Wakfu Sacrier Guide

Wakfu Sacrier Guide by Epyon1990

For starters, this is going to an ongoing guide, ill add more as get the time to do so. I will make my guides on all 3 element trees, sets spells and points. Obviously this isn’t law, its just a guide so if you disagree please don’t scream and shout, if you think you know better make your own, save everyone the hassle.

Agility Sacrier

The basics of an agility sacrier is mobility while doing damage and taking advantage of motion sickness as much as possible. Agility sacriers are great team players, we focus on moving enemies into possessions for friendly to AoE or even take friendly out of harms way.

Out of the 3 sacriers the agility is the middle most damaging of the three and also has the most range.

Ability Points

For a basic agi sacrier i would advise 1 ap and 1mp stats with the rest in agility.

Why? Because when you get to your 100’s you can have 10ap and 5mp, great mobility and the 10 ap brings out some lovely combos, the most basic one being MS and Assault x3 + attraction, It does some nice damage.

For a pvp build i advise a minimum of 6mp and 9ap. this is so you can always stay 1 step ahead of your enemy, quite literally and still having enough ap to manage the battlefield.

I would not advise a pure damage build but if you want to you can, but always try keep 9ap minimum just so you have the ability to transport 3 times to manage the battlefield as much as you can and always remember you use mp for your attacks so try keep a minimum of 5mp.

PS im not going to give you my build but its an evolution of the pvp guide.

Sacrier Specialties

What you want at the end of the day is:

Level 20 Bloodpact
Level 9 Transport
Level 9 Attraction (ill explain why)
Level 20 Angrr
Level 20 Moribund
and 8 spare points to do what you want with.

All these spells are a must, yet some people would argue attraction. The reason attraction is a must in my book is because at max level it dont cost ap. This can be very useful in team play, moving teammates out of danger or closer to the fight, or the same with enemies, pulling them away from friendly units or closer to get the beat down, Also the most important part of attraction to me is that when the enemy has MS applied, its an extra attack, you throw that bad guy around and use up all your ap and hes still got a few hp left or you just want to hurt him more? Attract him and you got more damage on top of what you just did, for my sacrier i tend to do about 150 extra damage with it.


Obviously when you start out you will be a vulnerable little sacrier so your going to want to grab what you can.

Purple Piwi Set – Level 6
If you can try get this with the purple goo goo set, they fit well together and give a nice damage boost early on

Blibli Set – Level 26
you might be tempted to go tofu set for the mp bonus, if you want you can but i prefer the blibli set, keep the goo goo BP if you got it, if not, use what you can, you shouldnt be in this for long.

Royal Blibli Set/Royal Kokoko Set- Level 42
My favorite set of the lot, full Royal blibli (Level 42) Filled in with bits of royal Kokoko set (Bana boots, Kokobunga Ring, Koko Belt Level 47). This will give you +1 ap and +1mp and a lovely damage boost, plus i think it looks awesome.

Noke Set – Level 66
Personally i would advise holding onto the royal blibli / kokoko set till crowbak but some people cant wait that long so if not, the noke set is a good set to use. as well as the +2mp (sadly you loose the 1ap) you get some decent resistance to help you along your way. Also again it looks great. At this point start choosing your own extra items to fill in, its good practice.

Crowbak Set – Level 77
This is the great on damage, you will get a nice boost out of this, again its +2mp so you wont get that extra ap but by now you should have +1ap and +1mp in stats so that gives you 6mp 7ap, you will be king of the battlefield and it allows you to motion sickness and 2 assaults or transports + attraction.

After that you should really be getting your own sets sorted out.

Earth Sacrier

The basics of an earth Sacrier is increase your coagulation buff to build up a shield to reduce damage and basically becoming a walking tank. Sound cool right? Thats because it is. The only downfall to this is their damage does not compare to air or fire.

There are two main builds for earth sacriers. Team tank support or battle tank.

The battle tank build is focused on doing damage whilst being a tank. This build is better for new players or solo earth sac players. Its great being a tank but if you don’t have some support, you need to be able to kill stuff yourself.

The team tank focuses on high hp high resistance and next to no damage. It is purely team support. The idea is to shield up and protect your allies.

Ability Points

Sacrier Specialties


Fire Sacrier

Fire sacriers are all about the damage. They inflict masses of pain on their enemies whilst hurting themselves. If anything these guys are iops with more hp, there’s not much more to say, run up to your enemy and bash their skulls in.

Ability Points

Sacrier Specialties


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