Dungeon Striker Special Dungeons Intro

Dungeon Striker Special Dungeons Intro by v2seraph

Most of the NPC / Items names below are unofficial guesses as I can’t read Korean at all. :P I will attach screenshots for reference.

Imp Forest / Kobold Mines
Introduction: Easy dungeons where bosses have chance to drop level 50 rare armors (Imp Forest) or level 50 unique weapon (Kobold Mines).
Requirement: Level 45, has entrance token.

Tokens can be acquired randomly from minions at Elemental Dungeons.

Talk to warp gate teleporter to enter the dungeon. Only party leader need to have the token if you wish to party your friends.


Elemental Dungeons
Introduction: These will be the dungeons you want to start farming past level 45. Blue named mini bosses from 2nd floor will drop rare grade (Blue) equipments, which can be dismantled for essences that you use to craft level 45 set armors.

Last boss will drop various accessories and equipments which can be dismantled for level 45 set boots crafting material. They also drop purple crafting material (Really rare…) for purple headgear and level 45 elemental weapons crafting materials..

Requirement: ≥Level 45, finished last main quest. (Shoot fireworks to air after you defeated Fallen Angel Boss)
Guidance Quest NPC: Elemental Priestess at the entrance of 4 elemental dungeons. Visit Gryphon after you got the quest from her, you will have to collect 4 elemental cores from different monsters.


First quest starts at forest dungeon, talk with ‘Deer? Elder’.


Recommendation: For starters, farm mini bosses at 2nd floor repeatedly until you get your main weapon. Next, craft at least shirt + pants 2 set armors. Following is up to you, if you want more HP, go for 5 set armors; If you want more damage, go for boss drops which have your main stat, vit and a gem slot. (You can ignore what I said of course but be warned, drop rate gets really low once you reach level 52!)

Simply create / join a party and leave if you wish to reset the dungeons. Also, pick whatever weapon you find and dismantle them for Enhancing Powders. You will need them to +7 your weapon, sell excessive powders for gold on market.

Joining public party: Most parties start out at garden so search there first.


Tower of Despair
Introduction: You are required to go through 9 floors of the tower. You can enter as long as you have entrance ticket.

Floor 1,2,4,5,7,8: Kill as many minions as you can within 2 minutes. Focus fire on elite mobs as they will spawn additional wave of minions. The more you minions you killed, the more Soul Gems you will get at the end of the stage.
Floor 3,6: Just kill the boss, they will drop a Silver Pendant upon death.
Floor 9: Boss will be invulnerable at first, you will have to prevent goblins carrying power orbs from reaching middle of the map. 1 additional mini boss will spawn for every 5 missed goblins.

Requirement: ≥Level 45, finished last main quest & Elemental Dungeon quest (Kill 4 elemental bosses).
Guidance Quest NPC: Same as above, Elemental Priestess at the entrance of 4 elemental dungeons. (Quest bubble may be greyed out if you are >level 50)

Acquiring Entrance Tickets: Get a quest from Mayor (NPC 1) daily, talk to the General (NPC 2) to get 3 ‘Sealed Documents’. Exchange Sealed Documents for ‘Introduction Letter’ at NPC 3. You may now enter the tower by talking to the guy in white tuxedo (NPC 4).


Rewards: Unique (Purple) equipments. DO NOT keep your Soul Gems, they will be deleted as soon as you exit the tower. Instead, exchange them for treasure chests, these chests have  small chance giving you an unique equipment.

Bronze chest [5 gems] gives boots, Silver chest [6 gems] gives gloves and Gold chest [7 gems] gives pants.

Silver Pendants gotten from bosses can be used to exchange for Unique Shirt or Gold Chest at NPC 3.

Joining public party: [Some party requirement]
●+7 – Means must have +7 main weapon
●1400 or 1500 –  Your attack must be in this range
●55~60 – At least level 55 or so on


Tower of Fire Dragon

Requirement: Level 55, finished all previous quests.

Guidance Quest NPC: Start with the guy in white tuxedo, next go to 5th town – Dwarf Town. Talk to a dwarf whose location is marked on map. Back to main city and enter Ice Elemental Dungeon. Follow pointers for the rest of the quest. :)

Acquiring Entrance Tickets: Same as Tower of Despair. Use Sealed Document to exchange entrance ticket.

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