your Purifying Circle can scrub off all the poisons, evil magic, and other debuffs that TERA monsters will throw at you. And if a boss monster wallops the whole party, Arise will get them up and fighting in the blink of an eye.

4. Mind your manas. All that healing, blessing, and buffing costs mana, and you’ll need to keep one eye on that blue bar. In addition to the various charms and potions that get you more mana, you’ve got two skills (Mana Infusion and Mana Regeneration) that can refill that mana bar quickly.

4. When you aren’t healing, stay useful. You’ve got potent attacks in your arsenal like Metamorphic Blast and Plague of Exhaustion—Plague of Exhaustion slows down a whole crowd of enemies so you can manage battlefield traffic better. If you need lockdown crowd control, you can use Ishara’s Lullaby to put an enemy to sleep.

6. Know your combos. Two of your attacks—Triple Nemesis and Shocking Implosion—set up Final Reprisal, a short-range attack that deals a truckload of damage.

7. Widen your perspective. TERA is a game of movement, and you’re responsible for healing allies who are always running in and out of melee, dodging, and otherwise flying around the battlefield. Keeping track of them—and the monsters trying to kill you—will be a true test of your awareness.

8. Coordinate with other healers. The mystic class is also a capable healer and together you can make a battle look effortless… if you divide the labor. Come up with a plan, and communicate when the shifting tide of battle forces you to mix it up.

9. Keep a finger on your “Oh Shara!” button. Are the monsters ignoring the tank to focus on you? Use Prayer of Peace before they cut you to pieces. Bad guy in your face? Fiery Escape will damage them and slow them down enough for you to get away.

10. Use your feet! Speaking of running, you’ll be doing a lot of running around the battlefield — maybe more than anyone else. Sure, you’ll tell everyone in the group: “Run toward me if you need healing.” But the reality is that you’re probably paying more attention to their health than they are. Non-healers… whaddaya gonna do?

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