Dragon Oath Pirate Hunting Guide

Dragon Oath Pirate Hunting Guide by 19darkhart97

Ok hi guys!, Well I here to write a guide on Pirate Hunting (I still don’t know why they call it that) Ok, let’s cut the crap and get to the point.


One silver arrow order (gained from your guild military atache. You need 20 guild
contribution to get it)

Useful classes 

-Shaolin (high defense, stamina for tanking)
-Lotus Order (healing)
-Pyromancer (high hit)
And basically any class after that but I recommend not having a double up of classes so you’ve got lots of buffs that are all different.
Once you’ve got that go to Twin island and go to the place called battle field.

Well this quest thingie requires you to kill 200 bandits. This is a bit like chess but they give tons more XP so I’d recommend using 2x exp. Well after you kill 20 a Bandit lord will apear (basically a mini boss). After you’ve killed 200 (oh and try to save lots of MP for the island boss because you need lots of skills or take a few MP potions). Back to the point once all 200 are dead there will be two bosses these giants have supernatural strengh and if you don’t know what you are doing you’ll best be dead. So this is were a Lotus comes in handy. Since these Ogre Lords are so high and mighty they drop big. Apart from q123 these have a fairly high drop rate of DFs.

So what’s the point in this?
Well it gives lots of exp (not as much as soccer but still lots) maybe 2k exp for each Bandit without 2x. You can also get DFs foam the Ogres aswell. It’s also possible to get titles from this by the number of Ogres you’ve killed totally.

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